Good Ol Jim RossWWE Hall of Famer Jim Ross posted a new blog entry at his site over at Here are a few highlights:

Jim Ross on Undertaker wrestling on RAW: “It’s always great to see Undertaker on free TV and he never fails to give me my monies worth but, admittedly, I am extremely biased. I made a statement on Twitter earlier in the week @JRsBBQ that many disagreed with that I thought that Taker had overtaken Andre the Giant as the Greatest ‘Big Man’ in the history of the biz. Frankly, factoring in tenure, leadership, productivity, tickets sold, etc, a viable argument can be made that the Undertaker isn’t the greatest star ever in the genre.”

Jim Ross on The Shield: “Even though the Shield had some indy experience before joining NXT, the training that the trio received in Florida has served them well. Further proof to me that NXT is the true future of WWE as it relates to the TV product which is what drives the entire company. Nothing’s more important than talent and television within WWE.

“The Shield had a pivotal week in the world of WWE TV and it continues this Friday night on Smackdown. Already some fans are clamoring for the trio to break up and go their separate ways. I content that it’s too early for that and that there are many productive miles left in this new, hot faction that has a chance to become one of the more significant groups ever assembled in WWE.”

Jim Ross on John Cena at NXT on May 2: “Anxious to get back down to Orlando for more NXT tapings as @JohnCena will join the party on Thursday May 2 @FullSail University in Winter Haven, Fla. I’m curious to see who has improved their game since we were last there notwithstanding how many have gotten stronger and more athletic.”

Much more is contained in Ross’ latest blog, including his thoughts on Ryback, UFC 159, Big E Langston’s development, when he plans to retire, if he still works for WWE and much more. You can check out the full entry by clicking here.

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