Welcome to the latest review of Lucha Underground. This one may be a little different since its Aztec Warfare 2 and I’m expecting a lot of action so it may be a little less on all the holds. Hope u folks enjoy it though. I’ve always been a fan of battle royals and when I saw the first Aztec Warfare, I became an instant fan of that match.

We begin Lucha Underground with Pentagon Jr telling Fenix he will take his title in Aztec Warfare 2 tonight. Catrina shows up and tells Pentagon that he knows nothing about the Dark Arts and he lost his privilege when he put his hands on her. He tells her she and Mil don’t scare him and he only listens to his Master. She turns to Fenix and says tonight he will take his last breath and Mil will get his title back. She disappears and both men stare each other down then walk off.

We officially enter The Temple where Matt and Vampiro tell us the rules. For the first time ever, the Lucha Underground Championship will be on the line. Two competitors enter and will be joined every 90 seconds. Unlike Royal Rumble though, the only way to be eliminated is submission or pinfall. With so many high flying styles, I like that over the top rope isn’t a way to be taken out. The last person standing will be the Lucha Underground Champion. They confirm that Pentagon Jr is NOT invited to participate which is sad because he’s amazing!

The beautiful Melissa Santos welcomes us to Aztec Warfare and Fenix is introduced as entrant number one. The same thing happened last year and he blew the roof off of the place. Entrant number two REY MYSTERIO JR! Mr. 619 has arrived and he gets a monster pop from the crowd. This is gonna be amazing folks. Rey vs Fenix starts this match as a MASSIVE Mysterio chant cannot be contained. Both men shake hands and Fenix shows Rey true respect. Another handshake and both me start if off. Rey Rey hits tilt a whirl and went for 619 but Fenix was too energized and kicked the legend in the face. Handspring inside out armdrag by the champ and Fenix gets early Cover for a one count.

That was a quick ninety seconds! We get our third competitor and it is King Cuerno. As one of my favorite broadcasters says, business is about to pick up as the King makes his way to the ring and our brawling gentlemen. He kicks the arm of Fenix while he and Rey are locked in a submission then takes Rey out with a punch followed by a jumping kick to Fenix. Rey stops him with a kick of his own the charges Cuerno only to be flipped backwards face first. Suicide dive through the ropes onto a dazed Champion outside the ring. Two quick kicks from a recovering Rey to Cuerno knocks him off the apron then Mysterio slides under the bottom rope to splash King. Entrant number 4 is Argenis and he springs off the top rope into the ring and spins our current champ with a hurricanrana.

Fenix quickly answers with a kick but gets kicked for his troubles with a kick to his face as he launches off the ropes. Rey jumps up and is launched by Argenis who kicks him low followed by one that takes the master of the 619 down to the mat. Rey kicks out at two though and reverses a whip off ropes, sending Argenis into Cuerno. Rey takes advantage with the 619 and top rope frog splash to eliminate Argenis. As Rey catches his breath, Fenix drop kicks Cuerno back off apron. Spinning corkscrew from Fenix to King as we get set for our fifth entrant. It’s Johnny Mundo and we see Rey staring him down. Johnny is a house of fire as he attacks Rey sending him into the corner but before he can kick Rey from the apron, Fenix swings Johnny around using his momentum to knock Rey down! Belly to belly suplex by Johnny gets a long two count on the champ. Both men trade covers until Johnny gets his foot on the ropes.

Joey Ryan enters the fray as number 6 but takes his time getting into the ring as Fenix gets another 2 count on Mundo. In one of the strangest things I’ve ever seen, Joey handcuffs himself to the barrier and tells the others to fight it out. Fenix springs over Mundo’s head and gets a swift kick by Cuerno. Apparently, he can’t be pinned while he’s out there but he can be annihilated which is what King Cuerno does with a sick kick. Inside the ring, Mundo gets another close two count onto Fenix. Famous B gives Joey his card lol! The first ever Lucha Underground Champion Prince Puma joins Aztec Warfare 2 as entrant number seven. He blocks a punch by Johnny, hits a kick on him, then springs into the ring and clotheslines Fenix. Cuerno tries some offense but ends up eating a Cutter for his efforts by Prince Puma. He nails a beautiful shooting star press onto his opponents from the top buckle onto the outside! A punch for the handcuffed Joey Ryan who talked smack to the exciting Puma. Cuerno counters when Puma gets back into the ring, driving him through the ropes.

The Dragon Slayer Jack Evans enters at number 8 but while he is making his entrance, Rey eliminates Cuerno with an armbar. Rey, Fenix and Puma all stomp on Mundo as Evans tries a leap off the rope only to eat nag as they dodge him easily. Reminds me of NBA Jam when if u missed a shot badly they called it an air ball. Now they put the boots to Jack as Mundo recovers on the outside. Mundo tried to join in the fun but got chopped for the attempt. An astonished Guru of Greatness is kicked out of the ring. Fenix is a human ladder as he allows Mysterio to splash Evans but Mundo pulls him out of the ring and they discuss an alliance as number nine is coming and to Johnny’s delight, it’s the vivacious and lovely Taya. Rey’s team exchanges blows with Johnny and his teammates. Puma runs towards Evans but he pulls the rope down and Puma falls out. Jumping kick off ropes to Rey Rey by Mundo as Taya cheers him on. They hold Rey as Johnny attacks but Cage is number 10!
Cage quickly takes out Taya and Johnny then clotheslines down Evans. The machine is running full speed baby! He launches Jack across the ring easily. Back from commercials and we see Cage just decimating Johnny’s band of rogues. He slams Taya on the floor as she jumps at him. Johnny finally takes him out with two kicks. Famous B is at it again, handing out his gold cards to fans while Johnny throws Cage through the window of Catrina’s office. I’m having flashbacks of HBK & Marty Jannetty and The Barber Shop with that massive mayhem! Mascarita Sagrada enters at number 11 to the fans delight. Mundo laughs but Sagrada takes down Fenix with spinning head scissors and Famous B looks impressed. Sagrada jumps at Johnny who catches him then lowers the boom with a cruel kick to the face. What The Shaman Of Sexy doesn’t know though is Cage got out of the window. He figures it put though when he turns around into a clothesline by a bleeding and enraged Machine. Weapon X on the floor and I think Johnny is seeing Tweety birds. He throws him back into the ring where Puma takes him out of the match with a standing shooting star press.

We are awaiting number 12 as Evans kicks Puma and Cage slams Taya on the apron. Here comes Marty The Moth and he looks proud of himself as he makes his way down the steps into the ring. He takes out Fenix and Evans with massive clotheslines then kicks Puma right in the face. After knocking Cage off the apron, Marty gets chopped by Sagrada but kicks him too and then gets kicked In the head by Evans who then gets backdropped. Drago enters as 13, my favorite number, and Evans looks like he’s seen a ghost. He leaps out of the ring but Drago clears him out with a kick. He tried to hit Evans with mist but Joey Ryan ate it instead when Jack ducked. Rey hits splash to Marty and both he and Sagrada eliminate The Moth. Drago flips Jack over barricade and onto floor. Number fourteen is The Mack but before he gets in the ring, he sees The Moth and makes Stone Cold proud with a picture perfect Stunner!

Cage and Mack facing off and the crowd is eating it up. Flying knee by Mack takes Cage off his feet. He gets up but misses his Discus Clothesline and Stunner to Cage! Fenix tosses Sagrada onto Ryan who is still handcuffed. Hey Joey, while we wait for fifteen to make their entrance u might want to find the key! Chavo makes his way down as Evans gets power bombed by Drago! Chavo rams Sagrada into the corner twice and flips him like an omelet then eliminates him with Camel Clutch. Rey went for 619 on Cage but Taya pulled a top down and Rey went down too. Mundo is still out there and after he breaks a cinder block over Cage’s head Taya removes Cage from the match. Fenix gets revenge for Cage though and eliminates her with a bridge as number 16 is Darkwolf PJ Black. He attacks Drago from behind and plants him on the seats then Evans and he attack but Drago lives and fights back. Backdrop to Evans and Drago launches Black into ringpost. Aerostar returns as number seventeen as Drago gets rolled back into the ring.

Black breaks up the pin as Drago kicked Evans gut first. Aerostar leaps from the top rope and plants both Evans and Black with boots to the chest. Evans kicks Aerostar but he hits massive powerbomb off top rope to eliminate Evans while Black takes Drago out with brainbuster at the same time. Number 18 is Rey’s student Dragon Azteca Jr who takes out Aerostar with flying kick then blocks all of Evans moves and puts him on the mat with jumping kick. He dumps Mack to the floor and springs onto him with hurricanrana. Azteca flies over the top buckle onto Mack, delighting Famous B. Texano is entrant nineteen which the fans love and he wants Chavo bad. He runs and flips to the outside, taking out his fellow competitors but Black hits double stomp on him for 2 count. Texano quickly eliminates him with a powerbomb then nails Rey in the corner with a blistering forearm. He attacks Chavo and here comes Mil as number 20.

Wait Pentagon Jr. is attacking Mil! He annihilates him with a chair to the throat. He follows it with a punt to the face as Catrina seethes and then tosses him into the ring. Rey hits a huge splash off the top buckle and both he and Puma cover Muertes to eliminate him! He chases Pentagon away and Catrina screams for Vampiro to get over to her. She tells him get out and slaps him! Wait why is the clock counting down?

It’s Dario Cueto! It’s his Temple and he’s in charge again. He announces the final man, his brother The Monster Matanza Cueto! All action has stopped as he gets in the ring. They all attack him and he throws them off easily. Fenix is dispatched with a powerslam. Mack flips him off and hits a Stunner but all it does is enrage him and he eliminates Mack with a German suplex into a bridge. Aerostar meets the same fate after a clothesline to the back of his head. Texano tries to choke him out but gets power bombed and he’s gone. He broke the steel barricade to release Joey then suplexes him three times to remove Joey from contention. Chavo on the outside attacks Rey and Azteca, throwing the student back into the ring. Azteca fights with everything he has and stuns the Monster with a kick off the ropes. He tries a sunset flip but even that doesn’t work. A vicious chokeslam ends Azteca’s run. Chavo wants a deal with Dario but he doesn’t see Dario tells his brother finish him with a standing shooting star press! Rey and Puma are hitting the big man with everything they’ve got but he runs them down, smashing them into each other then tossing Rey out. Suplexes ends Puma’s night then Rey almost was beheaded by a clothesline. Rey fights back with kicks to the head and a 619 but he got caught then hits another one! He jumps off the top buckle but The Monster defeats him with a spinning slam to become the new Lucha Underground Champion! Dario proclaims his brother the new champion as the show ends for tonight.

I had a feeling Aztec Warfare 2 wouldn’t let me down. The match which dominated the entire show tonight didn’t let me down. The first two competitors being Fenix and Rey made me stand up out of my seat. I loved when Cage took out Johnny and can’t wait to see him get his revenge soon. Just when we though the show was done, Dario brings his brother in and we now have a new champion. Just wow. I cannot wait to see if anyone can stop him or if he will just be the unstoppable force. Next week’s Lucha Underground gets kicked up a notch. The Monster has arrived.


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