IMPACT WRESTLINGWelcome to Enfinity1Productions IMPACT WRESTLING coverage as tonight’s show was tapped last week.

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IMPACT WRESTLING kicks off with Sting and Main Event Mafia who make separate entrances. Both men get great pops from the crowd. They go over the origin of Main Event Mafia and why they formed. It mainly consisted of former World heavyweight champions who wanted to teach the younger roster respect. They did what they wanted, when they wanted. They now look at Aces and Eights somewhat taking their place which is why the reformed as the new goal is to get rid of them. They promise to introduce the fans to the newest member of the family later tonight.

Backstage segment of IMPACT WRESTLING, Chris Sabin is heading towards the ring for his match when Aces and Eights members grab him and take him over to Bully Ray. Bully sarcastically wishes him luck but stresses for him to not cash in the title for a shot at the TNA title at Destination X. Bully’s goons let him go as he wishes Sabin luck tonight.

End of Segment

TNA Gutcheck returns later tonight as we see a promo of the massive wrestler known as The Big O!

Match 1: X-Division Title
Suicide DEFEATED Kenny King vs. Chris Sabin(c) to become the new champion

Match Rating: 3/5

Post-Match Hulk Hogan comes out with T.J Perkins to reveal that Perkin’s been Suicide all along! The question is asked who’s the man under the mask that won the title? Fake Suicide runs off into the crowd.

End of Segment

Musician and Pro Wrestler Ryan Howe’s video package is shown. TNA Wrestling has removed it from their Youtube channel for some odd reason.

Match 2: The Big O DEFEATED Ryan Howe

Match Rating: 2.5 / 5

End of Segment


Match 3: TNA Knockouts Title
Mickie James DEFEATED Velvet Sky to retain the title

Match Rating: 3.5 / 5

End of Segment


IMPACT WRESTLING is well into the second hour as Hulk Hogan catches up with the referee that called the X-Division match earlier. Hogan wonders if there was anything odd he noticed. The ref doesn’t give any info as nothing seemed out of the ordinary.

Bound For Glory Series: Magnus DEFEATED Bobby Roode

Match Rating: 3.5 / 5

End of Segment


Back from break as we see Bully Ray, DOC, Mr. Anderson verbally rough up Chavo, Robbie E and Jessie as the quest to find out who dressed as Suicide continues. None of them know anything as Aces and Eights leave pissed.

Gunner and James Storm come out to cut a incoherent promo when Jesse and Robbie E with Tara come out. They introduce themselves as Bro-Mans. The tag champs aren’t impressed as they make fun of the new stable name while also taking a crack at Tara. Weird seeing Tara just randomly pop up and she’s not even talking. Robbie tries to take a cheap shot a Storm but Gunner knocks him out with a fist to send Jesse and Tara out the ring with their wounded bro. Looks like the beginning of a new rivalry and for the tag titles!

Backstage segment Sting and Kurt Angle are enjoying the night. They tease talking to the mystery Suicide guy.

End of Segment


Bound For Glory series match: Samoa Joe DEFEATED Mr. Anderson via submission

Post-Match Kurt Angle and Sting come out to embrace Samoa Joe as it looks as though Joe is the newest member of Main Event Mafia!

End of Segment

Hulk Hogan wanted to get to the bottom of things and said that by the end of the night all would be revealed.  At the end of the night Hulk Hogan entered the ring and demanded that Suicide reveal himself, Bully Ray also entered to warn whomever it was that was playing Suicide not to cash in the title, however after a few words Suicide revealed himself to be none other than A Double himself, Austin Aries!


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