WWE Saturday Morning SlamWWE Saturday Morning Slam today is all about visiting WWE Superstars home-countries as today’s show is also highlighted by a main event match that sees Primo & Epico taking on R-Truth & Kofi Kingston.

This week’s Saturday Morning Slam Spotlight is on Johannesburg, South Africa that’s home WWE Superstar Justin Gabriel followed by a video package of the superstar. Afterwards, we get some education as we learn how Johannesburg is 8,000 miles away from New York City as it’s an astounding 17 hour flight (personally I never fly and never will as that’s way too much sitting). Another video is shown showing Justin visiting various spots in Capte Town as he reveals how he hasn’t been back home in three years since signing on with WWE.A video is shown of Gabriel at various places in Cape Town. He says since he became a WWE Superstar.¬† Gabriel also tells us how the WWE has become quite popular here as he reveals how his town is about the size of Texas and is very diverse. We learn that Justin’s father was a wrestler and promoter who died when he was 18 as we see pictures of him as a kid as he tells us how his mom is his biggest fan.

From there we go around in 40 Superstars as we started with Justin Gabriel in South Africa, then go to West Africa and Kofi. Next we go to East Africa and Kamala. Then we take a 3300 mile flight to India: the home of The Great Khali. The video picks up speed as we get a rundown of Superstars such as Yoshi Tatsu, the Bushwackers, Nathan Jones, Haku, Superfly, Rikishi, Giant Gonzales. We go to Mexico and Del Rio, America and Lex Luger, Hulk Hogan, Sgt. Slaughter, Randy Savage, Cena, and Hacksaw. Next up is Canada with Bret Hart, Chris Jericho, etc. Sheamus is shown along with the late, WWE legend Andre the Giant, who was from France. They show a double-take of Ivan Putski saying “Polish power!” as the narrator says that is the “best superhero catchphrase ever!” He says Iron Sheik and Nikolai Volkoff were from Russia-Ran. “Last but certainly not least, turn off the GPS, it won’t do us any good now because we’ve finally reached‚ĶParts Unknown: Ultimate Warrior, Papa Shango, Demolition, Doink, and the Boogeyman.

End of Segment


Main Event: R-Truth & Kofi vs. Epico & Primo

Only part of the match is shown as Santino is on commentating which is actually a good fit for him.

Saturday Morning Slam continues as World Heavyweight Champion Sheamus gives a PSA about not trying this at home.

R-Truth & Kofi vs. Epico & Primo continues

Winners by pin: Kofi & R-Truth

End of Segment


Saturday Morning Slam continues as footage of WWE footage shown as WWE came off a tour in the Far East from a couple weeks ago that’s highlighted by many of the fans dressed as their favorite wrestlers (ah to see the skinny Asian guy dressed as The Rock once again).

Plug for next’s week’s Saturday Morning Slam as they’ll be going from international to intercontinental as they’ll be going through the history of the Intercontinental Championship while spending time with current title holder the Miz (now did they just give a spoiler here to reveal that Miz will retain the title at Sunday’s Night of Champions? OOps).

Just before Saturday Morning Slam can go we’re greeted by the United States Champion Antonio Cesaro who teaches us how to say “Welcome back to school” in 5 different languages.

End of Saturday Morning Slam

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