After less than two months, season three of Lucha Underground is on the air! The last time we saw Dario Cueto, he was being taken away in the proverbial paddy wagon. We begin with Dario being released from jail and the guard giving him back his items? The longest running Intercontinental Champion of all time is The Honky Tonk Man! Once the leader of The Temple is in his limo, his lawyer lets him know that ALL charges have been dropped. Someone in the limo’s darkness promises that Dario will die if he wastes his time again. Dario says he’s going to let everyone know his Temple is in business again.

We return to Lucha Underground and The Temple where the boss announces Rey vs Pentagon Dark for tonight and makes fun of how Vampiro’s former student made him bleed. Dario then says even though no one can beat his brother Matanza, he has an idea. He spins a wheel kinda like the Raw Roulette one but with names on it. Son Of Havoc wins the opportunity with the wheel spin. Matanza does win a good match with his Wrath Of The Gods. Highlights included Havoc with a double foot stomp, Matanza catching him in the midst of a tornado DDT, and Havoc getting a close fall with the frog splash. Son Of Havoc definitely did a great job in this match and I think it’ll be sooner instead of later when he wears championship gold again.

Next up Team Mundo is meeting with Dario and he demands a title opportunity. Dario turns him down and says they lost the Trios Titles when he got a title chance last. Johnny reminds him he attacked Angelico and We see what he means with a video of him and his cronies attacking Angelico with them the death blow being when they destroyed the young man’s leg with a car door. Dario still refuses to grant the title shot to The Guru Of Greatness then Johnny wants to battle Sexy Star for her Gift Of The Gods belt. Dario turns around and gives the match to Taya instead, seeing as how she didn’t lose any titles.

I loved the segment where Ivelisse wants revenge and called out Catrina. When Catrina came out, Ivelisse challenged her to a match at Ultima Lucha Tres which Catrina accepted and then called her a mean name that rhymes with witch. I really hope the match happens but if I heard correctly, Ivelisse got injured recently during tapings so that match may be on hold.

Sexy Star vs Taya is next and Lucha Underground has been doing a great job with the women wrestling. Taya landing a running clotheslines in the corner was a fantastic by he followed up with a knee to the face for a near fall. Sexy Star destroyed her with a beautiful bicycle kick and an X-Factor coming off the ring apron. Taya fought back with an exploder suplex and her team came down to ringside to support her. Unfortunately, it comes back to bite her when she accidentally blasts Darewolf and allows Sexy to retain by rolling her up. Team Mundo attack my favorite Luchadore but the current Trios Champs of Aerostar, Drago and Fenix arrive to save the day.

Our main event of Rey vs Pentagon Dark was fast paced and told a good story. Pentagon really dominated the first part of the match. His chops really made me feel like he wasn’t playing around and his running foot to Rey made me double over as well. Rey really took it to his opponent though especially when he took him down with a wild DDT outside of the ring. He followed that with a splash coming off the top for a two count. Vampiro left the broadcasting table when his former student started talking trash to him. Sadly though, Mysterio took him down with the 619 and Mexican Destroyer to be triumphant. Pentagon was a sore loser though and blasted him with a running powerbomb. Fortunately, before he could put Rey on the shelf with his armbreaker, Dragon Azteca made the save. We end the show with Vampiro trying to recruit Puma but Puma says it’s about him, not Vampiro and leaves.

Nice way to begin the new season of Lucha Underground. Always love watching Rey Mysterio wrestle and Sexy Star retaining her belt was fantastic too. I really think Taya will be on her own soon and do even better kicking butt. Lance Storm is such a great trainer and it shows here. He helps bring out even more of his students natural talent in the process. I’m definitely looking forward to Killshot vs Marty The Moth in the Weapons Of Mass Destruction match. Those two constantly are fun to watch together and I hope they get some serious time to blow the roof off this season. Finally, I really want to know who Dario’s savior is from the limo. Looks like season three may be the best so far for this amazing show.


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