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IMPACT WRESTLINGAs seen on Spike TV with bonus content from Backstage Pass!

Recap shown from last week’s Open Fight Night edition of TNA. You almost forget that a ton of stuff happened last week.

Mike Tenay greets us as a recap is shown from last week as Aces and Eights played divide and conquer by injuring the TNA World Heavyweight Champion Austin Aries. From here we see Austin Aries comes to the ring to a great ovation from the crowd. Austin commennds Aces for smashing his arm as a lot of speculation has revolved around his championship. rumors such as whether Austin will have to relinquish his title as he points out that he’s not medically cleared to wrestle. Turns out Aries isn’t there to wrestle as he’s looking for a fight and that Aces miscalculated by injuring his right arm as he’s actually left-handed! The TNA Champion sends out a challenge to the gang aka organization to face him in the ring.

The music of Hulk Hogan and Sting plays as they recieve a very nice pop from the crowd. Hogan tells all that they aren’t going to let Austin go any further as he thanks Sting for stepping in for him while he was out as he’s back as the TNA GM! Hogan tells Aces that if they want a blood bath they’ll be happy to mingle. Hogan supports Aries decision to take on Aces as the champ points out that he wants anyone from the band to face him one on one.

A video of Aces and Eights pops up on the titantron as the main guy speaks to let Austin, Hogan, Sting know that they aren’t going to be dictated to as they’ll be making their prescense felt tonight!

End of Segment


Backstage Pass Jeremy Borash is recapping what occurred as he hopes to talk to Austin Aries later tonight


Impact Wrestling continues now as ODB tells Eric Young that she’s tired of waiting on him as she’s still waiting for her chicken and beer as she tells Eric that she needs some loving as she’s been opening her doors to people and tells him to show up next week. Hilarious stuff as poor ODB is being sexually deprived!


Current Bound For Glory Leaderboards is as followed:

Impact Wrestling-BFG Leaderboard

Match 1 BFG series: James Storm defeated Rob Van Dam via pin-fall to score 7 points

Post-Match Christy Hemme interviews James Storm as she congratulates him for making it into the final four. Storm tells Hemme and the crowd that he made a promise to himself and everyone that he was going to come back and win it all as he wants his TNA World Heavyweight title back!

Backstage segment we see Madison Rayne is walking around as it appears she’s making her way to the Impact arena next!

End of Segment


Backstage Pass segment we saw a guy name Jimmy Jay who was plugging TNA Wrestling toys and posters. Afterwards J.B comes back with RVD fresh off his defeat to James Storm as he brings in a surprise guest Scotty Riggs.


Impact Wrestling continues now as Madison Rayne reveals Brooke Hogan called her over the weekend to inform her that she was going to be having a match tonight. Madison feels that Brooke came to her senses and is giving her a rematch for the TNA Knockouts title! turns out the person she’s facing is ODB as she reveals she too gotta call from Brooke! Madison tells Taryen Terell to keep ODB back for a few minutes so she can make her famous!

Match 2: ODB defeated Madison Rayne

Post-Match Eric Young returns in a smoking nice suit as he brings chicken and beer down to the ring. ODB asks him where the hell he’s been as he tells her he’s been down in Hollywood becoming very successful with his new fishing show. ODB wants to know where her husband is as she doesn’t recognize him. EY takes off all his clothes and strips down to red,white and blue underwear as ODB assaults him with a kiss with chicken in hand!

Recap of AJ Styles/Claire Lynch storyline concluding last week

AJ Styles is backstage happy about Claire Lynch now being behind him as he’s now focused on the BFG series and going through Samoa Joe as he has to take him on shortly!

Footage of Bruce Prichard with Taz and Al Snow shown as they’ll be talking about
Kris Lewie next!

End of Segment


Backstage Pass J.B is interviewing Taryn Terrelll as this is nothing special


Al Snow, Bruce Prichard talks about coming into Gutcheck prepared as they feel Lewie had a lot of negatives but point out his backstory with losing his family as they feel it’s helped identify with the audience. Bruce Prichard wants for them all to keep an open mind and to think it over during the week.

Backstage footage now as Hogan and Sting are talking about how much blood they want to see come out as they bring in Daniels and Kazarian. The tag team point out they can’t be fired and they can’t be stripped of the tag titles. Hulk Hogan points out that he doesn’t like them as they will be fighting soon as he hopes they have their brains beaten out of them!


End of Segment


Backstage Pass Jimmy Jay and So Cal Val are talking but nothing significant is covered here.


Match 3 BFG series Samoa Joe defeated AJ Styles via pin-fall for 7 points


Footage shown from earlier tonight as Austin Aries, Sting and Hulk Hogan want a piece of Aces and eights


Backstage footage now as we see Kris Lewie warming up and getting ready to come out next!

End of Segment


Backstage segment as Jimmy Jay interviews Eric Young as he plugs his Off The Hook fishing show while plugging TNA merchandise.


Kurt Angle gives reaction to needing to defeat Jeff Hardy tonight so he can advance in the BFG series


J.B is in the ring now with Al Snow, Bruce Prichard, Taz as they welcome Kris Lewie into the ring as it’s judgement time! J.B asks him if he feels he gave it his all in the ring last week as he gives a simple yes reply. Taz is the first to give his ruling as he feels that Kris has a interesting story, a tough story as he commends him but professional speaks to him as he feels Kris is a bit over his head and votes no. Bruce Prichard tells Kris that this is “Gutcheck” to come out and prove himself not to the judges but to himself as he appreciates the emotional backstory. Prichard tells him passionately that he feels he needs to wake up from reality as the dream is over. Kris Lewie isn’t offered a contract as he shakes hands with the judges.

Just as we thought it was over wee Joey Ryan is in the ring with a bullhorn in hand telling all the TNA fans how Gutcheck is rigged as they played with a man’s livelihood as Al Snow tries to go after him. Bruce Prichard holds him back as Ryan splashes a cup of beer in Snow’s face before hauling off! Al gives chase as we soon cut to Kut Angle backstage who’s getting ready to come out next!

End of Segment


Backstage Pass we see the lovely So Cal Val with Samoa Joe as he offers thoughts on what type of champion he feels he’ll be if he wins the title at the Bound For Glory pay-per-view.


Joseph Park is with Hulk Hogan and Sting as he talks about legal action that can be taken against Aces and Eights as he feels there’s something not quit right with the group and feels he can get to the bottom of things. Hogan welcomes the assistance and tells Joseph to dig up anything he can as it’s appreciated.


Match 4 BFG series Jeff Hardy defeated Kurt Angle via pin-fall to pick up 7 points

During commercial we see on Backstage Jimmy Jay try to interview Kris Lewie about the judges ruiling but the audio feed is cut off as we go to the ring for Hardy vs. Angle. As one fan said of this on YouTube:

“lol Lewie got cut from d pass maybe cos he gotta work on his D grade Promos :/ ”


Updated BFG Leaderboard status

1. James Storm 73 points

2. Samoa Joe 67 points

3. RVD 62 points

4. Bully Ray 55 points

5. Jeff Hardy 49 points


Jeremy Borash reveals the final five participants for the BFG series as it’s revealed what matches well be coming on next week’s Impact Wrestling! Matches are as followed:

Jeff Hardy vs. Samoa Joe

Bully Ray vs. RVD

End of Segment

Backstage Pass Jimmy J is interviewing Daniels and Kazarian


Austin Aries stands in the ring and calls out Aces and Eights as soon he’s joined by Hulk Hogan, Sting, AJ Styles, Samoa Joe, Bully Ray, James Storm, as Hogan sends out the challenge for them to send their best to face Aries one on one! The ring leader signals for a member to get in the ring as the two have a go at it as the brawling goes back and fourth. It quickly turns into a gang mentality as other Aces and Eights members get in the ring as Hogan and crew quickly come down and all hell breaks out! Aries hits a running dropkick in the ring on the big guy and goes to remove his mask. The TNA Champion is soon hit from behind by a man who tried to cover his face as he hits him with a flapjack weapon as Aces and Eights retreat.

End of Impact Wrestling results


Overall, another solid episode of Impact Wrestling although I would’ve preferred seeing more knockouts actions. Seemed like the one match we got lasted only three minutes long and I’ve been having concern over recent knockout matches. Seems as though they’ve been a couple minutes long and I don’t want to see them become like some companies and their women’s division so hopefully this picks back up after the BFG series. A concern I had was TNA Wrestling not recognizing Bellator Fighting early in the programming as 13 fighters where there including Bellator Light Heavyweight Champion Michael Chandler who I bumped into via tweeting. He was eagerly awaiting for hima nd his comrades to get acknowledged as I tweeted to Dixie and TNA to plug them or fear backlash from Bellator fans and sure enough a few minutes later we saw them get a 10 second plug. Poorly bad timing as this goes in one ear and out the other as there was only less than 30 minutes left in the show and folks were amped up for the Kurt Angle vs. Jeff Hardy match. Bellator fighters should’ve got acknowledgement throughout the night as J.B and/or So Cal Val, Christy Hemme could’ve interviewed different fighters for reactions of what they where seeing and tie it in to King Mo who’s getting ready to make his TNA debut in October. Huge missed opportunity here by TNA that should’ve been executed better which just solidifies in my mind TNA Wrestling’s consistent struggle in promoting and advertising. Also thought it was shocking that once again for at least the second or third week in a row no Robert Roode as Austin Aries continues to not wrestle. Still a very solid episode this week as Samoa Joe vs. AJ Styles and Kurt Angle vs. Jeff Hardy were the best matches of the night. This week I give Impact Wrestling a 7/10.

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