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Tonight is Championship Thursday on Impact Wrestling as the X-Division title will be defended.

Todd Kennely, Taz, and Mike Tenay greet us to tonight’s episode as the TNA GM Hulk Hogan comes out to a huge ovation. Hogan talks about how his world came crashing down as he points out how he’s a father first before a GM but that the two collided last week. Hogan wants to know the truth as he calls out Bully Ray to tell him exactly “what’s going on” as the Marvin Gaye song goes.

Bully Ray does come out and Hogan tells him to lay things out correct and straight the first time. Bully tells Hogan how he didn’t trust him since day one, even when it came to teaming up with Sting and that now Hogan wants answers. Bully questions if Hogan really wants to know just who the no.1 man is Brooke’s life as she comes down to the ring to smooth things over. Hogan tells Brooke that as long as he’s alive he never wants to see her with another wrestler, let alone with Bully Ray. Austin Aries pops up on the titantron and tells him how he, Kid Kash, Zema Ion are waiting in his office waiting for an opportunity to wrestle as it’s Championship Thursday. The former TNA Champion stretches out on the desk and talks about how hard it is and sarcastically asks Brooke how does she do it to send Hogan flying out the ring and to the back.

End of Segment

Championship Thursday of Impact Wrestling continues now with some knockouts action to begin a night of wrestling!

Match 1: Mickie James defeated Gail Kim

Backstage segment we go now on Impact Wrestling as “Cowboy” James Storm talks how he’s made many decisions in his life, some bad but that he owns up to them. He also talks about how Bobby Roode brought up his family and that it’s something you just don’t do.  AJ Styles steps in and tells him to stop whining as he’s the one who’s hurting as he can’t wrestling for the TNA World title for a year! Storm tells AJ to stop focusing on the past and focus on the present like tonight as they have a tag match tonight. AJ leaves irritated as Storm tells him he’s just trying to help him out.

End of Segment

Impact Wrestling continues now as Austin Aries, Kenny King, Kid Kash, Zema Ion are giving arguments to Hulk Hogan why they should be able to take on RVD tonight for the title. Hogan eliminates Kenny King off the break which is a smart move since the man hasn’t really done anything since Destination X.

Bobby Roode comes out telling the Impact crowd that last week he made a statement as in just 10 days he will become the next TNA champion! Roode also bashes Jeff Hardy for being called out by a TNA Gut Check winner who came close to beating him, and calls him a pathetic champion. Roode doesn’t go any further as Christian York shows up and gets in his face as Roode tells him to get out of of his ring. York counters back by slapping him in the face which sends Roode running out the ring. York tells Roode he’s calling him out for a match and it looks as if we have our next match!

End of Segment


Match 2: Bobby Roode defeated Christian York

Post-Match Roode tries taking a steel chair to the body of York when Jeff Hardy runs down to the ring to go head to head with the “It Factor”! Hardy looks for the Twist of Fate but Roode escapes in time to leave the ring and looks on with a devilish grin at Hardy.

Recap of Aces & Eights brutal attacks is shown. VP talks about how it’s the holiday season as DOC gets to go one on one next week against Kurt Angle. Devon talks about how he was never beaten for the TV title and tells Hogan to give him his match or all hell will break loose tonight! Devon promises that someone will be hurt tonight if Devon doesn’t get a match against Samoa Joe for the title.

End of Segment

Impact Wrestling is back as TNA Gutcheck judges Taz, Al Snow, Bruce Prichard are seen in footage that was shot earlier in the week. They compare notes on Wes Brisco as Taz points out how impressed he was with the kid and that he did a first which was win a Gut Check match. Prichard isn’t too keen on the victory as he points out there was several moments in the contest he looked off. Al Snow isn’t really saying anything as Prichard tells them all they have time to think things over.

Fast forward now as Bruce Prichard is seen backstage talking with Kurt Angle as the Olympic gold medalist implores him to give Wes Brisco a contract. Angle reminds him (Prichard) how he knows Wes Brisco’s dad and his uncle and Prichard remains neutral telling him he’s already made his decision. Prichard excuses himself and talks with D’Lo Brown about Al Snow’s location as apparently he was due hours ago today. D’Lo tells  Bruce he’s been calling him all day and nothing but that he’ll keep trying.

End of Segment


Match 3: AJ Styles & James Storm defeated Daniels & Kazarian

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Backstage segment we see Kid Kash tell Hogan how he’s wrestled him all over the world and he’s only been to the dance twice. Kash wants one more shot as Aries wants Hogan to pick him because simply put…he’s the best. Hogan makes his decision as Aries is the winner which upsets Kash. Kash tells Hogan he’s getting fed up with the politics as Hogan tells him his time is coming.

End of Segment


Samoa Joe tells Devon how all he’s been hearing is words and that he wasn’t beat for the title but instead abandoned it. As result Samoa stepped. Joe tells Devon he’s willing to face him for the belt next week.


Match 4: Matt Morgan defeated Doug Williams

Backstage segment on Impact Wrestling we  see D’Lo approach Prichard to inform him he hasn’t got a hold of Al Snow yet. D’Lo offers to step in for Snow and cast a vote on Wes Brisco as he saw the match. Bruce takes it under consideration & tells him to keep trying to contact Al.

End of Segment

Wes Brisco is awarded a TNA Wrestling contract as Garrett Bischoff, Kurt Angle come out to congratulate him.

Backstage segment we see cameras catch up with Hulk Hogan as the question is asked why he did a double elimination. Hogan tells them he must not be himself today. Bully Ray bumps into him and questions why he gave a title shot to Austin Aries who offended him, Brooke and Hogan and as result put him in a match with Aries. Bully tells Hogan it could be because for the first time in Hogan’s illustrious caeer he’s mixing business with personal! Hogan comes right back and tells Ray the same thig before storming off.

End of Segment

Match 5: TNA X-Division Championship

RVD(c) defeated Austin Aries

End of Impact Wrestling

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