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Highlights from a truly memorable Bound For Glory this past Sunday is shown that culminates in Jeff Hardy becoming the new TNA World Heavyweight Champion.

Aces and Eights kick things off as they are victorious from their win a gainst Sting & Bully Ray. Those damn Aces & Eights now have full access to the Impact arena. We see members of the brotherhood enter the ring and gesture towards the titantron. The Bane spokesperson speaks on behalf of his president in extending a heartfelt welcome to it’s newest member Devon! Devon hugs all his brothers as he tells the Impact crowd to “shut the hell up”! Fans counter back by telling him he sold out! Devon reveals that Aces and Eights had his back since day one as they were there to pick him up. He answers the big question which is why and his answer is simply because he can! Devon thanks the man who orchestrated this whole thing. Devon proclaims that Aces are the group that will destroy Impact Wrestling. Bubba, did he think two years ago did he forget when he put his son through a table as he recalls payback being a b*tch!


Sting, Bully Ray with the TNA male roster come on down to do a formal introduction as all hell breaks out in the ring! A brief commercial is taken but when resumes Hulk Hogan gives Devon a proposition which is to fight tonight! Sting steps up to take on Devon as Hogan tells Devon that he either faces “The Stinger” tonight in the main event or get the hell out! Devon accepts as our main event is set!

Highlights shown from the Jeff Hardy vs. Austin Aries match

Mike Tenay plugs new TNA World Heavyweight Champion Jeff Hardy making his appearance tonight to address his creatures!

Backstage segment we see Austin Aries looking on at a monitor of Hardy’s plug. Aries mumbles that it’s not a party unless the “Greatest Man Alive” is there with maybe some cookies to liven things up.

End of Segment


Backstage Pass we see Kid Kash & Gunner with So Cal Cal threaten TNA President Dixie Carter who may just be jumped by a big woman. They proclaim that from here on out that they only care about one thing which is themselves!


Impact Wrestling continues now as Hulk Hogan is backstage talking with Mr Anderson. Hogan feels bad for Anderson being taken out by Aces and Eights two weeks back and offers to make it up to him. Hogan decides to make Mr. Anderson one of the four men to possibly face Jeff Hardy for the TNA title on next week’s Open Fight Night edition!


Match 1: Television Championship

Samoa Joe(c) defeated Robbie E.


Backstage segment we see Tara and her new boyfriend Jesse wrapping up a photo shoot. Tara tells Jessee how their appearance together at Bound For Glory creating a ton of buzz & that they are thew newest Hollywood couple. They share nasty tongue-down-the-throat kiss to end this weak segment.

End of Segment


Backstage Pass So Cal Val interviews Samoa Joe fresh off his victory. She congratulates him on his retain at BFG and the impressive match he had with Magnus and gets his thoughts on the match. Joe give Magnus great praise as Val soon wants to know what’s next for his championship run. Samoe Joe tells her anything and everything.


Match 2: ODB defeated Tara

AJ Stlyes and Jurt Angle share a moment backstage as they don’t like the fact that they are parting ways. AJ points out to Kurt how he wants to be TNA Champion again and he knows Kurt does as well. Kurt agrees but stresses that they will be facing each other and Mr. Anderson tonight to determine a new no. 1 contender. AJ  feels that it’s the perfect time right now and walks away.

End of Segment


Backstage Pass So Cal Val is talking with Ms. Tessmacher & Taryn Terrell about Tara & Jesse’s relationship. Nothing significant here but the eye candy is warmly welcomed!


Match 3: Chavo & Hernandez defeated Kid Kash & Gunner

Backstage we see Jeff Hardy is on his way out to the arena!

End of Segment


Backstage Pass we see So Cal Val try to interview Tara & her boy toy Jesse. Very weak segment here as all Jesse & Tara can focus on is themselves as the chatter was meaningless & incoherent.

Impact Wrestling resumes now as Joseph Park is with The Hulkster! Joseph wants a piece of one member from Aces & Eights. This is followed by Bully Ray who wants Hogan to take Sting out of his match against Devon as he wants to beat the answers out of Devon himself! Hogan tells Ray that it’s Sting’s time right now & to focus instead on his match next week! Turns out Bully’s name has been thrown into the no.1 contender pot along with Mr. Anderson to face Jeff Hardy next week!

Highlights once again shown from Austin Aries vs. Jeff Hardy

Jeff Hardy comes out to a great ovation as confetti drops. The celebration’s soon crashed by Austin Aries as he offers the champion balloons and cookies but Hardy doesn’t want them. Aries informs Hardy that he has a rematch clause as he plans on picking the right moment to invoke it. Aries is distracted by the new TNA Championship Hardy’s holding as he calls it a spitting image of  the champion as he spits on the title repeatedly! This is followed by Hardy trying to put Aries in the Twist of Fate but Aries manages to escape in time to leave the ring!

Backstage segment we see Daniels feeling the rush from his liquid courage as he offers thoughts on his triple threat match next! The booze seems to have gone to his head as he’s looking to go out and defeat AJ & Angle to resume drinking more of his tasty beverage.

End of Segment


Backstage Pass we see Big Rob & Robbie E. cutting a great promo on Chavo, So Cal Val, Hulk Hogan, Hernandez, Samoa Joe as Robbie E. insults them all.


Match 4: Kurt Angle defeated AJ Styles & Daniels


Backstage segment now we see highlights from Joey Ryan vs. Al Snow at Bound For Glory. This is soon followed by a backstage segment as we see Joey Ryan & Morgan bump into Hulk Hogan. Ryan introduces himself to Hogan as the Hulkster tells him to take his 87% and turn it into 97% and they’ll really be soaring high! Ryan tells him he’s working on it as soon he turns his attention to Morgan. Hogan demands an answer to Morgan’s recent actions at live events & interfering in an important match at Bound For Glory. Morgan tells Hogan how he never forgot what Hogan said day one that he came into TNA which was making Morgan a household name & making him priority no.1. Morgan calls Hogan by his real name Terry and bashes him for making false promises. Hogan tells Morgan how he went to bat for him in creative every week trying to get him over but it wasn’t working due to Morgan being solid in the ring or on the mic one week & cold the next. At the end of the day they (being creative) kept poking at how inconsistent he was and Hogan had to move on. Morgan tells Terry they can take his charisma, dancing giant routine, everything aid about him, roll it up and shove it straight up his ass! Joey tells Morgan it’s time to go and soon after we see Hogan get a smirk on his face. Could Hogan have light a fuse under Morgan on purpose?

End of Segment


Backstage Pass we see finally J.B who interviews Chavo & Hernandez


Impact Wrestling continues now as James Storm comments. Robert Roode tells Storm that they had one of the most bloodest battles in wrestling business. Storm tries to get a chair for Roode so he can kiss his rear end better as Roode tells him that he’s not out to kiss up to him but make facts. Roode tells Storm that he’ll always be the better man. James Storm delivers the Last Call superkick to silence Roode!

End of Segment


Match 5: Sting vs. Devon ends in TNA vs. Aces & Eights brawl

End of Impact Wrestling


Overall Impact Wrestling Analysis: Very dull episode tonight as it opened with Aces & Eights engaging the TNA roster in a brawl and ended in a brawl. To follow up on such a strong BFG pay-per-view and been given this…Just no comparison as this episode was bad. There were some bright spots tonight as we see a good triple threat match between AJ Styles/Daniels/Kurt Angle. Other than that and Devon cutting a decent promo tonight’s episode wasn’t impressive. It’s really starting to coem off as if TNA creative isn’t sure what to do with Aces and Eights as far as wrapping it up. 6/10 rating tonight.

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