robert plantToday marks the birthday of former Led Zeppelin singer turned solo artist Robert Plant who turns 64 years old. It’s only serves right to take a retrospective look on his musical career as I’d like to share with you my personal experience of Plant’s music and how much it’s meant to me over the years.

First off I’ve been a fan of Robert Plant for almost 15 years but beyond that as I can recall as a kid grooving to Kashmir and Whole Lotta Love. I have collected all of Robert Plant’s music when he was in Led Zeppelin and all his solo albums and one of the main things that stands out to me is each time Robert Plant does a album it’s never the same. This would prove to be more dominate in his later years as he switched gears from rock to folks/bluegrass but with a modern twist. There’s no doubt that when Robert Plant takes the stage he commands it as he is no doubt one of the greatest frontman of all time. Whether it’s the occasional howl or the catchy baby baby thrown into the song or his dark & mystical songwriting, Plant has always captured the hearts and minds of many as it’s transcended generations.


I was born in 1980 just several weeks shy of being able to lay claim that I was born in the Led Zeppelin era as drummer John Bonham passed tragically that’s still felt to this day as many wonder if Led Zeppelin would still be around today if he didn’t pass. No doubt in my mind they probably would’ve stayed together but I’m not so sure it would’ve been as long as Aerosmith or Rolling Stones. I think they would’ve separated kind of like the Dave Mathews Band in working on our projects when not in the studio together. I think with each Zeppelin album after In Through The Out Door would’ve seen more and more gaps between the years. Of course this is just my opinion and I could be wrong but that’s just the vibe I get when reflecting back on Zeppelin as they seemed to push the creative enevelope with each album. Jimmy Page would probably be more active as a guitarist today while waiting to reform Zeppelin as he’d probably form a new band or still embark on a solo career. Many hardcore Zeppelin fans hold their breaths waiting for the day that Robert Plant, Jimmy Page, John Paul Jones, Jason Bonham, (son of John bonham) will reform one last time and not only tour but put out a new album. Personally, I’ve come to accept reality that this day will never come as Plant has moved on to a new phase in his career and as he’s stated in several interviews over the years he doesn’t want to be going out on tour like the Rolling Stones and be a jukebox always playing the classics. Many can respect Plant’s philosophy on this as we’ve seen bands that have been touring for decades still pushing songs from yesterday and aren’t even putting out a new album or other bands relying so heavily on their classic songs that made them famous with the fear of putting out new material in fear of perhaps poor sales. Good example of this is Foreigner and Journey who have copycat singers that can bellow high notes just as the original singers to play the hits but hardly enough new material. Honestly folks I wouldn’t want to see the mighty Led Zeppelin accepting gigs for weddings, birthday parties, cruise ships as this would come off tacky and desperate. Now a Led Zeppelin Rock Band, Guitar Hero game I’d pay hundreds for to be able to jam like Page while my best friend does vocals. That would be a smart investment but that’s a topic for another time.


I can remember the anticipation I had early back in 2011 when I got to go to Constitution Hall in Washington, DC to see Robert Plant in concert with Band of Joy and how much of an experience it was. Here I was finally able to see one of my idols I grew up idolizing right before my very eyes. Although father time had caught up to him it did kindly as he still had that pretty long and curly hair. It was an amazing night where race, gender, age had no boundaries as everyone came to see this legend. I walked away from this concert coming out respecting the man even more as the passion for his music grew enormously. Truly a night and moment in time that I’ll always have with me as it was my first concert. For four decades now Robert Plant has continued to give us music that knows no boundaries. Here now is my personal favorite albums of the singers career which should be in everyone’s collection.


Robert Plant Pictures At ElevenRobert Plant: 1982 Pictures At Eleven

Everything begins with this album as it’s the first solo album from Plant. Genesis drummer and singer Phil Collins helped out on drums for a majority of this album which I thought was pretty bad ass. This album pulls you in from the moment you hear “Burning Down One Side”, “Moonlight In Samosa”, “Slow Dancer”, “Like I’ve Never Been Gone Before”. A milestone of an album as it’s Plant’s first album post Led Zeppelin after the tragic & untimely death of Zeppelin drummer John Bonham. Truly a masterpiece and a must have as I recommend this album to be a good starting point.

Robert Plant Fate of NationsRobert Plant: 1993 Fate Of Nations

Robert Plant’s sixth studio album Fate of Nations was hands down one of the best albums to come out of the 90’s as this album would mark his last studio album before 2002’s Dreamland. This album featured Cutting Crew guitarist Scott MacMichael that featured some of Plant’s strongest work as many recognized this album as Plant embracing his Led Zeppelin roots. There was a period between albums he experimented with synthesizers, pop music as Plant tried to stay clear of what made him a great singer in the first place. Here on this album and after coming to full circle of his career when in Led Zeppelin, we found Plant return with powerful songs such as “Calling To You”, “Come Into My Life”, “29 Palms”, “Colours Of A Shade”. Robert Plant said it best when he said the following about approaching this album:

“From the very beginning of this project, around January 1991, right after the Manic Nirvana tour, I knew what I was going to do: go back into my past, listening to [Moby] Grape, the [Jefferson] Airplane, Tim Hardin, Quicksilver, Traffic, and other turning-point artists in rock. These people were trying to tell the listener something, joining various traditions, with the sense of a quest being insinuated and bandied in their acoustic and electronic themes. I’m also proud of what I’ve attempted to do lyrically [on the album], trying to tell vivid tales that come from a hearty tradition of prose”.


Jimmy Page & Robert Plant Walking To ClarksdaleRobert Plant & Jimmy Page: 1998 Walking To Clarksdale

After a successful reunion with Jimmy Page for the No Quarter live album, it seemed only right that Page and Plant would reunite again this time doing all new material. This album to me has sentimental value because it’s as close to Led Zeppelin that we’ll ever get as far as new material. This album unfortunately sell well in North America which boggles my mind to this very day. This album rocked from the opening track “Shinning In The Light” to “Most high”, “Burning Up”, and my personal favorite track “Whiskey From The Glass” ( good luck finding the Japanese import of this album as it includes “Whiskey From The Glass”). I don’t think there was enough strong advertising and campaigning for this album as Robert Plant and Jimmy Page went on a rigorous tour promoting this album. Very unfortunate that things didn’t go well as it would be the last collaboration we’d get from Page and Plant of new material.

Robert Plant DreamlandRobert Plant: 2002 Dreamland

Many look upon this as the comeback album of Robert Plant even though he really didn’t go anywhere. He was always going on tour and performing. This album in a sense to me stood out more as Plant letting us know that he was still around and better than ever. This album was largely successful due in part to Plant taping into some of the greatest musicians musicians around the world come to be known as the Strange Sensation as he experimented with mainly blues songs but there was also rock songs as well. Really great cover songs that sound as if Plant wrote them as he gives heartfelt renditions of Bob Dylan’s “One More Cup Of Coffee”, “Darkness Darkness”, “Hey Joe”.


Robert Plant & Allison Krauss Raising SandRobert Plant & Allison Krauss:2007 Raising Sand

Raising Sand is a collaboration album by rock singer Robert Plant and bluegrasscountry singer Alison Krauss. Raising Sand won Album of the Year at the 2009 Grammy Awards. Trust me when I say that by the time you get down listening to this album you’ll really be in love with Plant’s sultry voice as he beautifully complements Krauss and also ponder why another album hasn’t happen between the two.



Hopefully you will find these albums to be a great addition to your collection and you too will want to backtrack getting his entire catalog. For more content try going to Robert Plant’s website by clicking here