WWE 2 time Hall of Famer Ric Flair continues making negative headlines as earlier this week when cops were dispatched to his home. According to a report from The New York Daily News, Ric Flair was the one who called the police to his home to help deal with his wife who assaulted him. Both parties were not arrested or hospitalized due to this incident.

Jacqueline-Beems-Mugshot- wife of RIC FLAIR

Jacqueline Beems has had a checkered past when it comes to headlines as back in March of this year she was arrested and charged with DWI (Driving While Intoxicated) & reckless driving. Before that, back in 2010 Jacqueline Beems was arrested and charged assault after punching Flair in the face at their residence. Should be noted that the charges were later dropped.

Ric Flair, In May 2012, Flair tried to have his TNA contract terminated, which led to TNA filing a lawsuit against WWE for contract tampering and eventually firing Flair on May 11, 2012 after he no showed tv tapings and house shows. Flair quietly would inform friends and family that he was done working for the TNA promotion and not coming back.

A warrant was issued for Ric Flair’s arrest last year for being held in contempt of court for violating terms of his settlement with Highspots. This stemmed from a lawsuit Highspots filed against “The Nature Boy” in 2010 alleging that he never repaid $35,000 they loaned him. Highspots also claimed that Ric Flair had given them the NWA World Heavyweight Championship belt as collateral. If Flair failed to comply he could potentially faced 90 days in jail. This would be concluded June of last year as Highspots revealed in a official statement that someone came fourth and paid for Flair’s debts.
Flair’s checkered past doesn’t stop there as just following his TNA Wrestling debut in 2010, his former employer, Ring of Honor filed a lawsuit in 2010 alleging that he owed them more than $40,000 and that he not kept his contractual obligations to the company such as appearances at several events. At this time it’s not known if ROH Wrestling will continue seeking legal action against Ric Flair as they were purchased by Sinclair Broadcasting Group.

The Ric Flair dysfunctional voyage has been cruising it seems throughout his entire life but what many have wondered is if “The Nature Boy” can possibly change his ways. Unfortunately by the looks of things it doesn’t seem that way. At age 63 you would think by now Mr. Flair would’ve grown tired of acting juvenile after over four decades but he shows no signs of wearing down. I’ve always been taught to respect my elders growing up but it seems like the more & more I hear about Flair’s latest shenanigans, I end up losing more & more respect. I’ve always heard growing up from my mother and older folks “old fools use to be young fools”. That might be true in most cases but for Ric Flair I feel he’s in a category of his own and I think many would agree.

I said it on my radio show couple weeks ago, I don’t care how bad you may hate an employer, you want to make sure that you leave on good terms. Cant stress this enough for an employer who’s willing to bend the rules to help you out from time to time and actually show that they give a damn. If you’re in that position where you feel it’s time to move on to bigger and better things then honor your contract, meet all contractual appearances. If it’s beginning to become cumbersome than professionally ask to be released from your contract while still meeting all your contractual obligations. It’s always good to leave an employer I feel on good terms as you’re never really sure if you might have to go back to them again. Unless they’ve made your life miserable, unbearable, provided an unfriendly, unsafe working environment, then I can understand completely for behaving in a way where one doesn’t give notice and just no calls/no shows because they’ve head enough and/or they’ve found a new employer. TNA has done so much for this man over the years as they’ve paid his bar tabs, hotel expenses, did damage control every time he was running around business establishments TNA had relations with and acted a fool. Wrestlers who idolized him growing up found out very fast that he wasn’t exactly one of the types to be around as he doesn’t know how to turn off “The Nature Boy” persona. From what I’ve heard over the years this can be a serious problem for a wrestler and his family and can always lead into serious problems. Just look at what’s been happening with Mr. Flair as example. Whatever drama he’s involved in always seems to make it’s way to those he works with and his family.

If I were to offer advice to this hall of famer, I would say first and foremost I am in no way perfect. I don’t pretend to be and will never claim to be but he from what I’ve heard of this man he needs serious help. After two failed marriages where he claimed he was being abused or assaulted and now what’s going on in his third marriage, maybe it’s time for Ric to take a step back and reevaluate his life or what little is left. Now is the time for him to really start making peace with himself and make things right for those he’s hurt professional and personally. Enjoy what time is left on this Earth and play with your grandchildren, be a better husband and a better citizen to his community. If I could speak to the legend I’d suggest strongly that he considers getting a divorce and use the time to be alone and get his house in order. Seek guidance from a psychiatrist and build a support system to help you make the transition of not being Ric Flair anymore. There’s nothing else for you to prove Ric, you are and probably will always remain the man for many wrestling fans, it’s okay to hang up the boots. No one will ever try to replace you because everyone has to much respect for you. If you truly want to continue being involved in the wrestling business then stay behind the scenes, help younger talent perfect their craft. That’s all you can do at this point as unfortunately you’re no longer 25 years old, you’re an aging legend who in a lot of fans eyes want to see go out on a high note. You’ve had that moment when you faced Shawn Michaels at WrestleMania 2004 and got a proper sendoff the following night on Raw. You decided to let greed get the best of you and things haven’t gone well past few years. Now that it looks as if you’re possibly going back to the WWE, now’s the time to make things right and rewrite your legacy. You have another opportunity to put the bookmark on a legendary career. Stop making history repeat itself and learn from past mistakes and make right what once was wrong.

Or Ric Flair, you can continue going down the spiral, loose everything, on top of energy drink commercials you do tv spots for MetLife, AARP, Walmart, loose everything, including what friends you have left and respect and end up looking like this:

Choice is yours…