ROH Wrestling TV Results as seen on MyTV Pittsburgh 7/14/12

ROH Wrestling TV Brought to you by JD Byrider! Then the standard opening… ROH Road Rage Edition, introductions by Kevin Kelly, and Nigel McGuiness. From the Hammerstein Ballroom in New York City.
Triple Threat match from the iPPV, also clips from Richards vs Steen.
Fit Finlay vs Michael Elgin to be shown, segues into Truth Martini backstage, in front of the steel cage, with Unbreakable. Roderick Strong interrupts, calling Elgin “porky” and saying he already beat Finlay.
Elgin says he doesn’t want anyone out there tonight, then leaves the area, and we see Finlay coming out to the ring. (Interspersing iPPV and backstage stuff?)
“Fit” Finlay is greeted by Japanese style streamers. Elgin out without Martini (“You can’t handle the Truth!”), and with a long black leather jacket (without sleeves). It’s from Best in the World, and Finlay is “older and wiser” says Kevin Kelly. Kelly also questions if Finlay fought anyone as strong as Elgin? Really?
Elgin shakes hands, following the Code of Honor.
Weird, there’s a big “yes, yes, yes” chant in the background. What’s up with that?
Collar and Elbow tie ups to begin. Finlay pushes Elgin back. Slow start. Good size matchup between the two. Clean break after Finlay backs Elgin up. Kelly talks up the opportunity for Elgin. Finlay gets Elgin down, but both up quick. Finlay gets a side headlock, breaks on the ropes.
Finlay with a single-leg takedown.
It’s a wrestling match!
Finlay works Elgin’s leg, but Elgin back up with a forearm. They stand around a bit, but I like the methodical work of the match. Finlay breaks Elgin down, kicks Elgin down. Elgin getting mad. Another take-down, form a leg trip. Finlay rides him. But both up. Finlay working the arm. Finlay eats a forearm, but takes Elgin down again. Finlay with a chinlock, but Elgin gets up, but is taken back down.
Elgin throws some blows, but Finlay catches Elgin with a single-leg.
The crowd shows a little restlessness at the ten minute past the hour mark, but his is a solid match. Finlay works the leg, with both prone. But after a one count, both are up.
Finlay shoots a slap in. Elgin takes Finlay to the near corner, hits some shoulders, but Finlay gets the takedown again, and continues to work the leg.
ROH to Milwaukee, Winston Salem, Spartansburg, Baltimore, Providence in upcoming weeks.
Both up, Elgin gets behind, but Finlay reverses and takes him down again.
Finlay works a wrist-lock until Elgin gets to the ropes. Kelly & McGuiness talk up the mental pressure on Elgin. Both guys are up, staring at each other. They circle as we go to a break.
Death Before Dishonor X, from Chicago Ridge, September 15th.
Matches to be announced, but Corino interviews Steen & Jacobs. Steen hypes his defense.
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ROH Wrestling TV back, and both guys are getting up. Irish whip reversed by Finlay and back. Finlay sells. Elgin is assaulting with clotheslines into the corner. Finlay on all fours. Elgin kicks Finlay. Elgin muscles into a vertical suplex for a little more than a two count.
Finlay sells. Elgin up.
Elgin tries a powerbomb, but gets sunset flipped.
Elgin with a double mule kick as Finlay walks to the corner. Elgin to the top of the corner, but Finlay dumps him out of the ring. Finlay waits, Elgin sells his knee. Finlay comes out, picks Elgin up and rolls him into the ring. Finlay does a rolling Samoan Drop (to confuse ethnic holds). Finlay hits the Celtic Cross (or the Emerald Frosien if you’re into original hold names).
Finlay doesn’t go for a pin!
Finlay struggles to pick Elgin up. Looks like a tombstone, but Elgin escapes. Elgin with a backfist, and a muscle bomb, then a spinning powerbomb and it’s a 1-2-3.
Truth Martini comes running out to celebrate, while both Elgin and Finlay are selling the match. Kelly insults horses’ rears everywhere, and admits it. Both guys are still selling, and Elgin now sees Martini. Elgin sells his head, and get’s his arms raised. Finlay closes in, selling, and shows respect, offering his hand.
Martini says no way, but Elgin shakes Finlay’s hand.
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Kevin Kelly and Nigel McGuinness back, talking up Steen vs Richards II.
Showing Briscoes vs Guardians of Truth. Truth Martini intro’s his mystery team. Briscoes – one of them has a bald head, the other not, both with beards. It’s shades of Doom, with big guys with black masks. The Guardians on the attack. Clips of the match and the action. Briscoes with the Doomsday device setup, but a rollup gets the 1-2-3.
Martini distracts the Briscoes but the Guardians of Truth take advantage and hit a double-flap-jack on the bald Briscoe brother. Kelly says we don’t know who they are, but most internet reports that take information from Dave Meltzer suggest that these are the Headbangers.
Up next …. The triple-threat match.
ROH promos for upcoming events.
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We’re back for the triple threat ROH World TV Championship. Tomasso Ciampa (with Mia Lim, Prince Nana and The Barrister (who looks amazingly like MMA Archie) vs. Jay Lethal vs. Roderick Strong (Champion, with Truth Martini).
Streamers galore.
Ciampa goes after Jay Lethal. Ciampa is sporting a blond beard. Jay Lethal sporting a wild “afro” with a top knot. Lethal starts to take over on Ciampa, after some out of the ring action. Now Strong takes over on Ciampa. Now Lethal goes after Strong, throwing him out of the ring. Ciampa now going after Lethal. Lethal hits the ropes, then hits a tope on Strong.
Princess Mia superkicks Lethal.
Running knee by Ciampa on Lethal. And again. And again.
Strong throws Ciampa on the top rope, gut buster style.
Strong attacks Lethal, Irish Whip to the corner, knee into Lethal. Strong all over Lethal, but Lethal comes back, then Strong reverses things until Ciampa attacks him. Ciampa with a couple suplex and a couple of two counts.
Now, it’s Ciampa and Lethal again. Apparently there’s a game plan, as “you know the game plan” is shouted out. Ciampa working over Lethal, clothesline into the corner on Jay. Ciampa sets up the running knee, but eats a kick. Strong tosses Ciampa over the top, and stomps on Jay Lethal.
Break…. Death Before Dishonor X promos…. matches still to be announced.
House of Truth talk things up. Martini speaks of a ‘cohesive unit’. Roderick Strong still has the TV Title. Elgin questions if he will still have it. There’s something to this on various levels.
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Back to the triple threat, rejoined. Roderick Strong with a facelock on Jay lethal. Lethal gets the fans behind him, and escapes, but Strong hits a big drop-kick for a two count. Ciampa gets knocked down. Strong works on Lethal, but Lethal is up with chops. Now it’s a chop-fest with Ciampa back in the ring on the receiving end. Lethal a house of fire. Lethal with an elbow off the handspring, then a Lethal Combination on Ciampa, but not quite two. Ciampa runs into Strong, Lethal wipes out Ciampa, then puts a figure four leglock on Strong, then simultaneously a cravat-submission on Ciampa.
It gets broken up.
Lethal runs into a kick, then an enzui-giri by Strong. Two count on Lethal, by Strong.
Ciampa to the ropes. He hits Lethal and knocks him down. Ciampa to the top of the corner. Big elbow from Ciampa on Lethal. Ciampa looks for Project Ciampa, but kneestrick save by Strong. Lethal takes Ciampa to the corner, goes for a superplex. Ciampa knocks him down. Strong runs up for the same, on Ciampa. Strong hits the superplex.
Jay Lethal up on the corner, hits the “Randy Savage Style” elbow. Two count on Ciampa, by Lethal, after that move.
Lethal charges, but goes over the top rope. Martini tries a book shot, but Lethal ducks, clobbers him, and gets tied up with the Embassy. Nana runs around, and undercuts Ciampa when he nearly had Strong with Project Ciampa. Ciampa eliminated with a sit down/rollup by Strong. Strong immediately hits the double knees on Lethal, and gets the pin.
Strong still the TV Champ.
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It’s ten of the hour.
Back to Best of the World, and Kevin Kelly and Nigel McGuinness are talking up the iPPV.
Steen vs Richards, anything goes.
Intro of Davey Richards, with streamers. Steen out with the belt, and with Jimmy Jacobs, and with the Kill Steen Kill T Shirt, demanding to be called “Mr. Wrestling”.
Kyle O’Reilly comes out to confront Richards, and say why he’s not in Richards’ corner. Quick recap of the O’Reilly vs Cole match. O’Reilly declares and end to Team Ambition, with a profanity laced tirade.
It’s all action afterwards, with tables and chairs and DDTs.
Nifty recap of the match, with all the big spots. Jim Cornette is at ringside, as is ROH brass. Richards almost gets the three count, then attacks the referee. Steen almost gets the big one, then package piledriver on Paul Turner. Jacobs jumps in with the spike, but Cornette saves. Corino then attacks Cornett.
Steen with the spike to a manly place, then a package piledriver, and gets the 1-2-3.
Steen cuts a promo for the New York audience, calling people hypocrites, and calling himself one. He touts Davey Richards as a deserving Champion. He puts over Richards and says he needed the belt for his own purposes, and calls Richards the “Best in the World”.
Then he turns on the audience, but they cheer for him more. He begs them to turn on him, and ROH packages the heel Champion well, despite the insanity of the crowd, but his claim to want to kill ROH comes across loud and clear.
Best in the World promo, and still available on for $14.95.
They gave some away for free, but not enough to not want to buy it, if you want.
That’s all for today, folks!

End of ROH Wrestling TV but be sure to come back next week for another recap!

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