Hulk Hogan is lashing out after images from a wrestling sex tape featuring him & a unidentifiable brunette that’s surfaced. A website called recently posted the pics on their website sometime last week. More pictures have surfaced since then and now the WWF Hall of Famer is taking legal action by having his lawyer go out and do damage control.

So far his lawyer has sent a cease and desist letter to editor Nik Richie, demanding that the photographs be taken down or face a lawsuit. Here’s part of what the letter the lawyer sent read:

“As you know, should a sex tape or photographs of Mr. Bollea exist, they were taken without his consent and therefore the same would constitute a felony in the State of Florida.”

So far Nik and have no intentions on removing the pictures off the website. The WWF /E Hall of Famer can currently be seen on TNA Impact Wrestling acting as the General Manager. More information to come as it becomes available.