IWC SucksThis article is going to be a little different than my usual ones. This will be an actual opinion piece that I have been sitting on for quite a while. Something that needs to be said about the Internet Wrestling Community (a.k.a the IWC) and their “opinions”. Now before I begin, I must tell you, if you are offended by anything I say, then maybe you need to look in the mirror and realize that this is YOU I am talking about.

IWC Sucks 2Now, we all have criticisms of how our favorite promotions are handling things. Whether you think Dolph Ziggler needs to be pushed more or why in the world John Cena keeps getting the push. That’s fine. We all have those. But I am referring to the people (and I use that term very loosely to some in the IWC) who use up all this extra energy to HATE someone. You’ve seen members of the IWC on the forums, or on Facebook or twitter who have nothing better to do in their wretched little lives than tell someone “I hate you…why don’t you just break your leg and save us from having to see you on TV”. When I see these comments, it always leads me to use the saying “it’s still real to them dammit”…which references an article & video of the kid at the NWA convention that told Jim Cornette and all the old NWA wrestlers that it was still real to him and proceeded to cry. The comments go even deeper than that. The biggest known person to receive these are Matt Hardy. He was pretty much told to kill himself and save everyone from having to see him. This lead to Matt posting some very funny and poignant Youtube vids where he didn’t speak but just held up cards with his thoughts.

I really worry about some people who can be faceless souls on the internet and bash people. And it goes beyond wrestling. Just yesterday, University of Missouri kicker Andrew Baggett missed a kick in overtime to lose a game against South Carolina. Not five minutes afterwards, twitter was abuzz with MORONS who tweeted the kid ‘I hate you…you ruined our lives. You ruined our season”. Another went even further who said “I hope someone beats the s**t out of you for what you’ve done to us”. It’s really sad that people can’t realize that these people are REAL PEOPLE…not just robots with no emotions. Don’y you think he already feels horrible for letting his fans down? He doesn’t need people like these idiots threatening him. It’s pathetic and sad and really shows the downturn of our society.

Then you have the forums. This is where the IWC idiots really dwell. There are times I’ve went on these sites to read articles and see the comments and it’s all the same thing. So and so sucks….wish he’d just retire. And don’t get me started on the Cena injury. You would think Cena kicked their favorite dog with the comments they were making about him. Wishing he’d never return. Some in the IWC even so far were hoping it was cancer that caused that luge lump on his elbow. And these IWC people are our “future” (because you know most were probably high school or college kids)? We’re screwed.

I’m an advocate of free speech. Always have been. But I also feel that there are times where I feel if people had to pass a test of some sort to have internet access…that wouldn’t necessarily be a bad thing either. People have no filter. THINK BEFORE YOU PRESS SEND. Or better yet…re-read what you’ve written and think to yourself…do I really want to be linked to this? Now, granted, most of these people are too cowardly to give their real names. They hide behind the anonymity that the internet provides. It’s these people who really make me feel bad for the human race. I really think evolution missed these people and they retained that Neanderthal gene.

In this day and age of cyber-bullying being a major problem in the youth of America; kids committing suicide because of the comments of others, we really have to think of what we write. Just because you THINK it, doesn’t mean you should SAY it. Think of the lessons parents used to teach….if you have nothing nice to say, don’t say a thing at all. And as Abraham Lincoln once said…it’s better to be thought a fool than open your mouth and remove all doubt. Hopefully the IWC relearns that comment. Because the longer this goes on…the more foolish we look as a whole with only a handful being the cause.

Dan Saint
Opinion Columnist Writer