mickie jamesFormer WWE Diva and current TNA Knocut Mickie James recently did a interview with Fighters Magazine. During the interview, she talked about the TNA UNK Tour, upcoming EP, and wrestling career.

Here’s some highlights from the Mickie James interview:

Mickie James on whether she’s still learning: “The day I stop learning in the ring is the day I should quit. You learn every day you go out there; there is always something to learn. That was something that was told to me a long time ago from one of the greats, Rickie Steamboat, he said ‘you will never stop learning.’ It has proved to be true. There have been times I’ve gone out there and completely by accident gone ‘Oh… that wasn’t what I intended, but that was pretty cool’ or, of course, there have been times that it hasn’t worked at all, which is another learning experience. But it’s fun, especially when you get to interact with their styles. It can sometimes evolve into something awesome…that I’ll steal and use on TV, I mean what? [laughs] no I’m just kidding.”

Mickie James on who’s been influential on her career: “There are tons of people. Men and women alike. Obviously the stars that I idolized growing up: the Sensational Sherri’s, the Ricky Steamboat’s, the Randy Savage’s, they were my all time favorites along with Shawn Michaels. To actually get to meet some of those people and learn from them, and their stories, picking their brain for a little bit of advice, that is a true honor. To meet your idols, and to have them praise you and tell you to keep at it…it’s pretty awesome to be able to do that. Of course there are people who have never been on television, we just kind of grew up together in the wrestling circuit that helped me along, in those early breaking matches that were…just god awful. I mean there are some I will go back and watch through my fingers because they are just so bad.”

Mickie James on the current TNA Knockouts division: “Well, there’s a lack of Mickie James. It’s cool, change is always inevitable and its part of the growing curve of the industry. With change comes new adversary’s and storylines and character development. Who knows what’s next.”

Music career: “I released my first album in 2010, and went back in the studio earlier this year to record an E.P of six songs. But we’ve kind of been picked up, so we’re in the process of just going back into the studio to finish the album, we’ll release a single later this year and January for the album. I’ve just signed with E1 music, and have them behind me and supporting me in this whole thing, you know…I’m starting to see the light, you know what I mean? I can see it starting to come into fruition. It’s just been constant working at it, and it’s obviously still baby steps, but this new album is slammin’. Even I can sit back and listen to it and go ‘wow’ this is awesome. From the musicians, to the producers, we have some of the best players in the world, it’s going to be awesome and I can’t wait to share it with everybody. I know I’m a country girl, but this is southern rockin’ country… I just hope that people love it. So hopefully that should be out in January, and we’re looking to coincide with the TNA tour when we come back. Who knows, I might do a CD release party when I’m back over here. We’re in talks to try and work all those things out…I’m just really excited about it.”

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