ROH Wrestling TV Results 6/23/2012, as seen on MyTV Pittsburgh by Joe Babinsack

Segment One:

Show opens with clips of Michael Bennett (with Maria Kanellis) taking on Adam Paige. After the win, Brutal Bob and Bennett attack Paige, and Eddie Edwards makes the save.

Bennett challenges Edwards to take on Brutal Bob… next week, this week.

Regular opening follows, with shots of the belts, guys taping up, getting ready, and some fan shots.

This is Ring of Honor!
Kevin Kelly welcome us, introducing himself and Nigel McGinness. They talk up the matches, and McGuiness calls Brutal Bob a “wanker”. Brutal Bob sports a shabby robe and a cigar and a beanie. Maria sports a fine looking black costume that accentuates her assets.
Eddie Edwards comes out in a T Shirt, his regular gear and that weird haircut.
Brutal Bob attacks Edwards at the bell, and they head outside. Edwards turns it around, and delivers an Irish Whip sending Bob across the way, into the barrier. Edwards tosses him back into the ring, but Bennett distracts, and Edwards gets hit coming back into the ring.
McGuinness notes the swimming trunks Bob is wearing. Kelly says he looks like Baron Von Raschke. McGuiness counters with Iron Mike Sharpe. Amazingly, Brutal Bob looks like a bald version of Canada’s greatest athlete.
Bob works a front face lock, and surprising has control for a few minutes. Edwards cannot complete the sunset flip off the backdrop, and Bob now has a weak version of a rear naked choke.Kelly promotes Pittsburgh’s show next week. I WILL BE THERE!
Edwards gets the momentum, and climbs the rope for a Missile Drop Kick and a two count.
Edwards starts chopping up Bob, but badly telegraphs a throw to the ropes. Bob then returns the favor and hits the floor. Edwards does a Plancha that really looks ugly, but Bob takes the brunt.
Edwards back to the top for a double stomp, but misses. Achilles lock, distraction by Bennett. But Brutal Bob cannot capitalize, and Edwards rolls him up for a pin.
Bennett attacks, and gets the support of Brutal Bob, at the direction of Maria.
Of all possible saves, it’s Homicide!!!!
He takes down Brutal Bob, then the Prodigy, without losing his colors.
Notorious 187 in the house, asking for a mike, flashing some gang signs, and convincing Edwards he has his back.
Babyface handshake … ends with the Cop Killa. Kelly calls it the Gringo Killer, but I’m not down with TNA terms, even despite the notions of the former terminology. Now we get Latino music and a fade to an ROH commercial touting that Pittsburgh show, and special Guest Bruno Sammartino.
Kevin Steen and Jimmy Jacobs with a brief interview. Steen says “I gotta call my dad”.
[Commercials. Pretty in Pink on MyTV, Safe Auto with an aging, thickening Norm from Saturday Night Live, Charley’s Grilled Subs.]


Segment Two:
Kelly and McGuinness talk about Homicide’s return to ROH, and recap what happened.
Best in the World promos by The Embassy, talk about Truth Martini, talk about keeping Tommaso Ciampa away from Roderick Strong. Various clips about this ‘conspiracy’.
(is it me, or does “The Barrister” look like Mixed Martial Archie Peck?)
Jay Lethal talks up the three-way. Truth Martini won’t talk. The Barrister won’t let Prince Nana talk. Jay Lethal says he’s coming to get his belt back.
The Main Event today is Davey Richards/Kyle O’Reilly vs Kevin Steen/Jimmy Jacobs, but up next is Jay Lethal.
ROH Commercials, including the Day in the Sun DVDs (seen those, very good)
[Commercials. All-State Career. Verizon Fios. What, no Pie Traynor!!?? ]

Nice quick commercial breaks.
Chris Silvio out “A different kind of cat” says McGuiness. Wow, hair metal music and wet, greasy hair on the “Psychadelic Superstar”….. Weird mix there. Kelly/McGuiness say a mix of Steve Austin and Superstar Billy Graham. I say Stan Lane and Dee Snyder… ok, Steve Corino.
Silvio is already begging off. “He can find a way to annoy you” says Kelly. I’m not saying anything about that line. Silvio stalls, but gets Lethal into a headlock. Then they both run the ropes a bit. Lethal starts taking over, then laxadaisically goes for a one count. Lethal picks it up with a drop kick, but misses a baseball slide.
Silvio misses a clothesline, but Lethal chops.
Prince Nana and The Barrister out to watch. Lethal gets his head slammed into the ringpost, not paying proper attention to his psychadellic opponent.
Nana hands The Barrister some cash.
Double-ax handle from Silvio on Lethal outside. Kelly talks about a possible concussion. Silvio tosses Lethal back in, and gets a two count.
Truth Martini out and the managers are plotting.
Leg whip by Silvio! Wow… interesting. Silvio to the top rope. Legdrop from the top. Two count on Lethal. This is surprising. Who’s Chris Silvio? The front facelock is weak, though, and Lethal gets the crowd behind him (well, I’ll pretend). Silvio gets the front facelock again, but Lethal breaks, gives a boot, a clothesline.
Ciampa is out, not so pleased with the shenanigans of the conspiracy.
Lethal hits a handspring elbow. Goes to the top, nothing happens, Silvio to the ropes, a handspring “Lethal Injection” and the three count.
Ciampa shoves Martini outside, and Roderick Strong saves his manager.
Roddy in the ring, as is Ciampa. It’s a three-way donnybrook, and the managers are in there too! Not enough striped shirts as Strong/Ciampa are really going at it.
Break, says Kelly, as we get that bit. Then Young Wolves Rising DVD promo. Looking for that one in the mail (I just got Unity (CHIKARA!) and Border Wars (Steen wins!)
[Commercials. Seinfeld on MyTV. The Family Guy. Safe Auto with Norm (McDonald?), again. Charley’s Grilled Subs.]

Segment Three:
Promos for Best in the World 2012: Hostage Crisis at Hammerstein on iPPV Promo
Briscoes vs Guardians of Truth (w/Truth Martini)
Truth does a promo calling the GOT the most dangerous Tag Team in the world. Who knows who they are…kinda interesting.
Briscoes promo themselves and these guys are awesome
Fit Finley vs Michael Elgin
(another match here)
Prodigy with Maria
Kevin Steen vs Davey Richards
Last chance for Richards. Cornette does a typically awesome promo, talking up the fight, saying the piledriver is legal. Cornette says Steen will not be Champion come the affiliates meeting in September.
Promo for the Main Event tonight, with Steen and the Zombie Princess (Jacobs). Jacobs says Richards can’t beat Steen. Steen says O’Reilly can’t do anything. Steen explains the “Hostage Crisis” – him holding the belt. Steen segues into Best in the World 2012.
Kelly touts Best in the World 2012 as well.
Then Kelly with the fence background talking up Pittsburgh. (kind of a cool setup for my own debut here, to talk up Pittsburgh and my friend, Bruno Sammartino)
Roderick Strong gets a chance against Kevin Steen. This will be interesting.


[Commercials. Safe Auto with Norm. All-State Career without any big names. KUMHO Tires.]\

Segment Four:
Kyle O’Reilly getting interviewed by some chick. Davey Richards chews out Kyle about talk, talk, talk. Tries to pep him up for Team Ambition. Gives him the Inoki style slap for energy.
Fans doing the slapping of the ROH Signs that shows how vastly superior they are to other fans.
Kevin Steen and Jacobs out to some sort of cool music that sounds like Moonspell or something gothic and dark. Howling wolves brings out Davey and Kyle. (uh, let’s get beyond American Wolves!)
Talk about the piledriver being illegal.
Announcements in the ring make it a real Main Event. Teams are squaring off, staring off. Richards is announced as the American Wolf, so I can diss the howling intro.
At the announcement of Steen as the new Champion, Bobby Cruise gets out of there, and it all breaks out. Other voices at the announce crew…. Not quite sure what’s going on there.
Richards/Steen outside and Jacobs is handling Kyle, until a comeback. Richards seems in control. O’Reilly hits the ringpost shoulder first. Steen/Richards in the ring. Trading, but Richards hits the ropes to be tripped by Steen. Now Kyle beats on Steen outside. Kelly wonders if Steen will represent ROH At the Health & Fitness Expo.
Richards tosses Jacobs, and saves Kyle from a package piledriver.
Kyle dives on Steen, tosses him in the ring. Richards to the top, double stomp on Steen. Two count, into the ankle lock. It must be Corino outside, because he hits all the main points.
O’Reilly tosses Jacobs into the barricade. But Steen powerbombs O’Reilly on the edge of the apron.
Team Ambition is down…..

[Commercials. Verizon Fios. Charley’s Grilled Subs…. Mmm, it’s dinner time. Xfinity. ]

Segment Five:
Jacobs is beating on Richards. Steen is watching a prone O’Reilly. Steen tosses Kyle into the ring. Jacobs in to beat on Kyle. Dropkicks Richards to keep him out. Wow, Jacobs does a tag to bring in Steen. Steen punches Kyle, then bites his ear. Irish whip to the corner. Richards is down, outside the ring. Steen beats on Kyle O’Reilly. Jacobs around to beat on Richards.
Scoop slam by Steen.
Senton by Steen on O’Reilly, too.
Two count. Richards laying against the barrier. Steen picks Kyle up, clean tag (!)
Jacobs doing the ten punches (how do you count in Gothic?)
Kyle with a quick two count with a schoolboy.
Double Suplex escaped by Kyle. Richards with the phantom tag into a hot tag and kicking Steen in the corner. Again. He hits the ropes, blocks a kick by Steen. German suplex on Steen. Tackle. Two count. Ankle lock by Richards. Corino says the Ankle should be illegal.
Jacobs saves with a Guillotine. O’Reilly saves. Jacobs ties up the pair. Steen does a dangerous plancha on Team Ambition, nearly killing himself along the way. All down, but Steen up and holding his neck.
Kelly says two outside officials involved, now.
Exploder suplex on Steen. Richards to the top to capitalize, but Jacobs makes a save. Steen stumbles to the ropes, gets Richards, but they fight for position while Jacobs has O’Reilly in the Guillotine. All four crash together.
Jacobs has the Guillotine on at the apron, and crashes O’Reilly through the table.
Suddenly the bell rings.
Richards/Steen going all Frye/Takayama. Kelly says the official (Todd Sinclair) threw out the match. Weird but effective ending. It’s all crazy in the ring with officials and guys in black T Shirts holding people back. Now the names are out – Lethal, WGTT.
Kelly screams “See you at Best in the World”

End of the show.

End of ROH TV Results this week.

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