IMPACT WRESTLINGWelcome to this week’s Enfinity1Productions TNA Impact Wrestling results as we’re 72 hours away from the Final Resolution pay-per-view!

12/6/12-Impact Wrestling begins with Bobby Roode, Daniels & Kazarian coming out. Bobby Roode talks about guarantees as he promises he’ll become TNA World Heavyweight champion again this Sunday. Roode also talks about making a personal investment into his match with Hardy this Sunday. He promises Hardy will find out it pays to be Roode! Daniels guarantees the Impact crowd that they will see him take on AJ Styles one last time to see who the better man is as he invites him to the ring to talk. AJ calls Daniels a jealous person as the fact is come this Sunday what could be Daniels best day and his (AJ’s) worst day, he’ll still beat him. Daniels counters back by reminding AJ of the accumulated loses at Bound For Glory, Bound For Glory series isn’t due to him, Kazarian, global warming or Obama care. He’s been losing because he’s a loser as he promises AJ will experience a harsh reality come Sunday. AJ tells Daniels he talks too much as he attacks him but is jumped by Roode & Kazarian. Hardy and Storm come to his aid as the trio quickly leave the ring.

Impact Wrestling continues now as Tazz, Mike Tenay and Todd Kenely recap Austin Aries confrontation with Bully Ray & Hulk Hogan last week. This blends into a backstage segment with Austin Aries talking about getting revenge on the Hulkster for screwing him out of his TNA Championship. Aries reveals he had a master plan as he wanted to simply win back his X-Division title but Bully Ray ruined it last week. Aries wants Ray this Sunday as he tells Hogan to give him what he wants or he’ll continue pushing buttons.

End of Segment

Match 1: TNA Television Title

Samoa Joe(c) vs. Devon

Winner: Devon(c)

Final few seconds of the match we see a hot blonde jumps on the ropes as to distract the ref as Samoa Joe had a submission hold locked on Devon. DOC comes from behind and hits Joe with a metal object over the head. The ref doesn’t see what happens as he counts the 1-2-3. The blonde woman along with other women celebrate with Devon and DOC.

Backstage segment we see Brooke Hogan talking on her cell. From what we overhear she’s excited that the papers were signed, sealed and delivered and can’t wait to see “her”.

End of Segment

Impact Wrestling continues now as D’Lo Brown is with Al Snow. Al Snow talks about getting off the plane last week, grabbing a bite to eat and passing out. Next thing he knows he wakes up in a hospital surrounded by people. Bloodwork is being done right now and he should have the results shortly. He thanks D’Lo for stepping in his place last week as a TNA Gut Check judge.

Mickie James comes out to a great plug as she thanks the fans for their continued support and talks about how much of a rough year she’s had. She also talks about her match against Tara this Sunday for the TNA Knockouts title as she’s looking to get it back Sunday. Tara comes out to talk about how much of a great year she’s had as she dumped Ms. Tessmacher for a hot boyfriend in Jesse and becoming Knockouts champion. Shockingly we hear the music of Velvet Sky who comes out to a great ovation. Vlevet thanks the fans and Brooke Hogan for doing everything to bring her back as she wishes both ladies luck at Final Resolution before putting them on notice that 2013 is the year for her as Knockouts Champion!

Backstage segment on Impact Wrestling we see Robbie E trying to charge is credit card on the Direct Auto Insurance website but is having a hard time navigating the site. Rob Terry comes in to remind Robbie it’s a Touch screen tablet he’s using and completes the order for him. Funny stuff here as Robbie tells Rob he’s been using touch screen since 1987.

End of Segment


Match 2: Robbie E & Rob Terry vs. Chavo & Hernandez defeated Robbie E & Rob Terry

Post-Match we see Joey Ryan come out to gain the attention of Chavo & Hernandez promising in three days they will become tag champions. Meanwhile we see Matt Morgan come in the ring and attack them from behind. As the champions are laid out, Ryan talks about size mattering when it comes to Big Morgan and the “Organ” (that’s what Ryan is calling himself).

Backstage segment on Impact Wrestling we see Devon and other Aces & Eights members celebrating as he tells DOC to not be worried as tonight he got back his TV title and they all are having fun. Devon tells VP he knows there’s some business they need to take care of as VP points out how it’s already been taking care of as he shows an envelope full of money as there’s already a hit out as money talks and bullshit walks.

End of Segment

Impact Wrestling continues now as we see a recap of Wes Brisco getting awarded a TNA contract. Backstage segment we see Wes & Garrett thanking Kurt Angle. Kurt tells them he needs their back tonight as he has a match tonight against DOC from Aces & Eights.

In another backstage segment on Impact Wrestling we see Chavo & Hernandez cut a brief promo promising they got Joey Ryan & MAtt Morgan’s message loud and clear. Chavo promises they will bring the fight to them and not jump them from behind like they did.

End of Segment


The second hour of Impact Wrestling begins now as DOC takes on Kurt Angle!

Match 3: DOC vs. Kurt Angle=No Contest

Aces and Eights members come down to the ring as Kurt Angle was applying the Ankle Lock to DOC. One of the members attacked him which resulted in the match being thrown out. Other Aces & Eights members surround the ring and we quickly see Wes, Garrett and Samoa Joe come to the safe. Kurt issues a challenge to Aces & Eights as he wants them to pick four members to face the four of them at Final Resolution!

End of Segment

Backstage segment on Impact Wrestling we see Hogan talking with Joesph Park about contacting Al Snow to get signed up OVW and if it works out then he’ll thin k things over. Hogan ends the conversation abruptly as Bully Ray demands a match against Austin Aries. Hogan tells Bully Ray no as Ray promises he’s going to get his yes even if it means he has to take over the show.

End of Segment

Impact Wrestling continues as James Storm offers Jeff Hardy advice which is to be careful with Bobby Roode. Storm reminds Hardy how Roode screwed him out of his no.1 contender’s spot and how dangerous he can be. Storm warns Hardy that Roode will do anything & everything to become champion. Once more we hear what’s on the mind of Jeff Hardy that goes as followed: “Tell me something I don’t know. When you’re the World Champion so many words seem shady. So many people seem fake. IDK if Storm is a cowboy or an outlaw. But I do know it’s the creatures and I against the world!

Match 4: Kid Kash vs. Kenny King vs. Zema Ion

Winner: Kenny King

Backstage segment we see Bully Ray talking to someone on the phone as he tells them how frustrated he’s become with Hogan last week and this week. Whoever it is he’s talking to the conversation is cut short as they are tired of his complaining.

End of Segment

Impact Wrestling continues now as a video recap is shown of Bully Ray & Hulk Hogan’s heated encounters in recent weeks. This leads into Ray coming out to the ring telling Hogan he’s not leaving until he gets what he wants. Ray doesn’t understand as he wants to fight Aries, and Aries wants to fight him. More importantly the fans want to see Ray face Aries as he vows to not leave til he gets what he wants. Austin Aries comes out to remind Ray that the last time they fought he beat him. Aries isn’t buying into Ray wanting to face him but offers to sit outside the ring in protest until Hogan comes out. Both men get their wish as the TNA GM comes out. Hogan tells both men he’s not mixing business with personal as he’s not making the match. Hogan demands that Bully get out the ring or he’s going to kick it! Bully Ray gets in Hogan’s face as Brooke comes down to cool things off. Brooke tells Hulkster that maybe Mark–err Bully is right that he’s making things too personal. Hulk Hogan picks up on Brooke’s slip of the tongue as he tells all three of them they’ve made it personal. and that the match is on!

End of Segment

Impact Wrestling continues on as we see the full card for Sunday’s Final Resolution pay-per-view. It goes as follows:

1. Bully Ray vs. Austin Aries

2. Kenny King vs. RVD for the X-Division Title

3. Mickie James vs. Tara for the Knockouts Title

4. Chavo & Hernandez vs. Joey Ryan & Matt Morgan for the TNA Tag Titles

5. Aces & Eights vs. Angle, Samoa Joe, Wes Brisco, Garrett Bischoff

6. AJ Styles vs. Daniels-1 Last Time Match

7. Jeff Hardy vs. Bobby Rodde for the TNA World Heavyweight Title


Match 5: Jeff Hardy, James Storm, AJ Styles defeated Daniels, Kazarian, Bobby Roode

Post-Match of Impact Wrestling we see Jeff Hardy celebrating as he was the only who picked up the win for his team when suddenly he’s attacked by Aces & Eights! Devon & DOC are leading the assault as everyone takes turns jumping on the champion. James Storm comes into the ring with a steel chair as Aces quickly leaves. We still see Bobby Roode who smiles with delight as he gives a thumb to the group and they back to him. Did Bobby Roode pay Aces and Eights to jump Jeff Hardy?

End of Impact Wrestling

Impact Wrestling Overall Rating: 7/10

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