IMPACT WRESTLINGWelcome to Enfinity1Productions TNA Impact Wrestling results for this week. It’s the final episode of the month as Impact Wrestling comes to us from the U.K

The following matches were taped on January 25 in Manchester, England for tonight’s TNA Impact Wrestling episode. It doesn’t include TNA President Dixie Carter’s major announcement as it wasn’t done in front of the Manchester crowd. It’s expected tonight that Dixie Carter will announce that TNA Wrestling will be going on the road in the U.S.A more.

Tonight’s Impact Wrestling kicks off with Daniels & Kazarian as they reveal that tonight is Throwback Thursday as the pay homage to the real heroes to the United Kingdom, the Scots! Kazatian introduces the man with the wiggle that makes all the birds giggle, the man that should be the TNA champion, and the man that will be King Christopher Daniels! Daniels admits he hears the folks booing as he takes it as Hardy still being champion as he’s disappointed as well. Daniels had no idea Hardy’s facepaint was toxic as it sinked deep into his skin. Daniels admits that if it wasn’t for Kazarian he probably wouldn’t be here tonight. He promises that he will get another chance at the title and when he does become king he’ll bring it back to the their rotten country amongst the English as there’s nothing easier than beating the English. Until that day he gives them all permission to worship them…now!

The music of Magnus plays as he makes his return in front of his home crowd after not being on Impact Wrestling television since November of last year. Magnus shares his theory on why Daniels isn’t champion and it’s because Hardy beat him like he owed him money! He calls him an odd man who uses strange words like mare, martini as he tells D&K they are deserving of a slap right about now. William Wallace for the night, and they want to fight then why not fight him! Daniels tells Magnus he’s in for a penny, in for a pound! Both men attack him as Magnus sends them both flying out the ring with clotheslines. Magnus tells the crowd it’s an honor & privileged to be performing in front of them tonight as it was something taken away from him by Aces & Eights. Since tonight is Open Fight Night, Magnus wants a bit of retribution as he calls out Devon!


Match 1: Magnus defeated Devon due to interference by Aces & Eights

Match Rating: 2.5/5

Joseph Park video package shown as tonight he’ll be challenging someone tonight on Open Fight Night.

End of Segment


Impact Wrestling continues now with Sting, Bully Ray, Sting in a backstage segment. Bully asks Sting if he’s heard anything from the Hulkster as it’s coming down to the wire. Sting tells him all he’s heard from Hogan is that he will be here tonight. Bully goes to Brooke for better insight into Hulk’s mind but she doesn’t have anything. Bully tries to use her phone to talk to him.

Meanwhile in the middle of the ring, Joseph Park is ready to¬† select his opponent tonight when Robbie E comes out to challenge him. Robbie tries to insult the England crowd calling them hamsters but he soon backtracked as he was insulting his tag partner/bodyguard Rob Terry as he’s from Wales, England. Joseph accepts the challenge.


Match 2: Joseph Park defeated Robbie E

Match Rating: 2/5

End of Segment

Backstage segment on Impact Wrestling, Hulk Hogan has arrived at the Manchester arena! Inside the middle of the ring is Austin Aries & Bobby Roode. Aries tells the crowd that they’ve gotten on the same page and that together they will obtain every TNA title, including the knockouts title! Right now though they will take on the easiest titles…the World Tag Team titles as Bobby Roode tells the crowd they view they champs as a bunch of weiggers! Chavo & Hernandez come out and tell them that they don’t recognize them as a tag team as first they have to get a few matches as a team under their belt to even become no.1 contenders. Aries points out that Roode beat Hernandez fair and square last week. He proposes that if he [Aries] beats Chavo, then next week they get a shot at the titles.

Match 3: Austin Aries beat Chavo Guerrero to earn himself and Bobby Roode a tag title match next week.

Backstage segment we see Brooke Hogan approach Bully to tell him that Hulk Hogan is in the building. Bully grabs her hand as it looks like they are making their way to the ring next!

End of Segment


Impact Wrestling continues now as Kurt Angle is warming up while talking to Wes Brisco, Garrett Bischoff, and Samoa Joe. Kurt is excited to be getting his hands on Mr. Anderson as Joe tells him he’s going to have his back tonight. Wes & Garrett tell Kurt they have his back as well as Joe snaps & gets in the faces of Wes Brisco & Garrett Bischoff telling them that he has things under control in working with Kurt before walking off.

Bully Ray & Brooke Hogan come out to a decent reaction tonight to kick off the second hour of Impact Wrestling. Bully recalls how Aces & Eights ruined his wedding day two weeks ago as he once again pleads with the Hulkster to do the right thing and reinstate him so he can get his hands on them. Sting comes out and shares the same sentiments as he has the England crowd join him in a Hulkster cheer to bring him out. The music of Hulk Hogan plays as he comes out to a large pop from the crowd. Hogan admits that there is a war going on and that no matter what he always does the right thing. As far as he’s concerned he always does the right thing for his family as Bully Ray is reinstated. There’s a but to this as the Hulkster is confused with business and family. Next week Hogan’s going to make a match with two members of Aces & Eights to take on Sting and his new son-in-law Bully Ray. This won’t be any old type of tag match as it’ll be a tables tag match! Hulkster then offers to shake Bully’s hand and finally we see the two shake in what appears to be unity!

End of Segment

TNA President Dixie Carter joins us now with a special announcement as starting March 14th Impact Wrestling will be going live permanently! First stop is Chicago, Illinois!


Match 4: Velvet Sky & James Storm defeated Tara & Jesse

Match Rating: 2.5/5

End of Segment

Impact Wrestling continues now as cameras caught up to Hulk & Brooke Hogan. Hulkster admits tat Bully Ray isn’t a bad guy as he hopes Bully Ray can bring the pain to Aces & Eights next week! In another backstage segment, we see Samoa Joe is on the ground as it looks as though someone attacked him as EMT’s & TNA personal check on him. Kurt tries to check on him as he realizes he’s going to have to watch his own back tonight.

End of Segment

Match 5: Kurt Angle defeats Mr. Anderson inside a Steel Cage via submission

Match Rating: 3.5/5

Post-Match Wes Briscoe is at the ramp smiling while a masked man scales the cage as Wes enters the cage and locks it behind him. Kurt stands toe to toe with the masked man as he removes the mask. It’s none other than Garet Bischoff! Anlge immediaetly looks at Wes Briscoe as he says he didn’t know anything about what just happened. Kurt tries to attack Garret as Wes clips his knees from behind! Meanwhile Taz reveals that he loves when a plan comes together as the goal the entire time was to get Angle alone with Wes & Garrett. Wes in the meantime takes off his coat to reveal a Aces & Eight’s vest as he too is part of the group! Both mean proceed to beat Angle down inside the cage. A replay is shown of the brutal attack as Wes & Garret stand tall. Impact Wrestling signs off for the night.

Impact Wrestling Rating: 3/5

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