SHIMMER 53 IPPV ResultsSHIMMER Women’s wrestling presented SHIMMER 53 from the Meadowlands Expo Center in New Jersery Saturday and we have full results of the IPPV.

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SHIMMER 53 Match 1-Mia Yim vs Awesome Kong:

The pair show each other respect with a handshake. Kong pushes Yim away quickly on the first lockup. Kong starts off with a huge chop, but Yim responds with some hard kicks and a dropkick. One shoulder block later, and Kong has control, chopping Yim hard in the chest from corner to corner. Yim turns things round, relying on her stiff kicks and cornering Kong, but Kong gets back into it almost instantly with some more hard strikes and a big splash for the two-count. Back up on their feet, Mia continues with the strikes but Kong lands a huge punch which sends Yim to the outside. Kong now dragging her around, throwing her into the barricade. Back in the ring, Kong gets a one-count with a somewhat weak pin attempt, and Yim responds with some hard strikes and a missile dropkick but Kong gets up instantly and replies with a massive clothesline! Kong ascends to the second rope and goes for a splash but Yim avoids it, sneaks behind Kong and hits a German suplex! Only two, though. Yim goes up top again and lands a moonsault, but only two again. Another moonsault attempt from Yim, but Kong rolls out of the way and lands a backfist for two. Yim gets back up, goes for a clothesline but Kong counters and hits a massive powerbomb for the victory.

Winner: Amazing Kong

Out comes Amber Gertner, who is here to announce the return of Serena Deeb. She comes to the ring, looking fantastic.

Serena comes out and cuts a heartfelt promo thanking the fans for their support, before…Jessicka Havok and the rest of her Midwest Militia come out and attack her! This is awful. Out come Leva Bates and Allison Danger, who challenge Havok and friends to a match. It’s confirmed – Serena, Bates and Danger will face Havok, Sassy Stephie and Nevaeh in six-woman tag team action later today.

Cherry Bomb and Kimber Lee make their way to the ring for tag team action, against Veda and Shazza McKenzie.

SHIMMER 53 Match 2-Cherry Bomb & Kimber Lee vs Veda Scott & Shazza McKenzie:

The four brawl in the ring to start, but things settle down with Shazza and Kimber as the legal women. Kimber and Cherry Bomb isolating Shazza in their corner, with hard strikes. Cherry now in the ring, with a snapmare and a kick to the back for the two count. Tag made to Kimber, who does the same thing also for two. Shazza tries to fight back but Kimber and Cherry are too much with their rapid tags. Big jawbreaker from Kimber, but Shazza manages to respond with a hurricanrana, before making the tag to Veda, who gets a flurry of offense in. Veda and Shazza now both in the ring together, and Veda Scott hits a Mind Trip on Kimber Lee for the win.

Winners: Veda Scott & Shazza McKenzie

5:48 PM: Rhia O’Reilly on her way to the ring now, ready for five-way action against Kalamity, Christina Von Eerie, Yuu Yamagata and debuting New Zealander Evie,

Rhia O’Reilly vs Kalamity vs Christina Von Eerie vs Yuu Yamagata vs Evie:

The ring clears and Von Eerie and Kalamity are the legal women. Both start with pinfall attempts, then Von Eerie hits a crossbody for two. Yamagata enters. Kalamity hits a suplex for two, then a big clothesline. Yamagata hits back with a big kick but Evie enters to break up the pin, and hits a big handspring elbow followed by a monkey flip, but that pin gets broken by O’Reilly, who lands some strikes then a rolling senton for two. Von Eerie enters, and we have a sequence of near-falls and broken pin attempts. Kalamity hits the Kalamity Driver on Evie, but Yamagata breaks it u and lands a huge enzuigiri, before O’Reilly breaks that pin up. Von Eerie throws O’Reilly out of the ring and lands a big boot to Yamagata, but O’Reilly breaks the pin up yet again. Von Eerie pulls Yamagata out of the ring and lands her finisher to O’Reilly for the win.

Winner: Christina Von Eerie.

Great match, but a wrestling journalist doing live coverage’s worst nightmare.

6:02 PM: Mercedes Martinez enters the ring. She’ll have the honour of being Ayumi Kurihara’s last ever opponent on US soil.

Mercedes Martinez vs Ayumi Kurihara:

Ayumi begins with a series of pinning combinations, but Mercedes counters with a facebuster. Mercedes now on the offensive with some hard punches and a two-count. Mercedes hits some chops, but Kurihara replies with a German suplex and a double knee to the corner. Ayumi goes up top but Mercedes knocks her off balance, and the match descends to the outside. Mercedes gets a chair and hits some hard shots with it to Ayumi’s head and back, then sends her into the barricade. Back in the ring, Mercedes goes for a pin attempt but Ayumi kicks out at two. Vertical suplex now from Mercedes, before the pair exchange forearms in the centre of the ring. Ayumi dodges the clothesline, hits a gutbuster then sends her to the outside. Ayumi goes to the top, and lands a huge crossbody to the outside. Back in the ring, she gets up again and lands one of those famous missile dropkicks of hers…and another! Only a near-fall though. Ayumi goes for something, but Mercedes counters before she can get started and hits a powerbomb, then goes for the Fisherman Buster but Ayumi counters into a rollup. Ayumi hits an Ura-nage for two, then Mercedes replies quickly with a spinebuster. Both women are down, but once they’re up they exchange strikes in the ring, which Mercedes gets the better of with a big boot but Ayumi kicks out at ONE! Ayumi locks in an interesting submission manoeuvre, but Mercedes counters with another roll-up for two, then hits the Fisherman Buster for the win.

Winner: Mercedes Martinez

Ayumi gets a standing ovation from the crowd. Thank you, Ayumi!

6:19 PM: Out come Jessicka Havok and her fellow Midwest Militia members, ready for impromptu six-woman tag action, followed by their opponents. Leva and Annie are dressed as Jay and Silent Bob. Daffney is joining the babyfaces at ringside.

Jessicka Havok, Sassy Stephie and Nevaeh vs Serena Deeb, Leva Bates and Allison Danger:

We start proceedings with Nevaeh and Serena. They lock up, and we see some restholds and some nice technical wrestling from both women. Serena gets the upper hand with some big arm drags, and Nevaeh tags in Stephie, who goes on the offensive in the corner. Serena reverses the situation, and lands some bitter overhand chops to Stephie’s chest. That’s gotta sting! Serena tags in Allison Danger, who snapmares Stephie and locks in a straitjacket. She goes to the ropes and teases something big…then applies a chinlock. Brilliant. In comes Leva, and her and Danger double-team Stephie with elbows, followed by another for good luck from Leva. Leva goes up top and hits a double stomp to Stephie’s back, then sends her to the outside. Enter Havok, who takes out Leva quickly. Serena tries to interfere, and while the referee sorts things out on that side the heels take advantage, isolating Leva. Nevaeh tags in Havok, who hits a snap suplex for a two-count. In comes Stephie, who goes for Kiss My Sass but Leva counters and both women are down. Leva and Stephie both make tags, to Serena and Nevaeh respectively. Serena with some stiff jabs to the face to knock Nevaeh down, then a fireman’s carry gutbuster for a two-count. after some interference from the outside and various finishers being hit, Havok hits a chokeslam on Leva. Some more chaos on the outside, and we’re left with Serena and Nevaeh in the ring. Serena hits the spear on Nevaeh for the victory.

Winners: Serena, Leva Bates and Allison Danger

Post-match, Havok enters the ring and takes out Serena. She and her teammates pose outside the ring, then make their way to the back. Serena and her partners get a warm reception as they leave the ring.

6:38 PM: Another triumphant return, as Madison Eagles takes on fellow Australian Jessie McKay in singles action.

Jessie McKay vs Madison Eagles

Eagles wins the mind games at the start. We begin with some solid catch-as-catch-can style wrestling, with McKay cartwheeling out of Eagles’ waistlock and applying a crucifix for a two-count. Eagles goes back to the waistlock, and they BOTH cartwheel! That was fun. McKay now with a wristlock, but Eagles counters with a low fireman’s carry takedown. Eagles goes on the offensive but McKay hits a drop toe-hold. Eagles then lands one of her own. McKay Irish whips Eagles into the corner, then goes up top but Eagles counters with a stiff kick to the head. Eagles now in control, grounding McKay with some more mat offense. Back on their feet, Eagles hits a double knee to McKay in the corner, then a big boot on the ropes, but McKay grabs the rope before the three-count can be made. McKay goes up top and lands a flying Thesz press then a hurricanrana for two. A stiff roundhouse kick now from McKay, for another two count. McKay sets up the Boyfriend Stealer, but Eagles escapes and hits two huge kicks to the head for two. Eagles goes for Hellbound but McKay counters with a sunset flip for two, then locks in the Octopus followed by a hurricanrana and a big boot for a near-fall. McKay charges towards Eagles, who picks her up and hits a huge powerbomb to the mat, then another onto the turnbuckle. McKay kicks out at two again. Eagles sets up the Brainbuster but McKay responds with some knees. Eventually it’s not enough, and Eagles lands the Brainbuster anyway. Still only a near-fall though. Eagles goes for McKay in the corner and McKay tries to fight back, but Eagles out of nowhere hits Hellbound for the victory.

Winner: Madison Eagles

6:57 PM: Four-way tag team title action now, as the Canadian Ninjas (Portia Perez and Nicole Matthews) look to defend their belts against Made in Sin (Allysin Kay and Taylor Made), LuFisto & Kana and Kellie Skater & Tomoka Nakagawa.

SHIMMER Tag Team Championship: The Canadian Ninjas (c) vs Made in Sin vs LuFisto & Kana vs Kellie Skater & Tomoka Nakagawa:

We start things off with Allysin Kay and LuFisto in the ring. Starting off slowly, with an exchange of restholds. LuFisto gets in control with a bodyslam and a senton bomb, then tags in Kana, and the pair instantly make an impact with a stunner/dropkick combination, before Kay tags in Nicole Matthews…who tags straight over to Nakagawa. Her and Kana in the ring now, who get up to some impressive stuff with Nakagawa hitting a cartwheel dropkick to a seated Kana, before tagging in Portia Perez. Nicole Matthews then tags herself in, and we’re left with both Ninjas in the ring together. Fair enough. They play around with some slow-motion mat wrestling, before Skater enters to stop the fun, clearing house with some nice offense and a big leg drop to Matthews, but Portia breaks up the pin. Matthews Irish whips Skater into the corner then hits a dropkick for two, before Allysin Kay tags herself in. Made in Sin isolating Skater, then Taylor Made tags in Matthews who also works Skater. Looks like Made in Sin and the Ninjas have a temporary alliance, tagging each other in and isolating Kellie Skater further. Portia Perez hits a dropkick for a two-count, and tags in Allysin Kay, but Skater fights back with a crossbody. In comes Kana, who soon brings some damage to Made in Sin, causing them to attack each other in miscommunication then hitting a devastating kick to Kay for two. The Ninjas come to Made in Sin’s aid again, and we have LuFisto in the ring with both Ninjas, taking them out, then thinking one step ahead of Allysin Kay, hitting a huge cannonball. The match goes to the outside, and LuFisto goes up top to attempt a moonsault on the throng of people…but misses by quite a stretch. The brawl escalates, and LuFisto somehow manages to get up! That must have hurt! Back in the ring, LuFisto and Kay are the legal women, and LuFisto lands a devastating Burning Hammer for the three-count to eliminate Made in Sin.

No respite though, as the Ninjas are quick to keep things going. Matthews tags in Skater, and as LuFisto goes for another Burning Hammer Nakagawa spits some water in LuFisto’s eyes, and Skater pins LuFisto for the three-count, eliminating her and Kana.

Two teams left now, and it’s getting fast-paced. Skater hits a chinbreaker to Perez, followed by a Brainbuster for two. Perez hits a huge superkick to Skater, but Nakagawa breaks the pin and hits a stiff Enzuigiri to Perez, followed by a suplex for two. Nakagawa picks up the water again, but Skater stops her, saying they can do this without cheating. While the ref admonishes Nakagawa, Matthews gets the water and spits it in Skater’s face for the three-count.

Winners (and still SHIMMER Tag Team Champions): The Canadian Ninjas (Nicole Matthews & Portia Perez)

The stream dies as the match ends, and we return a few minutes later with Athena in the ring, ready for her match against Ayako Hamada.

Athena vs Ayako Hamada:

Handshake to start things off. Hamada working the knee early on. Hamada with a snapmare and a kick to the back, followed by a bodyslam, then another snapmare/kick combination. Athena gets back on their feet, and they lock in the Greco-Roman knucklelock. Athena gets the better of Hamada there, Hamada responds with a monkey flip, Athena lands on her feet but Hamada hits a superkick to send her down. Now working Athena’s arm, she goes up to the top rope and hits a high armdrag, but Athena counters with an armdrag of her own. Both land fast-paced pin attempts and we have a stand-off. Hamada extends her hand to Athena. Athena complies, and Hamada kicks her square in the gut. Athena goes for the Irish whip, Hamada counters with a spinning kick attempt but Athena dodges and the pair exchange chops in the centre of the ring. Hamada goes for a spinning heel kick, Athena pushes away and hits a kick of her own. Athena goes for another Irish whip, and Hamada responds with another spinning kick, getting it dead on this time. Hamada then goes for a belly-to-back suplex, then goes up top but Athena rolls out of the moonsault’s way, and lands a nice toe punt to the side of Hamada’s face. Double knee to the midsection from Athena now, who goes to the top rope herself, but Hamada dropkicks the crossbody attempt to oblivion. Hamada goes up top again and missile dropkicks Athena, then takes Athena to the top rope and hits a high hurricanrana. Athena rolls out to the floor, and Hamada follows suit, throwing Athena into the ring steps. Hamada goes to the top rope yet again, and hits an exquisite moonsault to Athena on the outside. Back in the ring, Hamada goes for the pin but Athena kicks out. Hamada executes a sitout powerbomb, but Athena kicks out again. A stiff kick to Athena’s face follows, but Athena avoids the subsequent spinning kick, goes up top and lands an O-Face for the victory!

Winner: Athena

A huge victory for Athena, defeating a legend of women’s wrestling such as Ayako Hamada.

7:41 PM: There’ll be a short break while the ring crew set up the cage for the main event. Stay tuned, folks!

8:05 PM: The video stream is back up now, and the cage looks like it’s coming along nicely.

8:10 PM: We’re back! The cage is set up, and it’s time for the main event. Out come our contestants. Saraya seems pretty angry.

SHIMMER Championship Steel Cage Match – Saraya Knight (c) vs Cheerleader Melissa:

Not a great deal of visibility from the outside of the cage looking in. The match starts with some smooth chain wrestling. I doubt that’ll last long. Melissa works Saraya’s leg, but Saraya reverses into a bodyscissors and applies a modified camel clutch. Melissa escapes and drives Saraya head-first into the cage. The pair start climbing to the top rope, and exchange strikes while using the cage to keep elevated. Saraya pulls Melissa’s leg and she falls crashing down to the mat. Back to her feet, Melissa drags Saraya to the top rope corner and kicks her head into the cage. Saraya gets up and hits a running side slam for a two-count. Saraya now sits Melissa up on the top rope, but Melissa kicks free and sends her down to the mat again. Now an interesting leglock variation from Melissa, into a gruesome curb stomp! Ouch. Saraya kicks out at two, and Melissa continues to work the leg, and then another curb stomp, but again only a two count. Saraya gets back up and traps Melissa’s leg in the bottom rope, then picks her up, hits an Alabama slam and a double leg drop for a two-count. Saraya sends Melissa into the corner and hits a low dropkick to Melissa’s…modesty, followed by a Fisherman Buster from the second rope for another near-fall. Melissa comes back with some hard strikes in the corner, then sets up the Air Raid Crash. Saraya counters, but Melissa gets it right the second time. Still only a two-count though. Melissa starts climbing to the top of the cage, but Saraya follows suit and attempts a high powerbomb, only for it to be reversed into a hurricanrana! Melissa goes to the top rope again and hits a missile dropkick, then another Air Raid Crash for the three-count, and we have a new champion!

Winner (and new SHIMMER Champion): Cheerleader Melissa

The show closes with Melissa celebrating as she leaves the arena, while Saraya is outraged in the ring. Saraya takes out a mouthy fan in the crowd on her way out.

End of SHIMMER 53 IPPV results.

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