WWE announced earlier today on their website that they have come to terms with WWE Diva Kaitlyn (Celeste Bonin) in granting her release from WWE.

Kaitlyn is officially no longer under contract as of today. According to WWE’s report at WWE.com, she has has chosen to pursue other endeavors outside of professional wrestling. WWE wished her the best in all her future endeavors.
Kaitlyn will face AJ Lee on Main Event tonight. Photos have already surfaced post-match of an emotional hug between the two. You can see it down below.

Kaitlyn And AJ Lee

WWE Divas Champion AJ Lee tweeted the following to her friend and rival, former WWE Diva Kaitlyn:

“To @KaitlynWWE : Thank you for letting me have your tryout, your first match, your last match, and your Savage Garden CD. I could not have survived or succeeded without you. But I’m really psyched my reproductive organs won’t have to endure any more spears. @KaitlynWWE

“Also I’m pretty sure the best things we ever did were that WWE app fight, Payback, & that gif of us mounting each other in Russia”

Kaitlyn, a former body fitness model won the all-female third season of NXT in 2010 and made her debut on main WWE programming the same year. She won her first WWE Divas championship on the 20th anniversary edition of WWE RAW January of last year but would drop it shortly after to AJ Lee at the Payback PPV.

Kaitlyn has been making sporadic appearances in WWE since losing the title as the company focuses on the success of their hit series Total Divas on the E! Network that features key WWE Divas instead of the entire Divas division.

Lee Sanders of The RCWR Show reflected on the news of Kaitlyn’s departure as fans continue to be stunned over the news. Watch on Youtube at the following link

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