kamalaWWF/E wrestling legend Kamala (real name James White) recently released a video bashing wrestling promotions that lay claim to helping him pay his medical bills now that he’s a double amputee. The amputation is result of his massive size and diabetes complications as recently he had to have his other leg removed. The promotion¬† in question that Kamala bashed is Millienum Wrestling Federation of which Harris claims to have received nothing from them and signaled out MWF Head Promoter Dan Mirade to take any money raised on his behalf “to¬† Jersey and ram it up Dawn Marie’s ass because neither one of them have done nothing for him but use his name to benefit themselves”.

Check out Kamala’s video below:

Millienum Wrestling’s Dan Mirade would respond in a lengthy post tonight showing a picture of a check written for $425.00 that was sent out Friday and released further proof on an email exchange he head with Executive President of Cauliflower Alley Club, Karl Lauer about the status of the check.

In response, Mirade issued a statement Wednesday verifying that a money order for the amount of $425.00 was issued last Friday. He also released the contents of an e-mail to Karl Lauer, Executive Vice President of Cauliflower Alley Club, Tuesday that showed the money order had been received and was on its way to Harris.

Direct quote from Dan Mirade to Kamala:

“SHAME ON YOU JAMES HARRIS. . . shame on you for not opening your eyes to see that you had people that cared enough to help you when almost NONE of your peers cared enough to hit a re-Tweet button. . . shame on you for trying to run my name and the MWF’s through the mud because you didn’t get your precious check as fast as you wanted to, waking people up at 6AM whining not even 48 hours after the event was over. Shame on you for hiding like a coward after the money was sent to you and trying to prevent people from seeing the truth. I don’t care if you were a WWE Superstar or a homeless person, you should be ashamed of yourself as a man. When I wake up and look in the mirror, I know the face looking back at me is one that cared and is one that did everything he could to help someone that needed it. The face staring back at me has character and integrity. HOW DARE YOU INSULT AND ATTACK ME AFTER ALL I DID FOR YOU, YOU GUTLESS p—y!! Grow a spine and be a man. Be grateful someone wanted and tried to help you, not piss on their efforts. What runs through James Harris’ mind would be a psychiatrist’s dream come true. Then again, I’m the guy that’s been working on this column for four hours.”


Now it should be noted that Dawn Marie and Wrestler’s Rescue came under the microspcope several weeks back on June 5th as the former ECW/WWE diva claimed that she received a donation from TNA Co-Founder Jeff Jarrett. This donation was a signed guitar that was to be auctioned at WrestlersRescue.org. Since then the website has been offline for weeks as currently it’s been suspended by the web host. Usually when this happens it’s due to not paying the server bills.

As of this writing Dawn Marie has offered no rebuttal.

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