Lucha Underground Quick Results
– Joey Ryan defeated Mascarita Sagrada via pin
– Gift of the Gods Title Match: Cage defeated Champion Chavo Guerrero via pin to become the new champion
– Lucha Underground Trios Title Match: Jack Evans, PJ Black and Johnny Mundo defeated Champions Rey Mysterio Jr. Dragon Azteca Jr and Prince Puma via pin to become the new champions

Welcome to the latest episode of Lucha Underground which is listed as called Enter the Mundo. In the recap, we see the story of how Joey Ryan and Castro were put in The Temple undercover. Next is how Team Havoc were given a bye to the finals of the Trios Tournament but unfortunately lost when due to Angelico being injured, had to defend the Trios Championships without him. Team Mysterio won and became the new champions. We also see where Chavo stole Cage’s medallion and won the Gift Of The Gods Championship, only to find out he has to defend that belt against Cage tonight.

Lucha Underground officially begins with Pentagon Jr and his master Vampiro talking. Pentagon says he is ready but Vampiro disagrees. He locks him in an armlock and says not to question him ever again. His student tells him he is not afraid. Vampiro smiles and says he is scared even though Pentagon says Zero Fear. Vampiro says he can go to The Temple but he is NOT ready to face The Monster yet.

We enter The Temple and Voodoo Glow Skulls is rocking the house as Striker and Vampiro welcome us and thank them for performing tonight. Striker says the Third Battalion is there and thanks them for their service. We head up to the ring where the gorgeous Melissa Santos is introducing Joey Ryan who is being sleazy with his oil and his trunks. Before she can introduce his opponent, Famous B takes the microphone and introduces Mascarita Sagrada to the crowd. Before he can finish though, Joey sneak attacks our favorite client of B’s and kicks him in the face. He backs him into the corner, kicking and choking him with his boot. While Joey is saving his lollipop for later in his trunks, Sagrada hits a dropkick to the knees then a hurricanrana on Joey. Somersault dive through the ropes by Sagrada! He climbs the buckle to jump onto the opponent but Ryan pushes his legs out from under him and he straddles the turnbuckle. He slaps him then offers Brenda his lollipop but when Famous B gives him his card, Brenda slaps it away and Mascarita takes advantage with a double stomp to the back. Joey tries to press slam B’s client but has trouble and puts him back down. He finally does but Sagrada hits fireman’s carry then moonsault for a two count. As Famous B distracts the ref by giving him a card, Mascarita tries to kick Joey low but instead hurts his foot as Ryan flexes triumphantly. He still gets a roll up for a two though but Joey comes out the winner with a tilt a whirl DDT. Famous B and Brenda are disappointed but help him up and tell him no big deal, you’ll get him next time.

Back from commercial break and we get a vignette about how good Taya is and how she and Johnny see the perfect woman. The text says Taya and how perfection has arrived. Following that, King Cuerno says for too long, someone sat upon their throne, like they were king of the jungle. He says its HIS jungle, then walks over to a glass case where Mil Muertes resides and bangs his fist on it.

Melissa introduces Chavo Guerrero and he comes to the ring wearing his title. He better enjoy that title because The Machine is gonna make him EARN it. Here comes Cage as well and we are ready for our first title match tonight. I love that the crowd is chanting Cage Is Gonna Kill You to Chavo. Chavo tries a kick right off the bat, but no no no says Cage and he flattens him with a clothesline. He Rams him face first into the top buckle then punishes him with EIGHTEEN short arm clotheslines. Standing on the apron, Cage lifts him by the throat but Chavo, the crafty veteran, hangs him up on the ropes breaking the hold. He jumps over the ropes, into the waiting arms of that massive man who slams him into the barricade, ringpost then the barricade once again. After slamming him back first into the post again, Cage rolls him back into the ring. Chavo forces Cage outside the ring with a tilt a whirl head scissors and follows that up with a suicide dive into The Machine from the ring to the floor. He kicks Cage and hangs him off the ropes for a DDT, allowing Chavo a near fall of two. Cage is nowhere near done though and flips our champion with his legs halfway across the ring.
Kick to the knee of the challenger but when he flies off the buckles, he gets caught and slammed viciously. Cage unsuccessful in his moonsault and this allows Chavo to hit beautiful dropkick for another two count. Chavo punishes Cage with a knee lock and then elbows him viciously when he tries to fight back. Chavo gets frustrated then when Cage puts him on the apron, Chavo gets rocked with a kick to the head. Cage superplexes Chavo over the ropes into the ring then hits a massive sitdown Alabama Slam for two. Man and I thought Hardcore Bob Holly did that move well. Cage gets rocked by a fantastic DDT for Chavo to get a two count. Cage blocks Chavo’s attack and hits wicked Discus clothesline, almost getting the win until Chavo gets his feet on the ropes. Cage goes for a superplex, unfortunately Chavo reverses it into a sunset flip powerbomb and follows that up with a perfect frog splash for a two count. Chavo hits two of his three suplexes until The Machine blocks the final one and powerbombs the champ twice. The second time is into the turnbuckle. Then Cage hits sitdown brainbuster and that’s all she wrote. Your winner and NEW Gift Of The Gods Champion they call him CAGE! He tosses Chavo from the ring then says Matanza I want to exchange the title for a match next week and he promises to walk out with the Lucha Underground Championship next week because he’s not a monster, he’s a Machine!

Taya leads Darewolf and Jack Evans into the back of the locker room where she shows them Fenix annihilated. When they ask why, Johnny says he’s their new partner now. They laugh and say they love the surprise then Johnny kicks Fenix and they all leave laughing. Back in Dario’s office, Joey Ryan is rummaging through the boss’s desk looking for evidence. Castro tells him that’s not how we do things. Castro helps him until Joey finds a lot of money in one of the drawers then starts filling his pockets. They’re caught by Mr. Cisco who is gonna tell Dario but Joey pulls a gun and tells him to freeze. Cisco tries to run until Castro outs him under arrest.

We go back to the ring where Darewolf, Mundo and Evans make their way to the ring. The Trios Champions are next to a huge ovation. Evans is running his mouth and then knees Dragon Azteca Jr. in the gut. He reverses a tackle on Jack with one of his own and follows it with a dropkick. Two chops double over Jack in the corner then Dragon hits jumping armdrag and a flying headscissors before Evans drops him throat first in the ropes. Dragon hit kick to knock Evans off apron then went to dive into him but Jack moved and Darewolf and Puma both tagged in. Darewolf almost gets a near fall then tags in Jack who hits diving kick to Puma in the tree of woe. Mundo tags in, hits a spinkick to Puma and tags back out, allowing Darewolf to hit double stomp and get a two count. Big back body drop onto Puma and Mundo gets another two count. Slam to Prince Puma and Evans wrecks him with a standing moonsault as he stands atop Puma but only gets a count of two. Darewolf PJ Black gets in but Puma takes both men out with neckbreakers before making the hot tag. Mr. 619 Rey Mysterio Jr gets into the match and he faces off with Johnny!

Rey takes him down with headscissors then tags in Puma and Azteca who pummel Johnny with kicks and legdrop as well as a flying flip before Evans breaks up the count. Puma tosses him to the floor and they try to attack Mundo but The Guru of Greatness tosses them into each other in the corner before tagging out to PJ. He hits a popup Cutter for near fall. Puma blasts him with a kick to the face then hits back kick to Mundo before Evans kicks Puma. Rey takes him out and then flips to the outside with Johnny still attached and puts Johnny face first into the apron. Flying headscissors by Dragon onto Mundo as Taya is enraged. Puma kicks PJ coming off the ropes then is floored by Jack with a flying dropkick. Puma blocked Evans attack then was going to jump from the top buckle but Evans kicked him until Puma hit both Evans and Black with headscissors. Rey hit a perfect 619 then Puma hit his splash but The Shaman Of Sexy yanked the ref out before Team Mysterio could secure the win. Rey got kicked below the belt by Johnny then he and Taya nailed double super kicks on the masked marvel. Back in the ring, Evans and Black hit double low blows on Puma and Azteca then another one on Puma just because they could and followed it with a brainbuster. Mundo almost won with The End Of The World but Puma kicked out at two and a half. He tagged in Azteca but with the ref distracted, Evans clobbered Azteca with a chair and rolled Mundo the other way to win the match. Team Mundo wins and is the new Trios Champions to end the episode.

I think this is one of the best episodes of Lucha Underground to date. The dirty bad guys standing tell at the end was pretty cool, especially after such an amazing Trios title match. Joey vs Sagrada was a really fun match to start off the night. My favorite match of the night was Chavo vs Cage. Such a great back and forth war between the two and the declaration by The Machine that he was fight Matanza next week was the icing on the cake. During the current episode, they always manage to hype up the next episodes and I love it. The crowd doesn’t hurt either and I always feel like I’m right there in The Temple. Can’t wait for Cage vs Matanza next episode. It’s so great to have something to watch during the summer when other shows are on break, especially something as fun, fresh and exciting as Lucha Underground.


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