Over the weekend WWE Hall Of Famer Announcer Jim Ross was involved in a car accidented. He tweeted the following in regards to it from his twitter page:

“Bad day..got hit by a pickup..totaled my Escalade or so body shop thinks. Seat belt & airbag saved me.”

“Thx 2 seat belt/airbag I’m sore n places I didn’t know I had but home. Escalade totaled. Hit guy head on as he made illegal turn. Blessed.”

@Jcoop50 “yes..traveling west crossing over I35 & pickup made left turn in front of me to get I35 south. Hit him head on. Sooner Magic. Thx.”

“Thanks to all w/ positive thoughts after my car accident Saturday. I’m sore but got extremely lucky. Wasn’t my time. Other driver cited.”

Glad good ol J.R is alright and is having a speedy recovery.