IMPACT WRESTLINGWelcome to this week’s Impact Wrestling results as this week is a tapped episode down last week when TNA Wrestling was in Chicago, IL.

Sears Centre-Chicago, IL: Tonight’s Impact Wrestling kicks off with Bully Ray showing how his plan came together as this was nine months of build-up. Bully is going to walk us throughout the night to his infamous run as the TNA Champion!

TNA General Manager Hulk Hogan comes out and talks about how much of a war it was last week as there was four guys left last week that were left standing. He was very proud of their valiant efforts despite being outnumbered by Aces & Eights. Hogan brings out Samoa Joe, Magnus, Kurt Angle, and Jeff Hardy. Hogan thanks them all for leading the pack and encourages them to continue the fight as he asks Jeff Hardy if he’s 100% and can face Bully Ray. Hardy feels he is as he wants to prove it by taking on Magnus, Kurt Angle, Samoa Joe in a fatal four way. The winner will become the no.1 contender to face Bully Ray! Hulk Hogan loves it s he makes it official.

Bully Ray is back now recalling his path to the championship. Win the Bound For Glory series, win the title. Bound For Glory is the night that Aces & Eights beat down Sting as every dead man’s hand (aka beat down) was ordered by Bully . Bully Ray then talks about feeding a crumb to Bobby Roode in getting him to say James Storm is the one behind Aces & Eights without knowing it. He made sure all signs pointed to Storm. Meanwhile as Storm is under the radar, Bully was racking up points. Things continued on the right path at No Surrender as Storm played into his hands by challenging him to a match where once more he stirred up Bobby Roode to attack James Storm, helping him (Bully) win! Bully came up short at the same event as he overestimated Jeff Hardy who beat him at that same event. Bully had to come up with a different strategy as part two of this story continues later.

End of Segment


Match 1: Bobby Roode and Austin Aries defeated Chavo Guerrero and Hernandez after interference from Kazarian and Daniels

Match Rating: 2.5/5

Video package is shown of the X-Division: New Generation as a triple threat is next! Kenny King will have to defend against Sonjay Dutt and Christian York. King is seen backstage talking to cameras as he’s pissed off about defending his title against two people but is ever confident as it’s going to be two funerals coming up up when he’s done with them.

End of Segment

Match 2: X-Division Championship

Kenny King defeated Zema Ion and Sonjay Dutt after King pinned Dutt

Match Rating: 4/5

Next on Impact Wrestling we see footage shot earlier in the day as Brooke Hogan arrives to the arena. Cameramen want to know if she’s talken to her dad or Bully Ray. She tells them she’s not there to talk about both men. She’s there to do her job as the VP of the Knockouts division.

End of Segment


Bully Ray storytime continues as Bully talks about Joseph Park being the bait needed to get Hulk Hogan & Sting to the clubhouse leading to a match at Bound For Glory where access was at stake. The man talking to Hulkster & Sting at that time was Devon! This was Bully’s perfect opportunity to slide in to be the knight in shiny armor as eventually he teamed with Sting to take on members of Aces & Eights at Bound For Glory. Surprisingly they lost as Bully ran off to chase Devon (revealed to be a member of Aces & Eights at the event in that match), Aces & Eights managed to get their hands on Sting and beat him down so severely that he was out for a while!

End of Segment


Impact Wrestling continues as Sting tries to talk to Hulk Hogan. Hulkster is still mad at him big time. Hogan tells him to do what he does best and hide in the bleachers, or high up the rafters. Sting pleads with Hogan to give him a shot at Bully as he leaves the TNA GM’s office.

Recap of Taryn Terrell & Gail Kim’s rivalry is shown.

Impact Wrestling is now in the second hour as Taryn Terrell tells the crowd she knows she’s probably going to be fired because of putting her hands on Gail Kim. She feels she had no choice though as she was pushed to many times and is ready to face her punishment. Gail Kim interrupts and rubs it in Taryn’s face that she’s getting everything that’s coming to her. Brooke comes out and announces Taryn is fired as a referee but is now a TNA Knockout and as result she can put her hands on anyone she wants! Taryn spears Gail as the fight goes outside the ring and to the back. As Brooke looks on, Bully Ray sneaks up behind her and is waiting for her to turn around. Once she does he tells her that they are together until death do they part. She yells at him and runs away.

End of Segment


Impact Wrestling continues now with Bully Ray storytellers. For every leader there is an army as Bully breaks down the Aces & Eights members. DOC & Mike Knox were treated as underdogs, not given opportunities as they were made the hard hitters of the group. Garrett Bischoff ended up being part of the group after being brushed off by the Hulkster repeatedly after coming to his aid to eliminate his father, Eric from the company. Wes ended up in Aces after a result of Hogan making him beg for a job every week as it was his dad and uncle that helped train Hogan. Devon has been in Aces & Eights since day one as well as D-Lo Brown who’s kept a watchful eye of everything happening in management meetings. And just who was that masked person that attacked Jeff Hardy before the UK tour with the mallet? None other than Bully Ray!

Match 3: Matt Morgan pinned Joseph Park following a big boot

Match Rating: 2/5

AJ Styles interview is up next!

End of Segment

Impact Wrestling continues as AJ Styles comes out to be interviewed by Mike Tenay. AJ doesn’t offer a word as Tenay demands answers. Taz interrupts to offer AJ a prospect Aces & Eights jacket as soon James Storm interrupts to sarcastically poke at the new AJ Styles. Storm offers AJ a chance to hit him head on and not from behind or a sucker punch as AJ stands not uttering a word. AJ leaves as Storm and TNA fans continue to wonder what’s going on with AJ?

End of Segment


Storytellers with Bully Ray concludes now as he recaps using Sting to lure Hulkster into trusting him, leading into the wedding with his daughter Brooke. Bully talks about all the beatings he took at the hands of Aces & Eights as it was all in the name of getting over on the Hogan family. Bully plays up to Hogan by kissing up to his ego as for nine months he pulled off the biggest con on TNA Wrestling.

Match 4: Jeff Hardy defeated Kurt Angle, Samoa Joe and Magnus to become the #1 contender

Match Rating: 3.5/5


Overall Impact Wrestling rating: 3.5/5

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