ROH Wrestling TV Results as seen on MyTV Pittsburgh by Joe Babinsack  7/7/2012

Standard opening… ROH “Road Rage” being pushed as the name of today’s show.
From Charleston, West Virginia and Kevin Kelly introduces Jim Cornette. They push the first meeting between Jay Lethal and Michael Elgin. We go backstage, in front of the ROH sign and a chain link fence backdrop. Jay Lethal talks about getting the TV Title back.
Truth Martini, sporting a dark purplish sort of top hat, introduces “Unbreakable” Michael Elgin. He spouts off at Jay Lethal. Roderick Strong pushes his buttons, telling him he’ll pick it up when Elgin messes up, and apparently calls him “porky”, and pokes his arm.
Martini steps between, but the breakup continues.
Jay Lethal to the ring. Jim Cornette touts his speed. Kevin Kelly calls Lethal an “ambassador” for ROH, while Elgin makes it to the ring.
(Is it me or is having an opener between Lethal and Elgin something to question?)
Ring announcer intro’s Jay Lethal, then Michael Elgin (as “Unbreakable” with the House of Truth). I love the introductions, and the graphics for the age and other stats. I don’t like the Code of Honor as a stat. Slow to the match start, but that’s fine. “Michael Elgin” chant, and finally a “Let’s go Lethal” to churn up the dueling chants.
Cornette explains that Elgin is becoming a bigger star than Roderick Strong.
Cornette lets us know that Elgin’s mother was a competitive arm wrestler (and jokes that his father was a circus elephant?!?). Cornette drops Kevin Steen’s name, expressing frustration.
Lockup between the two. I’m bedazzled by Cornette on commentary, which is both cool and distracting.
Lockup becomes some punches. Elgin takes over. Jay comes back with chops. (“Woo” is so fifteen years ago). Lethal kicks up the speed, and Elgin ends up on the outside of the ring. Martini gets the “poke of doom” from the referee. Funny. Truth tries to trip Lethal, and gets a stomped hand for his trouble.

Elgin taking over, but we go to commercial.
“Death Before Dishonor” touted on Saturday September 1th, from the Frontier Field House in Chicago Ridge, Illinois. Steve Corino intro’s Kevin Steen (with Jimmy Jacobs). Steen talks up the history of Chicago and ROH.
[Radio Station promo, American Dad promo, Safe Auto with Norm MacDonald, Geekadrome with some rap music touting games, comics…. Wow, that’s crazy]
Back to the match, and Lethal hits the ropes, but gets tossed over the other ones by Elgin. Truth Martini takes advantage outside. Elgin plods to Lethal, then Irish Whips him into the metal ROH signs ubiquitous around the fans. Cornette is fast talking upcoming live shows.
Elgin is taking it to Lethal, but the fans rally, as does Lethal.
Both in the ring.
Cornette just referenced “Great American Bash”, which is a WWE show name!
Elgin plays powerhouse, and Lethal the scrappy underdog babyface. Elgin has a chinlock, and Lethal is going through five minutes of working the hold in 17 seconds.
Lethal escapes.
Elgin tries to toss Lethal over the top ropes, but Lethal lands on the apron.
Lethal gets a sunset flip – 2 Count. Rollup – 2 Count. Lethal signals the Lethal Injection, gets blocked, but throws a superkick for a 2.5 Count.
Jim tries to say the fans are chanting, in unison, “This is wrestling!” but it is a lot weaker than that. (Just keeping it real).
Big German Suplex, into a bridge, by Elgin, but barely a 2 Count.
Cornette calls Elgin a freak.
Elgin with repeated clotheslines in the corner. Lethal down, Elgin goes for a big knee, but Lethal catches him, then gets an Enzui-giri. Then a Lethal Combination. Martini distracts, Roderick Strong comes out to stop Lethal from the top rope elbow.
Elgin with a backfist, and setting him up, but Roderick Strong is inexplicably in the ring to interrupt. Elgin pushes him, and Lethal goes into action, and hits the off-the-ropes Lethal Injection for the 1-2-3.
Fans are now behind Elgin but Truth is trying to get them to shake hands.
That ain’t happening, as Elgin heads to the outside, but stops before heading to the backstage. Strong calls him in, and Truth is desperately trying to separate them.
“Elgin’s going to kill you” chant, channeling ROH circa five years ago and Samoa Joe.
Roddy took his shirt off. Elgin gets a mike from Bobby Cruze. Elgin confronts Roderick, saying “I will kill you” and this is the “last mistake” you make.
Elgin leaves, and Cornette segues into more ROH promos, starring the ROH Website. (
Border Wars is on Home Video (and reviewed soon by yours truly).

Commercials: JD Byrider (used cars), ITT-Tech (Technical School),
5:23, and we’re talking Inside ROH:
Live debut in Charleston. Briscoes on the local news and Radio (with Cornette) and local Car Sales sponsor. They are confronted by two ROH jobbers. “Man Up!” As Totally Awesome fight the Briscoes in a radio DJ seconded battle. We all know who won.
Next week: a triple threat match for the TV Title.
More ROH ads, pushing the “Social Revolution” and “This is Wrestling!”, plus the upcoming live events: Milwaukee, Spartansburg, Baltimore.
MyTV commercials: Seinfeld. “Maestro!”, The Family Guy (now in English!), Safe Auto with Norm! G33kadrome in the house.
Back to Kelly/Cornette. They talk about Kevin Steen screwing up a Sponsor meet & greet. Ironically, Corino/Jacobs and Steen appear on the scene. Steen is slapping hands along the way. Cornette says he is fed up with Kevin Steen, as Steen gets in the ring.
Cornette says he always questioned Jimmy Jacobs, but thought that Cornino had character.
Not sure what the music is, but it’s equally weird and heavy.
Steen gets the crowd to chant “Mr. Wrestling” and then lambastes Jim Cornette about being called that. Steen says it proves that he is, “Mr. Wrestling” and invites Jim Cornette into the ring. Cornette continues to call him “Wrestling’s Worst Nightmare”. Steen is calm, cool headed and a weird dynamic for a heel when he’s playing to the crowd.
Cornette is being Cornette – ranting.
Steen says no violence or bloodshed. Says Cornette is wrong, he didn’t threaten anyone’s like, but make an observation. Steen talks cannibalism. (How current!) Cornette re-iterates how he predicted Steen would ruin the company and it is coming true.
Cornette announces Eddie Edwards as the challenger for the World Heavyweight Title tonight.
Cornette says if Edwards doesn’t win, if Richards doesn’t win at his match at the iPPV, then every match Kevin Steen is in will be a Title match, and “sooner or later” someone will win the belt, and (hopefully) before September.
Steen shouts that he is the ROH Champion.
Cornette bails, and Eddie Edwards comes to the ring. (“Sawtooth” by Crushpile. I may have missed the entrance music for Steen.
Cornino joins Cornette/Kelly, and asks where Nigel is.
Nigel doesn’t like West Virginia? (Errr…. Let’s hope that doesn’t hit the internet)
Ring Announcer Bobby Cruze introduces Eddie Edwards, then Jacobs, then the Ring of Honor World Champion, Kevin Steen!
Kelly suggest that the nightmare may end. (I won’t touch that line).
Kelly doing backstage promo for Death Before Dishonor, from Chicago Ridge. Kelly says to watch ROH Web site for announced matches.
House of Truth talks up DBD. Elgin asks if Roddy will lose the belt before then, and Martini tries to keep them civil.

Commercials: Visit Myrtle Beach, JD Byrider.
We’re back abruptly and Edwards/Steen are squaring off. Tale of the Tape (uh, UFC?) and Kelly talks up the body shape differences between the two. (I look like Steen, by the way…)
Exchange of punches ends with both outside the ring. Both back in, and Edwards gets thrown into one corner, but he catches himself from the Irish Whip. Edwards turns the tables and tosses Steen out. But he follows up, to find himself face-first into the apron.
Corino brings up Adrian Adonis and Dick Murdoch. Kelly asks how many singles titles? Cornette asks how many times they tried to destroy their company?
Corino tries to invite himself to Cornette’s glass house.
Steen tires a powerbomb, but gets blocked. Steen back-drops Edwards on the outside, though, and Jacobs is taunting.
(Finlay vs Elgin next week, plus Letha/Ciampa/Strong for the TV Belt)
Kelly mentions Hooters girls at ringside. The action hits the curtain area. Cornette is screaming. Corino is making cogent statements. Steen drags Edwards by his head, past the Hooters girls.
Jacobs enjoys the violence.
Cornette/Corino spar verbally, and it is a battle to listen to.
Steen bites Edwards on the face (bath salts?)
Corino says he works for free, considering his check. Cornette said he’d pay him not to work. Corino laughs.
Steen all over Edwards, boot to the face in the corner.
Corino touts Edwards as an amazing athlete.
Kelly says time for another break. It is 5:47 and the crowd gets in a “Mr. Wrestling” shout.

Commercials: Xfinity. ITT-Tech.
Back to the action… Edwards with a come-back, but Steen cuts him off after 7 seconds.
Steen slaps on a chinlock. Corino says if he, Jacobs and Steen were around in the ‘80’s, there would be no Freebirds or Midnight Express. Corino is awesome!
Edwards gets a comeback, big splash in the corner. Edwards hits a missile drop-kick. Kelly talks up the Diehard challenge. Wow, Cornette and Kelly sound so much alike it is a problem.
Steen has regained advantage, shortening the expectations by five minutes. But then Edwards does a plancha on Steen, then Jacobs, and Corino is screaming unfair! Steen then recovers and hits Edwards with a move in three seconds, and gets a long 2 Count.
Best action seen! Says Cornette. Corino agrees. I thought it was way too fast psychologically.
They trade big moves. Edwards gets to the top, but misses a double-stomp. Powerbomb by Steen, then after a quick 2 Count, the Sharpshooter – like a true Canadian heel.
Cornette brings up Bret Hart.
Now both are selling.
Edwards with a forearm and a back sell. Steen captures him and DDT’s Edwards from the ropes. Cornette touts the DDT and what it did to Austin. Which is why the piledriver is banned.
Edwards to the top… again. Double-stomp. 2.5 Count.
Kelly says ½ count from the nightmare coming to an end.
Crazy argument between Corino/Kelly/Steen. Edwards misses a third double-Stomp, this time to the apron. Steen sends Edwards into the table for the timekeeper. Steen gets him in, only 2. Corino questions the table being there.
Senton by Steen. They trade Superkicks like they are punches. (not in a good way)
Suplex by Steen. Enzui-Giri by Edwards. Steen blocks the package chinbreaker, then delivers a sleeper/suplex release-style. Then a finisher and the 1-2-3.
Corino says he’ll take the belt in.
“Mr. Wrestling” chant.
Cornette is screaming, but cannot drown it out.

We go to Commercial: Norm/Safe Auto. FIOS.
That’s all, folks!!!

End of ROH Wrestling TV results for this week!

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