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Mike Tenay greets us and tells us about two huge main events for tonight! James Storm will face Austin Aries while later in the night Robert Roode will face Jeff Hardy!


Match 1: Austin Aries defeated James Storm

AJ Styles & Kurt Angle get into an argument as Styles is upset at Angle for wanting last week as picks on him for feeling so confident in taking on the tag team champs, Chavo & Hernandez by himself. Angle tries to calm Styles down by telling him Daniels & Kazarian are playing him but he isn’t buying it as he walks away.

In another backstage segment Hulk Hogan & Sting are about to on their way out to the arena.

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Backstage Pass Jermey Borash is interviewing the lovely Taryn Terrell


Impact Wrestling continues on now as Sting shares his Bound For Glory moment while asking the question if it’s the end of the road for him. He doesn’t clarify but offers that memories will be made for certain at this year’s Bound For Glory.

Hulk Hogan & Sting make there way to the ring while receiving a great ovation.They both talk about how Aces & Eights forced them into a bad deal as it feels like they made it with the devil. Daniels & Kzarian soon come interrupting as Daniels bashes him for choosing the most untrustworthy man in the back in Bully Ray as he wants to know why he didn’t choose the tag team champs. Kazarian chimes in and demands that Hogan take them out of their title match and instead go with Kurt Angle. Bully Ray soon comes in and tells them he agrees that Kurt Angle is a good pick but that he’ a wrestler and what’s happening this Sunday is a fight and who better than Bully Ray? Bully feels that he has to gain Hogan’s trust and what better way to do that than by teaming up with “The Icon” to take on Daniels & Kazarian! The Hulkster loves the idea as he makes the match official for later tonight!

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Backstage Pass we see J.B talking with Bobby Roode about his actions from last week and his thoughts going into Bound For Glory Sunday. Roode feels that at Sunday’s pay-per-view he’ll have his opportunity to eliminate James Storm once and for all and end his feud proving why he’s truly the “It Factor” in professional wrestling! Ms. Taryn Terrell comes back in and is asked to talk about the difference in TNA as compared to “Up There” as J.B called it. Taryn says she’s happy for the first time in her career as the environment in TNA is better.


Match 2: Hernandez defeated AJ Styles


Footage is shown now of Aces and Eights in their clubhouse as “The Bane” ringleader gives Hogan praise for playing this game of chess they’ve been into the past few months as he feels Hogan is a good player. He informs the Hulkster that Mr. Parks made it just fine as they show him eating takeout. “Isn’t it funny how a common cause can bring enemies together”? Bully Ray is a surprise but it’s not something they can’t overcome. He brings up the question asked weeks ago which is did Hogan lock them out or lock them in? Tonight that may have to be put to the test. No matter what they will see them this Sunday.

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Backstage Pass J.B is interviewing Gail Kim who talks about never really trusting Tara as the proof was in what happened last week in the tag match they had.


Zima Ion comes down to the arena to mixed reactions but mostly boos. Zima states how he’s living proof that being humble gets one nowhere in life as he’s broken bones, careers to become the TNA X-Division Champion. How Sunday is the biggest pay-per-view of the year and he doesn’t have anyone to face because he’s taken everyone he’s faced out! That not only is he F’N pretty but he’s F’N awesome since he doesn’t have anyone to face Sunday.

RVD soon comes out to reveal that Hogan gave him the choice of facing anyone he wants at Bound For Glory and he’s decided to face Zima Ion for the X-Division title!

Backstage segment Hogan & Sting are colliding because Hogan still can’t find the heart to trust Bully Ray. Bully comes in to ask Sting if he is ready because their match is next. Sting confirms he is ready as Hulkster tells Ray how he’s been watching him for two years and he doesn’t trust him one bit. Bully tells Hogan in a respectful way his “Do you know who I am” catchphrase as he wants for Hogan to trust him just as Sting is and the two soon get into an argument. Sting gets in between the two to tell Bully how he needs his help & needs the Hulkster to give Bully a chance. Hogan tells Bully he’s going to be watching him tonight.

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Taryn is talking with Brooke Hogan about Sunday’s pay-per-view as she wants to make sure she’s ready. Taryn soon comes in talking about how her Hollywood boyfriend gave her a list to give to Brooke Hogan as she reveals that he’ll be there this Sunday. Brooke tears up her list & also let’s her know how she can’t make these demands yet because she’s not even champion!


Match 3: Daniels & Kazarian defeated Sting & Bully Ray via DQ

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Backstage Pass So Cal Val interviews Zima Ion about his match against Rob Van Damn this Sunday. Great promo here as he tells RVD is past his prime and how he’ll get payback this Sunday against RVD for embarrassing him on live television.


Match 4: Gail Kim vs. Ms. Tessmacher

Post-Match Tara attacks Tessmacher and tries to hit Widows Peak but is unsuccessful as Tessmacher hits her with a front body slam! Tessmacher looks ready for Sunday after an impressive outing here!


Backstage segment we see Robert Roode trying to cut a promo on Jeff Hardy when a pissed off James Storm comes in to confront him! Storm tells Roode that he knows it was him that hit him from behind earlier tonight to make him lose his match against Aries. Roode doesn’t say anything but smiles and tells him he’ll see him Sunday as he has a match to get ready for. Storm snaps and grabs the throat of Roode and slams jump against the locker. Almost looks as if Bound For Glory is goign down now until King Mo Lawal comes in to break up the fight. He tells Storm to save it for this Sunday.

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Backstage Pass J.B is with Chavo & Hernanadez but this wasn’t anything special as instead J.B plugs the Bound For Glory pay-per-view coming to theaters this Sunday.

Impact Wrestling continues now as Jeff Hardy shares his TNA Bound For GLory moment. It’s none other than his 35 foot Swanton Bomb on Abyss

Mike Tenay & Tazz give a rundown of all the matches that’s going to be happening at Bound For Glory this Sunday. Here’s the rundown:

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Backstage Pass J.B is getting reactions from Ms. Tessmacher fresh off her victory! J.B wants fans to send questions to her via Twitter as she’ll answer them live on Backstage Pass.


Match 5: Jeff Hardy vs. Robert Roode

Bobby Roodecame into the arena still focused despite his confrontation with James Storm earlier to focus on his match with Jeff hardy. Despite another classic encounter between the two and Hardy hitting all his trademark moves including “Twist of Fate” we’d see Bobby Rhode go the desperate route and hit Hardy with a low blow to earn a DQ.

As Hardy laid recovering we soon saw the TNA World Heavyweight Champion Austin Aries march to the ring in angry because of special treatment TNA has shown Hardy.

Aries claimed that for the past two months he’d been begging TNA management to give him a new music & entrance now that he was a champion but that preferential treatment went to Hardy instead making videos and hyping up up to possibly win the championship this Sunday. With great passion & conviction we saw the TNA champ tell Hardyhow he’s been fighting the system all his life and is looking to defy the odds this Sunday! We soon see Aries hit Hardy with a Brainbuster DDT to end Impact Wrestling!

End of results


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