John LayfieldWWE Smackdown color commentator John Layfield recently took to his Facebook page to address the death of actor Larry Hagman who he described as “TV’s greatest villain”.

John Layfield took note of how his character was similar to Hagman’s portrayal of J.R Ewing on the CBS hit series “Dallas”. Read John Layfield’s thoughts below.

John Layfield: RIP Larry Hagman, TV’s greatest villain.

The character of JBL has often been compared to ‘JR Ewing’ which is a tremendous compliment. I even did a shoot at the famous Southfork Ranch. I always felt my character was a stock market JR.

Mr McMahon had said before he didn’t see it that way and I don’t think creative did either. My vision of it was more of a JR character because that was a character I knew well.

I grew up in West Texas when oil first boomed, I remember seeing these guys flaunt their wealth and when I needed a ‘bad guy’ image, this is what came to mind-there were really many real JRs.

I had wanted to be the character for some time, but the character wasn’t needed. Then a whole series of injuries and retirements happened and WWE needed someone almost immediately for Eddie Guerrero. I have written much about my love for my friend Eddie and that this character would have never worked without him.

JR (not my pal Jim Ross I am sure you understand by now) was the perfect heel. No matter what happened right when you started to like him he did something especially evil-never had a redeeming quality.

I was sitting in a fancy gym in NYC one day and a guy walked by with a jacket on with a towel in it-I remember getting furious at this out of touch Wall Street goof. Then it occurred to me, this is what JBL would wear. Add to that the old wrestlers often wore this to the ring and the out of touch JBL would no doubt do something like this. It was pure heat and came from a real life example of some idiot-I figured if it got that much heat with me it would with the fans.

JR wore his hat everywhere because he felt fans wanted to see him in character. I rarely ever signed autographs or broke character-I had been brought up this way in the business (right or wrong). I don’t think nowadays it is the same, but when I started our character was what we lived. TV stars often were the same.

A lot of my character came from Ted DiBiase as well, and Alberto Del Rio has a lot of mine. It’s what happens in the business, and I must say I am a huge fan of Del Rios. And a big fan of his ring announcer-wow, do I wish I had thought of that.

RIP to a great villain and great actor (who also was a wonderful character in ‘I Dream of Genie’ Major Tony Nelson, Larry Hagman. Thanks for the inspiration and all the years of entertainment!

Overall Thoughts: Couldn’t agree more with the words John Layfield said as when you really think about it his character was very similar to J.R. John Layfield classy as always!

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