Matt Striker Released From WWE 2013In a somewhat shocking move WWE announced on Thursday that Matt Striker’s tenure with WWE has come to an end.

The company announced that it has, “chosen to not renew Matt Striker’s contract. As of June 20, 2013, Striker is no longer be working with WWE.”

Striker, a long-time WWE employee since 2005, had most recently been used as an interviewer in backstage segments; but his time with the company began as an in-ring performer which was dramatically reduced in time.

Striker, real name Matthew Kaye, debuted in WWE following a controversy surrounding his use of sick days from his day job of teaching to tour in Japan. The angle would carry over to WWE, when in 2005 Striker appeared under the name Matt Martel in a series of challenges with Kurt Angle. Angle blew the whistle on Matt repeatedly during these appearances.

Striker would later adopt a gimmick of being a teacher. He would repeatedly appear in interview segments with a traditional chalkboard in the background. Eventually, he would move to ECW and enjoy his most popular run with the brand as part of the New Breed faction, squaring off with the ECW Originals. Striker would soon after move out of the ring, however, and become the manager of Big Daddy V aka .Mabel aka Viscera of Men on a Misson.

Following this brief stint, Striker moved to the announce position and became a color-analyst on ECW broadcasts. He would later move to Smackdown in a similar role, often incorporating WWE’s long history into his calls. He would stay in this position until 2011 when he was replaced by Booker T.

By this time, Striker became the host of NXT during its days as a competition-based show. He would also transition to backstage interviews, where he spent the vast majority of his time up until release.

PWinsider caught up with Matt Striker just a day after his release from WWE at Friday’s FWE Rumble 2 event in Corona, NY.

Striker admitted that he was “heartbroken” over is WWE release.

Matt Striker: “That was my dream job, I had no business being in the WWE for as long as I was there. I learned so much from all of them. I’ll always love wrestling. I’ll always love the WWE. They gave me a chance when no one else would.”

“I love this. I love what WWE does,” he said. “I love with Japan does. I don’t have much else in this world, I never have. The one thing that gave me passion was wrestling and the WWE. Now, I have to find something else to fill that void.”

You can watch the video below:

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