abc vs prospect parkSo over the weekend I wrote a freestyle article about One Life To Live losing three of it’s long time actors in Roger Howarth (Todd Manning), Michael Easton (John McBain), and Kristen Alderson (Starr Manning) to General Hospital after failed negotiations between ABC/Disney & Prospect Park.

Many were vocal on the article saying it was poorly written, I didn’t know what I was talking about as this case between Prospect Park & ABC/Disney is going. Some comments on the article was downright silly & petty as people wanted me to name sources, links, the works! I don’t consider myself to be an expert when it comes to reporting soap news. If you’ve taken a hard look at the website then you know the strength of our coverage is in pro wrestling, movie & music news. I sat down to write the piece of the OLTL three as a way to vent my frustration on both camps not finding resolution. As someone who has been an artist for almost 30 years I know all too well what it can be like to make characters that are eye catching and profitable. I myself have been at the receiving end of a bad deal in loaning my creations to others and as result I’ve made sure there’s an ironclad contract that protects my rights in all businesses I embark.

Some folks even thought I was siding with ABC over the matter. Talking as if they’ve known me for many years as they read each line of my article without an open mind and just ran with their first emotions. If you go back and you read between the lines I never choose a side, I just spoke of the situation as a casual watcher of soaps. Yes ladies, there are heterosexual guys out there who watch soaps and if they say they don’t, consider them a liar. Or better yet ask them what’s WWE Monday Night Raw or TNA Impact Wrestling. They may say pro wrestling but cut through all the matches and you got yourself a male soap opera. All that in mind let’s for the sake of this article talk about things from Prospect Park’s side since many felt the last article was too team “ABC/Disney”.

According to, an insider close to the negotiations between ABC.Disney and Prospect Park revealed that PP tried to work out a deal to share the Todd Manning, Starr Manning, John McBain characters with them. According to a high-level executive familiar with the negotiations, Prospect Park only wanted Alderson to come back to the One Life To Live reboot to work one week and then return to General Hospital. Michael Easton on the other hand the wanted for almost a month but afterwards he’d be free to return to GH. Prospect Park wanted Roger Howarth for the same length of time as Easton but he too would return to GH once production was complete.

Keeping all this in mind one has to wonder, with Prospect Park being willing to work with ABC/Disney as they are aware of how vital the OLTL characters have become on GH, why is ABC/Disney coming off as though they are giving a cold shoulder? Especially since back in 2011 when ABC licensed the shows to Prospect Park as they stand to make a profit if the reboots become successful online? For those that like crunching numbers, ABC is making a $8.5 million profit in licensing All My Children & One Life To Live to Prospect Park. Doesn’t sound wrong to do a character crossover right? I mean after all everyone wins by the sound of things, especially in the money department. To add more ‘WTF’ to the mix is Prospect Park can’t even use the original URL’s at or to place episodes and continue marketing as ABC hasn’t released them. As it stands you get redirected to ABC’s home page.

Let me make my point perfectly clear folks on this “side” I’m on so the record is straight. I grew up watching All My Children, One Life To Live, General Hospital, Port Charles, As The World Turns, Days of Our Lives, Guiding Light, Young In The Restless, hell even Spanish soaps such as El Premio Mayor! As I got older my taste narrowed down to One Life To Live. Like many fans of soaps I was heartbroken when ABC decided they would drop All My Children & One Life To Live. Very early on my radio shows I would plug them and try to get folks to check them out. ABC wants to move in a different direction with daytime Television and part of the equation isn’t soaps. They try to throw statistics out there to back up why they decided to can great shows people love which I think is absolute capitol B.S. To see a company like Prospect Park come along and want to keep the soaps alive by taking them online is a great & innovative concept and I support Prospect Park’s vision & passion to want to save some of our favorite shows.

Honestly, I truly believe that with companies like Prospect Park, the future of daytime soaps never looked brighter as soon OLTL & AMC episodes will they be made available on laptops, smartphones, tablets, etc. Don’t think we’re at the point where they can be purchased on ITunes and Amazon but I know that time will come under the right terms where everyone, including the actors will get a cut of the profits. I don’t support ABC for turning its back on shows that’s proved for years, decades to be loyal & bring in numbers and sponsors day by day. It’s funny thinking about the petitions that was out way back when to keep the shows on the air as ABC turned a blind eye and yet when it comes time for Prospect Park to not even take back what’s theirs but instead ask for a loan do they find trouble. We can go back & fourth on who did what to who and speculate on who’s the bad guy but let’s be for real, General Hospital, ABC/Disney can’t deny that Roger Howarth & Michael Easton have been a great addition to GH as the show has seen some of it’s best writing in years with a strong cast that magnified with them on board. I don’t blame the actors one bit if they were against not wanting to drag their family along to another state to gamble on a reboot that hasn’t proved to be profitable & successful yet. I don’t see them as bad guys in any way as contrary I think they most likely were willing to help Prospect Park until ABC froze them. At the same time I do see them eventually working with companies like Prospect Park as the future of daytime soaps is moving away from basic TV.

While sipping a cup of coffee earlier today I read in the Express paper that some people are fed up with 100-plus channels and don’t like timing their lives around a network’s show schedules. They are also tired of paying $100-plus monthly for cable that honestly doesn’t show anything worth watching. “Zero TV” is how Nielsen Co. is labeling these types of folks who are either watching programs online for free, Netflix or Hulu. There are about 5 million-plus “Zero TV” residence in the U.S., up from 2 million in 2007. The way we’re going about getting entertainment is changing drastically and as funny as it may sound, I do respect ABC/Disney wanting to move forward, just not the way they’ve started it so far. Passionate fans of daytime soap may never forgive ABC/Disney for removing their beloved shows. Personally I like to look at things on a bigger spectrum. Prospect Park may prove to be most profitable & successful with the right people behind it and although we had a false start for One Life To Live & All My Children last year, this time around it seems as though everything is coming together well. I may not like the fact that two of my favorite OLTL actors won’t be returning to reprise their roles but I will support the new cast, writers and everyone else involved. I’m glad they all have jobs in what’s still a rough economy as it’s always nice to see an old familiar face at the end of a long, hard day. Almost like visiting a distant family, a family I’ve known for years that’s taught me many things in life. One of those is loyalty.

I know where my loyalty is…do you?
And no that’s not a question of where your loyalty lies in what show.
It’s in general but you already knew that…

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Imho I think ABC/Disney does not want to work with Prospect Park. They do not want to lose viewers to on line soaps. They fear the future of GH if they support PP. Let’s face it ABC/Disney found out the hard way they made a BIG mistake when they canceled AMC & OLTL the crap they put in it’s place was so poorly received.

I agree and I also think that GH should’ve bought the naming rights to Todd, Starr and John as soon as PP announced that they weren’t going to relaunch AMC and OLTL last year as originally planned! But hindsight is 20/20.

ABC/Disney has made no secret of their wish to stop airing of soap operas. We heterosexual males are happy that the OLTL production team saved GH from the piece of trash ABC/D had made it, presumably as a prelude to axing the show. I’m rooting for the Prospect Park reboots and am simply grateful that “the GH3” will be appearing on any screen no matter what their characters are named. Surely the executives at ABC/D realize the cancellations of OLTL and AMC were egregious errors on their part, alienating the majority of folk who watch weekday daytime television. Agreed that the future of serialized, scripted drama appears to be the internet and await April 29 eagerly.

LOVE IT!! Thank you!! I just need to add one thing, they will be available on iTunes starting on the 29th 🙂 They already have a free video on there for you to watch!! I am so excited, the 29th feels like it will never get here!!
Long live AMC & OLTL!

I am very upset about Roger Howarth, Michael Easton and Kristen Alderson coming back as different characters. It’s going to be too far-fetched, outrageous and downright awkward. All of a sudden, three lookalikes are going to show up. What about Carly, Michael and Sam — the characters Todd, McBain and Starr were involved with? It’s just too far out!

ABC can afford to work out a deal with Prospect Park so the fans and actors don’t suffer!

they never announced they weren’t going to relaunch AMC & OLTL, they Suspended it. ABC knew they still had til Jan. to get these shows up and running, and yet they still signed these actors to contracts!! PP paid MILLIONS of dollars for the rights to the OLTL characters, they stand to make 8.5 million from PP when the shows air, PP was willing to share these characters but ABC screwed them! ABC is done in my house!! I am one of the hundred of thousands of OLTL viewers who supported GH because our peeps were on there, to help with their ratings. well my OLTL peeps are not on there anymore!!

I was looking on I tunes what was it under?
I was unable to find anything

To each their own. I watched all 3 Soaps on ABC (AMC,OLTL and GH) but GH was always my favorite closely followed by OLTL.

well, just get OLTL back on Soapnet, so us that want to be included in our loved soaps can…

SoapNet won’t be on forever/much longer. It was already canceled by its owner (Disney) and the cable companies it still airs on are still in some kind of contract negotiations with them over its replacement Disney Jr. Once those are in place it is gone.

I really hope it does all work out for these three actors. I will continue to support ALL the soaps as well. But I do feel as though this situation is happening due to ABC/D – not PP.