Welcome to another exciting episode of Lucha Underground. Tonight we start off with a recap of Joey Ryan going undercover with Mr. Cisco and Reyes. Next off is the point we are at with Sexy Star and her constant struggles against Marty The Moth and his sister Mariposa even with the help of The Mack. Finally, we end our recap with Pentagon Jr. attacking Dario and getting his match with Matanza, which definitely didn’t go the way Pentagon wanted.

Things kick off with Lucha Underground as Vampiro is in the bathroom looking at his bottle of prescription medications when Dario walks in and starts talking down to him. He calls him by his real name but then Dario says he doesn’t respond to that name anymore, only Vampiro. He does admit that his brother went too far and is very lucky to be alive. However, if Vampiro lays a hand on him or his brother, he won’t be nearly as lucky. Dario considers Vampiro to be VERY valuable seeing as how he is pretty much the voice of Lucha Underground. He wants him out there tonight during the main event for commentary and warns him not to make the same mistake as his pupil. Dario leaves the restroom and Vampiro takes one of his pills and stares into the sink.

Back at the police station, Reyes aka Castro and Joey Ryan are talking with their higher up. She congratulates Joey on bringing back Dario but Reyes says he didn’t do anything, Dario returned on his own. He also warns his superior officer that Dario’s brother had been released from his cell and is on the loose. Joey teases Reyes about being scared and they start bickering. Their commander makes them shut up and tells both men she wants evidence. Joey says well it’s a good thing he introduced himself to Dario. He claims the boss was so impressed with him he put him, Mr. Cisco and Reyes in the Trios Tournament which begins tonight. Their superior officer makes them promise to win the tournament and Trios Championship before telling them to run along.

Back at The Temple, Vampiro alongside Matt Striker welcomes us to the show and thanks the band El Conjunto Nueva One for their performance. Down in the ring, Melissa Santos introduces Ivelisse to the crowd and she gets a very good reaction followed by Kobra Moon, her opponent for tonight. She catches her in a headlock and then traps her arm but Ivelisse attacks with Kobra and locks the villainous vixen in a crossarmbreaker. Kobra does manage to reverse though and gets into the ropes to break the hold. Ivelisse once again catches her, this time with a Hammerlock which Kobra reverses once again, wrapping her legs around our lovely Tram Havoc member’s neck. Thank goodness Ivelisse hits a sit down powerbomb and they trade covers for a count of one apiece. Moon locks in a full nelson and then transitions into a Dragon Sleeper. Ivelisse answers back with knees to the face though, momentarily stunning the vivacious viper. Our Team Havoc hero nails two armdrags and throws Moon into the turnbuckles, following that up with a sweet back elbow. Kobra is far from finished though and shows it by choking Ivelisse with her legs while hanging over the ropes on the outside of the ring. She does let go at the count of 4 but then puts Ivelisse down on the mat with a kick to the head between the ropes. It only gets her a count of two though and leaves Kobra Moon frustrated.

She hurls Ivelisse into the corner and doubles her over with a shoulder to the gut. The beautiful battler dodges another attack by Kobra but then is locked into a modified Tarantula on the outside which she does break after a count of four. All these submissions are taking their toll on our favorite female, allowing her to float over from a suplex into a Dragon Sleeper onto Ivelisse. Fortunately, Ivelisse still has some surprises up her sleeve and she hits a Fisherman’s Suplex onto the villain for a 2 count then floats over into a front face sleeper hold of her own. Moon makes it to the ropes to cause a break then lays into her with forearms. She tries a tilt a whirl head scissors but the Team Havoc member reverses into a Russian Legsweep so good Bret Hart would be proud. The crowd cheers both combatants as they catch their breath then trade forearms and chops. Ivelisse nails two huge kicks and a T-Bone Suplex for a two count! She asks how the heck Kobra kicked out and receives a jawbreaker for an answer. Face first into the mat gets Kobra a count of two. Ivelisse shocks her with a Sunset Flip Powerbomb for the win! She gets major props by the crowd for an absolutely amazing performance.

We come back from commercial and Killshot is telling us who he is. He talks about enlisting in the armed forces and that he was so good they made him a sniper. Unfortunately though, he and his team were captured and he was a prisoner for 13 months. Killshot managed to escape and got back home but says he fights a different war in Lucha Underground fighting because he can. Killshot has no face, only killer instinct and hopes his team, his brothers will find their way back too.
We see Fanous B talking to Mascarita Sagrada. He gives him his card and says he thinks he could be a BIG star. He promises to make him famous and then leaves, passing The Mack as he enters to find Sexy Star working out furiously. The Mack wants her in his corner for support but she’s hesitant and says she’s sorry. Mack tells her sooner or later, those two will have to pay for what they did. He just hopes she will be there to collect. She goes back to working out and has flashbacks of what Marty and Mariposa put her through then cries out and puts the weight back down.

The Trios Tournament kicks off with Joey Ryan, Mr. Cisco and Castro aka Reyes vs Marty The Moth, Mariposa and Mack. Mack is following behind his team members and we see he is not happy at all. Big chants for Joey and Mack break out but before they can start off, Joey tags out and Cisco comes in and they slap five. Cisco starts off running off the ropes and getting knocked down by Mack for a two count. Mr. Cisco catches him with a back elbow and flying armdrag followed by Mack doing a headstand on the buckle and nailing an armdrag of his own. Cisco blocks him with two feet to the chest and a hurricanrana. They trade leg sweeps and covers then Mack kips up and the crowd shows respect to both men. They fistbump and then Joey tags himself in which leads to Mariposa tagging in and slapping him. Joey is furious and pie faces her, knocking her down. She armdrags him then gets a two count with a hurricanrana. He gets kicked to his knees and back after that then Marty tags in only to get tagged by Joey with a dropkick.
Castro makes the hot tag and Marty responds by kneeing him in the gut. Cisco fortunately has his partner’s back and takes Marty down with kicks to the face as well as sliding to the outside. He gets a 2 count but when he jumps onto the ropes, Mariposa knocks him off with a kick then gets a flapjack onto him for a 2 count. They block each other’s moves until she kicks him and tag Moth. Marty gets a suplex into the ropes onto Cisco for a two count again. He locks Cisco into a headlock but he counters with a neckbreaker. Reyes tags in and absolutely plants Marty with DDT but Mari only allows a two count. Joey and Mack steal tags and Mack flattens Joey with a flying uppercut, slam and a leg drop. The Mack delights the crowd with a kip up then into a moonsault but Cisco and Castro stop that momentum cold. Everyone fights onto the outside and Mack goes to fly but Mariposa blocks him so he shoves her with his foot into her brother! The Mack finally flies onto all the competitors on the outside and throws Ryan back in. Marty tags himself in and he and Mack slap each other until Mack gets fed up, flips him off and lays him out with a Stunner. Cisco and Castro hit double team move and Joey steals the cover to win then celebrates. Mari attacks relentlessly until Sexy Star makes the save. She looks hesitant but then loses it and attacks Mari. She throws her across the ring by her hair over and over and chokes her with her foot. She kicks her but Moth pulls her to safety.

Dragon Azteca Jr. Wants to kill Matanza for the death of his predecessor. Rey tells him he has a lot to learn and to wear the mask and fight with honor. We learn they’re in the Trios Tournament next week and their partner will be Prince Puma. Puma, Rey and Jr. promise to fight together. We reenter The Temple for our main event of Fenix and Matanza for the Lucha Underground Championship. Fenix runs up to Matanza but he just shoved him across the ring. Then he tries a suplex but Matanza breaks it up easily and almost breaks Fenix’s arm. He takes a kick from Fenix but when another kick is launched, he tries a Dragonwhip but hurts himself accidentally trying to kick The Monster. Both men run the ropes and once again Matanza shoves Fenix across the ring. He slams Fenix’s head into mat and then chases the ref away. Matanza chokes Fenix in the corner then charges. Thankfully, Fenix blocks it and nails kicks to his head. It seems to have no effect though and Dario’s brother flattens the bird of war with a release German suplex into the buckle! Then Fenix is pummeled with kicks and dragged into the middle of the ring. Fenix tries more kicks but Matanza grabs him. He does slip out though and attempts a backspring elbow only to get wrecked with release tilting German. He gets nailed by kicks from Fenix but catches him when he jumps into the ring and punches his lights out. More kicks by Fenix. He jumps through the ropes and gets slammed. Matanza throws him back in and wins with Wrath Of The Gods then destroys him until Catrina sends Mil in. Mil Muertes drives Matanza from the ring and Dario takes his brother away! Mil leaves right after allowing Catrina and Fenix to have stare down to end the show.

I loved every minute of this episode tonight. Ivelisse vs Kobra Moon started off the night in a fantastic way. I would love to see them have a two out of three falls match and I’d be mesmerized every second. The Trios match was good too and it made me cheer to see Sexy Star get revenge on Mariposa. Thank goodness for Mil returning or Fenix could have been sharing a room with Pentagon Jr. I do have to say I love how the bands perform to start the show and I think they should try to get some of those bands songs on iTunes. It would get the word out about them and the show. Also one more thing. The way the El Rey Network is programmed reminds me in a good way of how TNT and USA Networks were. Wrestling is their main show and there is fun programming to surround that. With such entertainment I truly hope El Rey and Lucha continue to grow and expand. Definitely am looking forward to next week on Lucha Underground.


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