IMPACT WRESTLINGWelcome to this week’s TNA Impact Wrestling results as we’re now three days away from the Lockdown pay-per-view in San Antonio, Texas!

Impact Wrestling starts with cameramen as they catch up with Kurt Angle and ask him the identity of Aces & Eights member V.P. Angle refuses to answer as he reveals that he’s been sitting on the news all week but that tonight he will share as it’s going to have rippling effects in the company! Angle stresses that this is a TNA problem!

Mike Tenay & Todd Kennly greet us to tonight’s Impact Wrestling as Austin Aries comes down wondering where his partner Bobby Roode is as once again tonight he’s not in attendance. Despite being solo last week he was able to get the job done against Hernandez while giving best wishes to Bully Ray & Jeff Hardy for their match at Lockdown. Austin felt disrespected by both men as they didn’t share positive responses with him. Austin decides to take matters in his hands and challenges TNA Champion Jeff Hardy to a match!

Match 1: Jeff Hardy DEFEATED Austin Aries via DQ

Big man Matt Morgan suddenly came into this match and delivered a devastating big boot to the face of the TNA champ which made the ref through the match out. Austin Aries tried to direct Morgan who was ready to continue his assault on the champ outside the ring when Bully Ray came to his aid to make Morgan back off.

Backstage segment on Impact Wrestling we see Sting talking to Samoa Joe, Magnus, James Storm, and Eric Young about their match this Sunday at Lockdown. Sting puts himself in a match against anyone that wants to step up to him!

End of Segment


Impact Wrestling continues now as cameras catch up to Matt Morgan for answers as he tells them that he knows what he wants and deserves as Jeff Hardy is the TNA champion while Bully Ray is Hogan’s hand picked opponent for Hardy. He vowed to Hogan that he would gut every opponent on the TNA roster as he’s just getting started!

Video package shown of Wes Brisco, Garrett Bischoff’s betrayal on Kurt Angle followed Angle beating up A&E last week.

Angle comes out with the mask in–hand and responds while wearing a”Save Wrestling 2020″ shirt. Angle says that before he reveals the identity of V.P. he is going kick Wes’ a** right now. Angle charges the ring and mounts Wes with punches to the face & body. As the two men are getting it on we see D-Lo Brown and Al Snow come out to break it up. Kurt is yelling “It’s him!” as D-Lo hits a low-blow to Angle followed by taking out Al Snow & another official. D-Lo grabs a mic and says he wanted to come down and his reclaim club property, which is the mask. He says he will spoil the the news Angle had as D-Lo proclaims himself as the V.P. of Aces & 8’s!

End of Segment

Impact Wrestling continues now backstage as Aces member surround D-Lo who’s handed his leather jacket and tells them he’s never taking it off again. D-Lo then tells Devon to go out there next and take care of business with Sting. With other members beside him D-Lo cuts a brief promo saying when he joined Aces & Eights he was told that he’d never walk alone and also questions if Sting can trust his partners. D-Lo closes it by saying “Aces & 8’s forever”! NWO reference anybody?


Match 2: Devon DEFEATED Sting (Best 2 out of 3 as winning team gets an extra man for Sunday’s Lockdown match)

Lei’d Tapa & Ivelisse Velez await their fates from the TNA Gut Check judges…next!

End of Segment


Impact Wrestling continues as Velvet Sky is seen being interviewed when Gail Kim interrupts. She tells Velvet that she hopes she’s keeping the title nice and warm for her as she’s looking to take it this Sunday. Kim reminds Sky that she beat Tara in Londown a few weeks ago and she’s beaten Velvet before in the past! Not to mention she’s undefeated at Lockdown! Velvet isn’t saying anything as Kim wonders if she’s hearing everything she’s saying. Velvet smacks her in the face and tells her she hears her and walks off.

End of Segment


Match 3: Daniels, Kazarian, Gail Kim DEFEATED Velvet Sky, Chavo, Henrandez

Backstage segment on Impact Wrestling we see Sting is highly upset with the news of D-Lo as he wonders if he can trust Samoa Joe & Magnus and the rest of his team. Joe tells Sting he can trust him as both look at Magnus next. Magnus tells both men that sometimes he can’t even trust himself but that tonight he’s going to prove himself as tonight is a war!

End of Segment


Dixie Carter announced on her Twitter account that TNA will be taping Impact on 4/25 in Indiana, PA, on 5/9 in Tupelo, MS and on 5/23 in Tampa, FL.

Footage is shown from earlier in the week as cameras try tocatch up with AJ Styles. After searching around for several minutes they find him and his motorcycle as he’s in front of some type of a shack (maybe a bar) and he appears to be talking to a member of Aces & Eights (jacket has trademark patches). AJ rushes the camera crew as they all start running but AJ grabs one and tells him to back off and leave him alone.

Update: As a result of this AJ Styles released a tweet on Twitter saying hes going to Chicago since #TNA wont stop stalking him next week on #ImpactLive March 14 2013!

Match 4: Samoa Joe & Magnus DEFEATED D.O.C & Garrett Bischoff to even series 1-1

Match Rating: 3.5.5

Coming up next will Lei’d Tapa get offered a TNa contract? Gut Check judges will decide!

End of Segment


Impact Wrestling continues now as Kenny King, the new X-Division champion issues a challenge to anyone who thinks they can take away his title as no one hasn’t even seen what he’s capable of doing to keep it.

Backstage on Impact Wrestling, Sting is more bloodied than ever as Eric Young passionately tells him that he hasn’t forgotten how Aces & Eights robbed him several months of wrestling. He’s career was almost over and he wants to start extracting revenge. EY is very serious here as he doesn’t even put a joke at the end of what all he’s saying as Sting tells him he’s going with James Storm tonight because EY is a wildcard.

Lei’D Tapa decision time as she faces the judges on Gut Check. JB asked her is she feels she did her best as the crowd boos her big time. Danny Davis offers his thoughts as he hears the crowd but he’s quick to tell them of what he knows about her as he sees a future in her and he votes yes! Bruce Prichard takes a moment to offer thoughts and prayers as William Mooday aka Paul Bearer died Tuesday night. Great moment as the crowd pop. Prichard tells Tapa that for once he agrees as he votes no. Tapa is given the chance to kick out as the speech she gives is very weak as Al Snow now has the opportunity to cast his final vote. Snow votes yes as the contract is hers!

End of Segment


Match 5: Mr. Anderson DEFEATED James Storm to award A&E the advantage this Sunday

End of Segment


To end Impact Wrestling, World Champion Jeff Hardy and Bully Ray had their final face-to-face before their main event match at Sunday’s Lockdown. Bully Ray told Hardy he was proud for battling back in recent years to once again become World Champion. In turn, Hardy told Bully Ray he was proud of him as well. After Bully Ray said it was his goal to become the World Champion, out came IMPACT General Manager Hulk Hogan – still on crutches from his recent operation. Hulk wished both competitors good luck before Sunday night – and may the best man win! As Hardy and Bully Ray shook hands, The Aces and 8s hit the ring and went after Hardy and Bully! Then Team TNA hit the ring as IMPACT ended in total chaos! See you Sunday at Lockdown!

End of Impact Wrestling results

Overall Impact Wrestling rating: 8/10

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