Full Credit: Wrestling Observer Newsletter
You know as I was watching the Royal Rumble PPV and saw that it came down to Chris Jericho & Sheamus, I said to myself yes, Jericho is finally going to win a Royal Rumble! Something Jericho has never accomplished in the WWE. Then it would turn out Sheamus would win the Royal Rumble. This move really had me scratching my head and in shock as I truly believed it should have been the other way around as that’s what my gut was telling me. According to the Wrestling Observer it turns out Chris Jericho was indeed suppose to win the Royal Rumble Match, that was until Triple H got involved. See Triple H nowadays is working at WWE headquarters Stamford, Connecticut as the Executive Vice President Talent. It’s in this position where he also serves as director and producer of the creative direction and story lines of WWE’s programming. It was his decision to have his good friend Sheamus win the Royal Rumble but it wasn’t finalized until it got down to the wire of the PPV event.

they’ve been close to one another since Sheamus was called up from the training facility summer of 2009. While giving a interview to Power Slam, he acknowledged The Great White as one of the wrestlers he felt had great potential.

Triple H said, “The closest to me is probably Sheamus, because we always train together on the road. But I try to watch all the young guys’ matches and give them advice, if they want to hear it. If they take advice to heart and really want to improve, then I’m wanting to help. As for seeing some of myself in someone? That’s tough. Sheamus just the other day showed up at a show he didn’t have to be at. He does whatever he’s asked to do without complaining, he goes to every show and is always wanting to work: he does it all, goes above and beyond. That’s what I was like.”

Should be noted that since the PPV was in Randy Orton’s hometown of St. Louis, Missouri he was originally going to win the Royal Rumble but then came the idea of Jericho winning for the sole purpose of putting him in the position to face CM Punk at WrestleMania 28.

WWE officials contemplated sometime last week with the idea of having John Cena win the Royal Rumble match due to the stipulation that “everyone was eligible” for the Rumble. He would have been in a position storyline wise to either face face the WWE or World heavyweight champion in the main event at WrestleMaina or give up the title shot to face The Rock.

Personally I don’t have anything against Sheamus but Jericho would have been an interesting choice to go with. I know Jericho is at the point in his career where like Shawn Michaels he wants to help get over the next generation of up & coming wrestlers. However, this would have been a great way to solidify his legacy in the WWE. I fear that Triple H made this decision out of loyalty to his friends. He’s let it be known in the past that he never has really seen Jericho as championship material. I’ll probably get heat for saying this but it is just a matter of opinion folks. Check out Chris Jericho’s DVD and you’ll notice that Triple H doesn’t appear to say anything about Jericho nor did Stephanie McMahon. Vince McMahon appeared to briefly say something about Jericho. If WWE isn’t careful in really utilizing Chris Jericho, he may take a hiatus and never come back to the WWE.