When last we saw the wrestlers of Lucha Underground, all chaos had broken out and it was anarchy. The season premiere began with an evaluation of Vampiro in a psychiatric hospital. He was released but we could tell he was still having psychiatric breaks. Matt Striker arrived to bring him home and they were back at The Temple but a darkness has taken over.

Dario Cueto is still missing but Catrina is the new general manager of Lucha Underground. Fenix enters her office and says he wants Mil Muertes and the title. She says yes to him but he had to wait until next week. In the meantime, he will defend his Gift Of The Gods Championship as the man telling Catrina what to do, Mil Muertes, watches on from Dark Olympus as Matt Striker called it.

We begin with King Cuerno getting ready for his match. Fenix enters to a massive ovation from the crowd. Fenix and Muertes stare down each other as the fans chant Lucha Libre. The two competitors trade takedowns with Fenix getting a standing flip onto Cuerno. Cuerno goes outside and hits sick DDT on Fenix to the floor. He hits suicide dive between the ropes and both men back in the ring for two count. These two men can definitely tell a great story as the audience cheers both. Cuerno is a heel but they have great respect for him as do I for both.

Nasty chop by Fenix and then running kick to Cuerno into corner. Cuerno takes Fenix down with massive flying forearm and then King Cuerno flies into Fenix’s chest with kick. Diamond Cutter and then Fenix locks him into nasty submission but Cuerno breaks out and locks Fenix into surfboard then snaps head into turnbuckle. Chop by Fenix then amazing double stomp to back of Cuerno’s head off buckle for two count. Cuerno catches him for his Thrill Of The Hunt driver move but only a 2 count. Open hand slap knocks Fenix silly. He charges at Fenix but gets a kick in the race for his troubles! Fenix attempts front flip but Cuerno bails out of the way and hits an amazing pile driver to become the NEW Gift Of The Gods Champion. As we go to our first commercial break, we see Son Of Havoc and his running buddies have arrived. This only means one thing: Trouble.

I’m gonna call them The Group Of Havoc and they want their belts back and a fight but Catrina says no. She says Muertes wants them to fight each other and whomever wins gets a shot at Mil Muertes title. That match is next and we see Catrina tell our announcer Melissa something then leave. Melissa announces the three way match now with Son Of Havoc getting massive love from fans. Angelico is next followed by the seductive and amazing Ivelisse. She gets rolled up first but kicks out and Son Of Havoc tries his luck to no avail. Test of strength among all three but Ivelisse chops and slaps Angelico then Son Of Havoc. Back spring elbow gets Havoc 2 count as he takes advantage of Angelico accidentally kneeing his girl in the corner.

Massive kicks and knees by Angelico gets him 2 count on Son Of Havoc. Electric chair reversed by Angelico who sets up Havoc for attack by Ivelisse but he ducks and she wipes out Angelico instead. 2 count before Havoc breaks it up saying no but she chops him and kicks him which would definitely make Daniel Bryan proud. Those kicks were vicious! Angelico leaps at her but hits Havoc instead and apologizes then turns around to wicked kick to back of the head by Ivelisse! He kicks out after 2 and she asks why it was only a 2.

Son Of Havoc hits back breaker and she screams in agony. He pushes her out of the ring then throws Angelico out and successfully launches himself through the ropes onto him. One for Ivelisse too! Angelico rushes Havoc but gets kick to his head for his troubles. Springboard double stomp then standing moonsault on Angelico. Kick out at 2 and that was so close that Maxwell Smart would have said “Missed it by THAT much!” This is awesome chant and the fans aren’t lying. Ivelisse pulls Havoc down in corner then attempts a move on Angelico but he back elbows her off apron onto outside. Havoc follows him in and then climbs turnbuckles but eats a foot by Angelico who wants to superplex him. Havoc chops him blocking it and drops him straight south with faceplant. Havoc was gonna go for his finisher off the buckles but Ivelisse pulled his feet out and well, he didn’t land gingerly! Ivelisse hits spin cradle and gets the 3 on Angelico for the win to become the new number contender to Muertes title.
Three men arrive 375 miles away from The Temple and appear to be lose. A gorgeous woman shows up next to the passengers front seat and they want to know where to find The Temple. She tells them to come with her.

Back at The Temple we have the match about to start for The Lucha Underground Championship of Ivelisse vs Mil Muertes. Her Havoc Teammates get her pumped up as Muertes and Catrina make their ways to the ring. The Disciples Of Death make their entrances into the ring surrounding our heroes. They make quick work of Angelico and Havoc but Catrina grabs Ivelisse by the hair before she can enter the fray. DDT to Havoc on floor eliminating him and Ivelisse is thrown to Mil Muertes. Angelico can’t help either as he was thrown out of the ring and is racked. Son Of Havoc being held by two Disciples. Both men taken away and Ivelisse is by her lonesome. Muertes throws Ivelisse down and we get our final commercial break.

Senior official Marty Elias holds our prize up and the match begins. Ivelisse wants to lock up but Mil Muertes bullies her shoving her down. She gets up and starts giving Muertes forearms to his massive chest but it has no effect on him. Kicks too but it’s like a brick wall if anything. He clubs her across the back knocking her to the ground. Tilt a whirl back breaker and he holds on her on his knee by her throat until he shoves her off onto the mat. He grabs her by her hair and throws her face first into the turnbuckle.

She is caught by him with her hair again and she punches him in the gut 6 times but poor Ivelisse is thrown halfway across the ring by Mil Muertes who seems to enjoy every bit of it. He picks her up but she drops down to be pulled back up and kicked in the chest. He tells her no. She runs at him and locks him in a choke! Unfortunately Mil Muertes is able to lock her in a bear hug, squeezing her on her already injured back. Tossing her facefirst across the ring he begins to choke her. Ivelisse locks him in triangle choke but he’s just way too strong and picks her up. She gets over the ropes and locks in the triangle choke again! He breaks it up with vicious knees to the neck and head. She gets onto turnbuckle and hits him with wicked punches as he’s holding onto her. Ivelisse with an amazing spinning DDT!

He kicks out at 2 barely. Catrina gets into the ring and Ivelisse grabs her by the throat. Muertes goes to spear her. She bailed out of the way and he speared Catrina! Ivelisse with a schoolboy but only gets 2 and the building is shaking as the fans are going nuts cheering her. She’s a house of fire but when she charges at him, Muertes lands a crushing power slam to silence her fans. He holds onto her throat and hits his Flatliner and that was it. Mil Muertes retains his title but Catrina gets in the ring and acts like she’s going for her Lick Of Death. Instead she shoves her down. Muertes goes for another Flatliner but Prince Puma arrives! He kicks Muertes in the face then gets himself and Ivelisse out of harm’s way. As he fumes, Muertes gets taken out by Pentagon with the Backstabber! The crowd is rocking as Pentagon snapped Muertes arm! The fantastic episode ends with the lost men and that beautiful woman arriving at The Temple. Dario Cueto has returned and welcomes them but when they ask why the woman is there she smacks the guy closest to her. They say they love violence and Dario says they’re his kind of guys and asks for $20 each. They pay him and he lets them in but when they ask who is fighting tonight he says they are and closes the door. We hear yells and fighting and then the episode ends.

Amazing Lucha Underground season premiere and it was nonstop action from beginning to end. I love WWE but it makes me very happy to see an alternate to it. El Rey Network definitely has a winner on its hands and I cannot wait to see next week for what happens next. Rey Mysterio is on his way and I absolutely cannot wait for when Sexy Star returns. She’s my favorite competitor and I always love to watch her in the ring. Lucha Underground has absolutely stepped it up a notch and I love how nothing is held back. Robert Rodriguez has made one of the best decisions in bringing back this quality product.


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