John CenaAs we all know, WWE Superstar John Cena has decided to divorce his wife/ high school sweetheart Elizabeth Huberdeau after three years of marriage. Mrs. Huberdeau Cena been aggressive in stopping the divorce and it’s very certain that this could become ugly before the year is out. Gossip but most times reliable source TMZ recently claimed that they may know why John Cena’s marriage fell apart. Turns out a house that John Cena & Elizabeth were remodeling was so costly that it was sending them to the poor house and the courthouse! This is the straw that broke the camel’s back for Cena as he’s claiming remodeling has caused strife between himself and his wife.

TMZ also revealed how they came across evidence in the form of documents that show how bad things have gone with the remodeling. Turns out a contractor has filed a lien on the house for $110,000, claiming that John Cena didn’t pay him for the work.

You can read the article here.

Of course John Cena isn’t anywhere close to the poor house. If he was really that strapped for cash we wouldn’t have seen him recently make a appearance on Dream Machine where a car was built exclusively for him. No way that all those man hours was done just to give him a free vehicle!


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