IMPACT WRESTLINGWelcome to this week’s TNA Impact Wrestling results as tonight TNA World heavyweight champion Bully Ray defends his title against Jeff Hardy in a Full Metal Mayhem match!

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Corpus Christi, Texas.

Match 1: 2 out of 3 falls-TNA World Tag Titles

Chavo Guerrero & Hernandez DEFEATED Bobby Roode & Austin Aries to become champions.

Match Rating: 3/5

Backstage segment on Impact Wrestling we see Joey Ryan bumping into Brooke Hogan. Joey offers his services to referee another knockouts match but Brooke tells him she’s found someone more capable. In the meantime Joey has a match tonight against a mystery opponent. Little bit of payback for the poor officiating Joey did last week. ”

End of Segment


Joseph Park comes out to boos which surprisingly is a first time I can recall negative reactions. Joseph talks about retribution being made tonight as he feels Jeff Hardy will reach high from on top of the ladder in his main event match against Bully Ray to become TNA champion again. Joseph also shows the crowd official divorce papers for Brooke to sign so she can be done with Bully Ray. Devon interrupts him and warns him not to interfere in family business while snatching the divorce papers and shredding them.

Park tries to pick up the papers as Devon attacks him. Devon leaves Park lying in the ring.

A video package is shown for Gail Kim vs. Taryn Terrell as their match-up is next!

End of Segment


Impact Wrestling continues now as we get some hot knockouts action! Our new referee is none other than…ODB! It’s also revealed that a new knockouts website is coming April 25th! Oh yummy!

Match 2: Taryn Terrell DEFEATED Gail Kim

Match Rating: 2.5/5

Coming up next is the fate of Adam Pearce & Magno as the TNA Gut Check judges decide who’s going to be sent home.

End of Segment


TNA Gut Check judges pick Magno to advance to the finals tonight were they will decide his fate of getting a TNA Wrestling contract.

Video package is shown of the new & improved AJ Styles.

Cameras catch up with Hulk Hogan backstage and ask him about Bully Ray. Hogan feels the balance of power has shifted dramatically but right now he has to focus on AJ Styles as he’s about to call him out. He’s asked about Sting and Hogan offers no comment.

Footage is shown of a full bearded AJ Styles who looks to be making his way to the arena when he’s stopped by Mr. Anderson. Anderson tells AJ that he must’ve got “the cut” size wrong as he gives him a new Aces & Eights jacket and tells him to seriously think it over.

End of Segment


Impact Wrestling is in the second hour now as Hulk Hogan calls out AJ Styles. Hogan demands to know if AJ is going to join the good fight in the war against Aces & Eights. Before AJ can answer James Storm interrupts to tell AJ he’s not out to hear ultimatums, what side he’s on or even to drink beer. He’s out because he wants to fight AJ! Daniels & Kazarian interrupt to tell AJ that Hogan just wants to recruit him because he’s losing the war against Aces & Eights and that’s all. Aces & Eights want him because who better to side with them than the person that’s been the face of TNA since day one. D&K point out in the end A&E will toss him to the side as they offer him to join them. They realize it sounds like a crazy idea but unlike Hulk Hogan & Dixie Carter they’ve never turned their backs on him. AJ walks away as Hogan informs him he’ll be in a match next week against James Storm!

End of Segment


Match 3: Rob Terry DEFEATED Joey Ryan

Match Rating: 2.5/5

End of Segment

Impact Wrestling continues now as the Hulkster is walking backstage with Brooke. Hulkster has a meeting with a marketing team during the Bully Ray/Jeff Hardy match and wants her to join him. Brooke declines as she wants to watch Bully loose the title to Hardy tonight. Hogan warns her to take extra security with her and kisses her goodbye for the night. As Hogan proceeds forward he bumps into Matt Morgan who’s upset that it’s come down to Hogan’s daughter as he tried to warn him months ago but he wasn’t listened. Morgan tells him that none of these would be happening now had he been chosen as the no.1 contender at Lockdown. Morgan tells Hulkster to continue making mistakes after mistakes as eventually it’s all going to come falling down on him.

Magno fate is decided as he doesn’t get a contract.

End of Segment


Match 4: Full Metal Mayhem
Bully Ray defeated Jeff Hardy

This match was well worth the wait. Doesn’t quite live up to Full Metal Mayhem matches of the past but who better to close out the show than to of professional wrestling’s best. Was seriously thinking Brooke Hogan was going to interfere after Hardy did the Swanton Bomb to Bully Ray outside the ring but alas no mas. This turn I feel is still around the corner as this match ended with Taz helping out Bully by giving him a small mallet to take back in the ring. The closing seconds builds with anticipation as we see Hardy climbing the ladder, desperately trying to get the TNA title dangling over his head as Bully climbs up where the two exchange punches. Bully reaches into his pants to reveal the small hammer from earlier and hits Hardy over the head! As the Charismatic Enigma goes crashing through a wooden table outside as Bully secures the title to still be the TNA champion.

And with that the show ends with Aces & Eights members surrounding Bully Ray in celebration to end Impact Wrestling.

Overall Rating of Impact Wrestling: 7/10

No wide camera shots this week’s Impact Wrestling as it looks as though attendance was somewhat bad. Hearing almost 1,000 folks attended.

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