IMPACT WRESTLINGWelcome to Enfinity1Productions IMPACT WRESTLING coverage for Thursday, June 20th as it’s the return of Open Fight Night!

Tonight’s IMPACT WRESTLING kicks off with 10 of 12 Bound For Glory participants in the ring as Hulk Hogan comes out to a huge pop. Hogan welcomes the crowd to tonight’s show as he introduces participants 11 and 12 as none other than Jeff Hardy and Bobby Roode.

Hulk Hogan puts all men on notice that it’s Open Fight Night as the results of the poll between Jeff Hardy and Bobby Roode is revealed. Remember folks last week Hogan set up a poll for fans to vote between these men. Winner would win the right to call out whoever they want. Jeff Hardy won the right by 68%. Hardy isn’t able to make his decision as Austin Aries, Daniels try to convince him who he should face. Hardy picks Roode to capitalize on their exchange last week. Both men begin attacking one another as Samoa Joe, AJ Styles, Hernandez, Mr. Anderson, Magnus, Joseph Park, Jay Bradley, Daniels, Kazarian all break out in a brawl.

End of Segment


We’re back and mysteriously Mr. Anderson is in the ring alone. What happened to the brawl? No explanation as Mr. Anderson calls out Joseph Park for a match.

Match 1: Mr. Anderson DEFEATED Joseph Park via roll-up with help from DOC for 7 points

Match Rating: 2.5 / 5

End of Segment


IMPACT WRESTLING’s back as Aces & Eights are seen backstage celebrating. DOC bashes Mr. Anderson for trying to take the easy way out to win the BFG series. The two argue back and fourth as Bully Ray steps in to cool things off. Bully promises that a vote will be happening soon to pick a new VP but for not he has business to attend to with his wife.


Match 2: Austin Aries DEFEATED Jay Bradley via pin-fall for 7 points

Match Rating: 3.5 / 5

End of Segmeny


IMPACT WRESTLING is back as Sting is seen in a backstage segment talking to someone who’s identity isn’t revealed. Sting asks them one last time if they are in…all in and a handshake confirms this person is in the Main Event Mafia. The hand looked very familiar…Kurt Angle?


Match 3: Bound For Glory series: Daniels DEFEATED Hernandez via pin-fall for 7 points

Match Rating: 3/5

Brooke Hogan is seen backstage as coming up later tonight she will address the status of the knockouts division.

End of Segment


Match 4: Magnus DEFEATED Kazarian via submission for 10 points

Match Rating: 3/5

Backstage segment we go now on IMPACT WRESTLING as we see Hulk Hogan getting off his cell phone as Bully Ray approaches from behind with a hammer in his hand. Hogan throws him against the wall and tells him it’s all over! Hulkster is ready to go right there on the spot as he’s amazed at the set of balls Bully has. Bully tells him he’s not the kind of person that would hit someone from behind (yeah right)! Hogan tells him that his thing with Brooke is over but Bully counters back by asking Hogan why does he think Brooke intervened? Hogan is left standing speechless as it’s obvious Bully’s gotten under his skin once again.

Speaking of Hogan, Brooke is on her way out to address the state of the Knockoutss Division.

End of Segment


Brooke Hogan comes out to a decent pop as she begins her State of The Knockouts address. She brings out the Knockouts as we only get Mickie James, Knockouts champion, Gail Kim, Taryn Terrell, Velvet Sky, ODB, Eric Young. Looks like EY and ODB have brought the Knockouts tag titles as well which is addressed finally! Brooke takes the titles away from them reminding them that their union was never met to be because EY is a male and the tag titles are for women only. Brooke also addresses the Velvet Sky / Mickie James rematch as she informs Mickie that she’s spoke with Velvet’s doctor. Velvet is cleared and as result their rematch for the title will take place next week! Gail Kim will take on Taryn Terrell in a ladder match!

End of Segment


Match 5: Bound For Glory series: Samoa Joe vs. AJ Styles ends in draw | 2 points for each man

Backstage segment Bully Ray is on the phone with Brooke. Bully is in disbelief that Brooke left for the night and wants her to come back. She agrees as Bully has his brothers go outside to make sure she arrives.

End of Segment


We’re back now as Hulk Hogan is seen talking to Chris Sabin, Kenny King, and Suicide about their match next week as the winner will have an opportunity to cash in the title at Destination X July 18th for a shot at the TNA World title.

Match 6: Bound For Glory series: Jeff Hardy DEFEATED Bobby Roode via pin-fall for 7 points

End of Segment


Bully Ray comes down the ring to call out Brooke. Instead of Brooke showing up we hear the Main Event Mafia music as Sting comes out. Bully warns Sting to leave the ring but Sting isn’t listening to his demands as he proceeds to take off his suit and tie. Bully calls for his Aces & Eights brothers but no one comes out. Sting points Bully’s attention to the titantron where we see all A&E members have been laid out by someone.  Sting begins to take swings at Bully who leaves the ring real quick. Sting slowly gives chase by walking as the the go towards the stage area where Bully Ray is attacked from behind by Kurt Angle! Turns out Kurt Angle has joined the new Main Event Mafia as he applies the leglock to Ray to end this episode of IMPACT WRESTLING.

End of IMPACT WRESTLING results.

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