jjim-rossWWE Hall of Famer Jim Ross posted a new entry blog at JRSBBQ.com. Here are some highlights:

Jim Ross on Tyson Kidd’s surgery: “Tyson Kidd, one of the potentially brightest young stars in WWE, underwent knee surgery Thursday to repair multiple injuries and will be out until sometime late in 2013. I am very high on Kidd’s in ring work and have seen him have some tremendous outings while performing at NXT. Hopefully when Tyson is healthy he will look at his return as a fresh start as, hopefully, will all involved in the process. If you’ve heard my commentary during Kidd’s NXT bouts you already know what I think of this young man’s potential.”

Jim Ross calling The Royal Rumble match: “I do know that the Rumble match is arguably the most challenging bout of the year for a broadcaster to call as the story changes every time a new entrant is announced and whenever there is an elimination. Then once all the Rumble entrants have ended another phase of the contest commences where the last man standing in the ring earns himself a significant payday because of nabbing a WrestleMania main event slot.

“I assume that @MichaelCole @JCLayfield and @Jerry Lawler will handle the commentary in Phoenix for the PPV event and having three at the announce table might actually be a plus when calling the Rumble match itself.

Jim Ross on Superstar Billy Graham: “Prayers to Superstar Billy Graham as he is very ill or so reports say. For those wishing to reach out to Superstar he is on Facebook as I understand it.”

Jim Ross on Lance Armstrong/Oprah interview: Wasted 90 minutes of my life Thursday evening watching @Oprah interview what appeared to me to be a somewhat defiant, borderline arrogant Lance Armstrong. Armstrong is like many mega personalities/athletes who become so big that they essentially create their own world in which they are comfortable living. When forced from their personal, cocoon they appear totally uncomfortable. I don’t think I will check out part two.

However, I thought Oprah’s interview skills were stellar.

Armstrong seemed like an empty man…almost devoid of emotion and expressionless more often than not. It’s hard to feel empathy for anyone who seems that arrogant and above the fray. I still think that the general public will either forgive, to some degree, or forget the man in time  but that’s largely dependent who how long the media keeps this matter alive.

Much more is contained in Jim Ross latest blog which you can read here

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