hulk_hoganEarlier this week Hulk Hogan lost in court again in attempting to get the judge to force the website to remove his sex tape online.

On 12/3, Judge James Whittemore ruled against Hulk Hogan saying he was trying to re-argue the same issue that he was already denied in his last ruling. The judge added that Hulk Hogan has failed to prove that there would be any immediate harm to him if the tape wasn’t removed. Scoreboard so far…Gawker: 2 Hulk Hogan: 0.


Big update on the Martha Hart’s ongoing lawsuit against WWE for using footage of Owen Hart on recent DVD releases and marketing material. Almost all of the counts were dismissed in federal court this week. The latest ruling tossed out counts against both Vince and Linda McMahon individually and all counts that claimed WWE had no right to use his name or likeness in marketing the DVD releases. Two claims still remain active however. The first is a claim on back royalties (expected to be in the $80,000 to $100,000 range). Should be noted these back royalties would’ve been paid to Martha Hart more than a decade ago according to WWE attorney Jerry McDevitt had Martha’s attorneys not wrote to WWE to not send her anymore checks.

The second claim is in regards to WWE using family photos that included Owen that was used on the Hart Anthology DVD that she claimed to own. WWE says they purchased the rights to the photo from the photographer after the DVD was released and obtained all “necessary clearances” before using it in the DVD.

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