IMPACT WRESTLINGWelcome to the Enfinity1Productions TNA Impact Wrestling results for this week as it’s the first Impact Wrestling episode of 2013! This episode also marks the return of “The Icon” Sting!

Tonight’s Impact Wrestling begins with Jeremy Borash introducing the five finalist for the TNA Wrestler of the year 2012. The final five are as followed:



1. Bully Ray

2. James Storm

3. Austin Aries

4. Bobby Roode

5. Jeff Hardy

Bobby Roode & Austin Aries both walk down to the ring thinking they won the prestigious honor while bickering back and fourth as J.B reveals that it’s Jeff Hardy that won. Hardy comes down to the ring to let the fans know he appreciates the nod and it’s just as important as the TNA title. Bobby Roode cuts him off saying when he was champion he didn’t give a damn what the fans thought as he made history becoming the longest reigning champion. Austin Aries chimes in saying that he should be the wrestler of the year because of the solid PPV matches he delivered last year & becoming the champion. Aries & Roode go back & fourth once more as Hardy tells both men that the only way to settle this is to take them both on in a triple threat match at Genesis! Hardy gets ready to leave the ring telling both men that 2012 will be remembered as the year of the Charismatic Enigma! Aries & Roode attack Hardy and have him laying on the mat. Roode grabs him and tries to strong arm him for Aries to attack with the Wrestler of the Year trophy but Hardy escapes Roode’s grip in time and Roode gets hit out cold instead. Hardy then delivers a twist of fate to Austin Aries to raise his award high before leaving the arena.


Backstage segment on Impact Wrestling we see cameras catch up with “The Cowboy” James Storm for reaction to not winning the award. Daniels & Kazarian pop up to do a great impressionĀ  of the “Cowboy” which prompts him to tell Daniels how he’s going to cram his Facebook into Kazarian’s Twitter and before logging them out he’s going to write on their wall “Sorry about your damn luck”! James follows it up by asking if they wanna do it on Instagram or what as he tells him he’ll meet one of them inside the ring next! While walking away Storm tells Daniels to drink a real man’s drink and spits in his martini. Daniels tells Storm he forgot about Myspace!

End of Segment


Match 1: James Storm defeated Kazarian

Backstage segment on Impact Wrestling, Devon informs Anderson that time is running out for him and to make his decision as they need an answer. Mr. Anderson wants them to chill on it a little longer as he’s enjoying the recruiting process as he continues to be surrounded by biker babes stroking his–bottle of beer between his legs. Impatiently, DOC demands to know if Anderson is in or out cause Sting is coming. Anderson tells them that if they gonna do this they can’t show Sting an ounce of fear. Anderson hands over a mallet to DOC and reminds him to not forget his buddy. As the men are leaving, Devon can’t figure out where his bat is and asked if anyone’s seen it. Devon, don’t you mean Sting’s bat?

End of Segment


Impact Wrestling continues now with an interesting exchange between Kenny King & Kid Kash. King tells Kash how he remembers seeing him way back on VHS when it was still popular (sarcastic tone). King tells Kash he hopes to see him in the semi-finals to determine the contender to face the X-Division champion before saying peace. Kash tells King he’s got two words to add to his piece (wink-wink “of s*it”).

Video package is shown of the Aces & Eights brutal attacks on wrestlers in 2012. DOC comes out with mallet in hand begging for Sting to come out. A bat falls from the sky onto the mat as DOC looks on frantically wondering where Sting is hiding.

End of Segment


Match 2: X-Division Tournament # 1: Christian York defeated Kid Kash

Backstage segment on Impact Wrestling, Chavo Guerrero, Jr bashes Joey Ryan for always being behind Matt Morgan and not acting like a man but points out he’s got a big man of his own which is Herandez!

End of Segment


Match 3: Joey Ryan vs. Hernandez

Originally this was suppose to be Hernandez vs Matt Morgan but Morgan informs all that his arm is injured (it’s in a sling) because of the weight lifting he does at the gym. Morgan promises he’ll be at 100% before Genesis. Meantime he announces that Joey Ryan is taking his place. First few seconds of this bout Hernandez is having his way with Ryan, just throwing him around like a rag doll when from nowhere Morgan comes in to clothesline him with the same injured arm in a sling. Injury not legit after all as Morgan & Ryan wanted to get a 1-up on the tag champions as they proceed to beat both men down. Morgan really stood out in this segment here as he laid both men out by himself.

End of Segment


Impact Wrestling continues now as we see Kurt Angle talking to Wes Brisco, Garrett Bischoff. Angle wants both men to hang back cause things are getting out of hand with Aces & Eights. Angle talks to Samoa Joe about how he madeĀ  a promise he’s going to unmask all members of Aces & Eights and he’s going to start tonight! Backstage segment knockouts Mickie James, Tara, Gail Kim, Ms. Tessmacher all are stretching out (drooling alert) as they have all will be in a match later tonight.


Hulk Hogan is back in the impact zone as he calls out Bully Ray & Brooke. Hulk Hogan mans up to Bully Ray and tells him how he’s seen him talking about old school, helping out the young guys but something didn’t seem right. For months he’s been watching him as there’s a law, a man code, a brother code as he felt Bully owed him an answer to his question and now that he knows what’s on the up & up. Bully tells Hogan how he should’ve came clean with him about Brooke and that all the heat is on him. Hogan tells Bully how since day one he’s been telling anyone that would listen to him that Bully is no good and shouldn’t be in the business. If it was 20 years ago and if it was for a title he’d have beat him and force Bully out the business. Since it’s not that way now, Hogan suspends Bully Ray without pay indefinitely. Hogan also dismisses Brooke Hogan on top of that as both of them look on shocked! Strong segment right here as Bully grabs Brooke and heads to the back.

End of Segment


Impact Wrestling continues now as once more we see footage from Joseph Parks training at OVW as it’s now completed. Looks like Parks is on his way back to TNA!


Match 4: Mickie James & Ms. Tessmacher defeated Tara & Gail Kim

Backstage segment on Impact Wrestling we see DOC, Devon, VP and one more member of Aces concerned over Kurt Angle vowing to remove all of their masks. VP tells them that they need to make sure that they protect themselves and the brothers at all cost.

End of Segment


Impact Wrestling continues now as ODB is excited that Sting is back tonight and updates us on Eric Young as he finally got out the hospital. She promises that the next time we see EY, she’ll be with him! Backstage segment we see Bobby Roode & Austin Aries complaining about the match at Genesis as they feel only one of them should be facing Hardy for the title. Hogan tells them that the match will be at Genesis will be an elimination match.

Match 5: steel Cage: Aces & Eights Devon & Masked Man vs. Kurt Angle & Samoa Joe

All the men enter the cage except for Kurt Angle as DOC attacked him from behind and quickly slammed the cage door over his head! DOC also locked the steel cage as officially this match is between Devon & the Masked Aces member vs. Samoa Joe! DOC also slammed Kurt’s head on the steel steps to knock him out cold. Kurt Angle does manage to get back in the cage to even up the odds as it was looking grim for Joe. To see both men working as a team quickly makes one forget that these two were involved in notorious feuds over the years. Just when it was looking like we’d get to see a member get unmasked, other Aces & Eights members came into the ring to jump Joe & Angle. Just when it’s looking Joe & Angle are outnumbered we see Sting return to deliver bat strikes to all Aces & Eights members like Conan slaying dragons to send them leaving the ring except for one member of the group who gets a serious beat down by Sting, Kurt Angle, Samoe Joe. The Olympic Gold medalist, a man of his word unmasked the member he faced earlier with Joe and it’s none other than…former WWE employee Mike Knoxx? Knoxx leaves the ring quickly into the arms of other Aces members as surprisingly Mr. Anderson looked on & did nothing as Joe, Angle, Sting stand victorious to end Impact Wrestling.

End of Impact Wrestling

Overall rating for Impact Wrestling this week: 8/10

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