jjim-rossWWE Hall of Fame commentator Jim Ross posted a new blog entry at jrsbarbq.com. Here are some highlights from the entry:

Jim Ross on Christian’s return: Impressed with Christian’s performance after such a long layoff. Very proud of being the guy who signed both Christian and Edge and watching them develop into excellent in ring talents but, more importantly, even better men. Not sure how much longer Christian intends to perform but I’m hopeful that he gets involved into something viable from a creative standpoint before he says adios whenever that may be.

Jim Ross on Mark Henry’s Retirement segment: The Mark Henry ‘retirement’ segment was Monday Night RAW gold and will go down in history as one of the all time, great RAW moments as far as I’m concerned. I’ve see a few in my time for ther record. The TV viewer’s perception of any storyline or performance is dependent solely on the execution by the talent. Great execution can overcome mediocre material and great execution can make good material great and great creative unforgettable.

Mark Henry’s performance Monday night will be remembered for years and was, without question, Mark’s finest hour since we signed him in 1995.

Jim Ross on Punk/Heyman: The Punk/Heyman dynamic has long legs and the verbal presentation of their issues should be priceless. Plus, this matter provides young, Curtis Axel an opportunity for more ‘rubs’ with established stars.

More is contained in Jim Ross’ latest blog, including thoughts on Daniel Bryan’s stinger, Antonio Cesaro being paired with Zeb Colter and much more. Check it out here

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