SHINE 5 wrestlingWelcome to the SHINE 5 wrestling results as tonight marks the in-ring return & debut of Awesome Kong!

Shine 5 wrestling results provided by Lee Sanders for Enfinity1Productions

11/16/12-Ybor City, Florida

Our ring announcer for tonight’s SHINE 5 event  is the lovely & Gothic Daffney

SHINE 5 Match 1: Sassy Stephie vs Hedi Lovelace

Sassy opens up up with clothesline as Hedi quickly does a quick scissors take-down. Sassy soon takes back control and grabs Hedi by the hair and tosses her across the ring. She pounds her head onto the canvas before dragging her to the ropes and choking her with her foot. Hedi tries swinging at Sassy’s mid section but Sassy counters back with a strike to the chest. Sassy soon throws her into the ropes for another head takedown and tries to go for a pin. It’s only a near fall. Heidi soon finds an opening as she delivers a dropckick and what looked like a shinning wizard but it didn’t fully connect. Hedi goes for the pin but it’s only a near fall. Hedi then tries to go for a enziguri but it doesn’t connect as Sassy quickly takes her and puts her in a gory neckbreaker. Sassy follows up by delivering her trademark finisher “Kiss My Sass” to end this contest and score her first victory in SHINE wrestling!

Winner: Sassy Stephie


SHINE 5 Match 2: Niya vs. Marti Belle

These two dance around each other for a bit in the ring before engaging in a lock. Belle has control with an arm lock as Niya reverses it and throws her onto the mat by grabbing a handful of hair. Niya does this twice and follows it up with a leg takedown. Niya tries to strike Belle while she’s down but Belle moves out the way and throws her into the ropes. Belle manages to get Niya tangled up and goes for a pin but Niya counters it and just continues going for the hair as she tosses her around the ring. She then drags her in the middle of the ring and pulls her arms up while stepping on her hair. This has pretty much been a hair based attack as Marti tries to counter back but Niya connects with a powerslam. Niya isn’t hooking the leg as she gets two near falls before going for a surfboard submission hold. She almost cost herself the victory as her back was on the mat and the ref counted in favor of Marti. She continues attacking Belle and delivers a front double knee backbreaker to lay her out. She tries to go for the ropes but Marti pushes her off and climbs to the top turnbuckle for a high risk maneuver that connects! Marti is now in control as she tries to look for some type of body lock hold. Marti is in the corner as Niya quickly pulls a Rey Mysterio type move by doing a cross body between the ropes. Niya then connects with “Tequila Sunrise” to end this match!

Winner: Niya


SHINE 5 Match 3: Su Young vs. SoJo Bolt

Match begins with a head to head lock as the ref steps in to separate the two. The two lock up again jockeying for position as SoJo finds herself in the corner. Ref breaks it up again as this time SoJo wants to go arm to arm with Su. Su goes for her hand but SoJo does three quick push-ups. Su puts her hand up and SoJo punches her in the face. Big mistake here as she turns her back on her. When she turns around Su hits her her in face. SoJo gets Young between the ropes for a leg submission hold before throwing her into a corner. SoJo bounces off the ropes and drop kicks her. Bolt goes for a pin but only gets a near fall. Bolt goes for the cover again and gets another near fall. Young is making a comeback now as she comes to her feet attacking Bolt but it’s not working as Bolt continues remaining in control as she applies a sleeper hold. Ref steps in to see if Young is still in it and she is as Bolt continues applying the sleeper hold. Young comes to her feet and rams SoJo into the corner to release the hold. It’s now Young’s turn as she applies the sleeper hold. Bolt counters with a snapmare to break the hold as Young releases a flurry of attacks that includes a hip attack to lay out Bolt. High risk maneuver time as Young goes to the second ropes but Bolt attacks her. Bolt looks for a Muscle Buster but Young counters with a strong kick applied to Bolt’s back while holding her arm to apply a devastating back finisher to pick up the win.

Winner: Su Young


SHINE 5 Match 4: Nikki St. John vs. Santana

Santana kicks things off with an arm takedown as she focuses on Nikki’s arm for a bit as Nikki turns the tides quickly. Nikki connects with a shoulder tackle and goes for a pin to get a near fall. Fight soon finds itself heading to the turnbuckle where Santana does a shoulder block before continuing to work on Nikki’s arm. Nikki finds herself doing a half scoop slam to Santana before delivering forearm strikes and a knee strike to lay out Santana. Nikkie gets a near fall as she begins to choke out Santana. She has a few words with the ref as Nikki comes from behind for a school boy pin but Nikki manages to kick out. This match for the most part was slow but just as it really started picking up we see  Santana deliver a handspring moonsault to score the victory.

Winner: Santana


SHINE 5 Match 5: Made In Sin’s Allysin Kay & Taylor Made defeated Leva & Kimberley

This tag match for me was just too hard to call because I didn’t know any of the people in this match but I can say that this was one of the main highlights of the night as this tag match took us into the second hour of the ppv. This wasn’t your typical women’s tag match as it was hands down one of the best I’ve seen in recent years for a women’s tag match. All four women were impressive in this match that lasted at least 20 minutes. Post-match we see Kimberley snap as she attacks Leva and applies a clover leaf! Referees are able to break the hold after several seconds as she walks out the arena screaming “I’m a winner”!

SHINE 5 Match 6: Ivelisse vs. Athena

Former WWE NXT wrestler Ivelisse makes her SHINE debut here. Ivelisse mocks Athena to please not hurt her and as Athena tries to approach her she runs towards the ring.  Ivelisse offers to shake her hand but Athena smacks it away. Athena delivers a strong clothesline followed by a knee to the face on Ivelisse. Ivelisse  gets in the face of Athena as she begins working on Athena’s arm followed by a kick to the back. Ivelisse connects with a step up enziguri and continues picking on the arm of Athena as she’s now looking for a arm submission hold that turns into a cross armbreaker. Athena is trying hard to break out and does so by grabbing the bottom rope forcing the break. Ivelisse stays on the arm with a standing arm lock as she now finds herself on the back of Athena. Athena manages to power out as she launches her off her back. Both women begin trading forearms that connects as they trading move for move that’s countered. Athena goes for a spinning heel kick, followed by a drop kick that all connects. Athena then connects with a cross body followed by a bicycle kick to lay out Ivelisse. Ivelisse finds herself shortly on the offense and seems to have Athena where she wants her as she tries desperately to look for a pin fall. She has the right strategy but looks to become frustrated that she can’t end this match as she leaves Athena in a corner and is getting ready to do a running attack when Athena comes out of nowhere with the “Oh Face” to pick up the win.

Winner: Ivelisse


SHINE 5 Match 7: Jessicka Havok Nikki Roxx

Nikki is looking to be the favorite in this match as she’s making her return to SHINE after the first pay-per-view. Jessicka pushes Nikki and our match is on as Nikki gets Jessicka in a hold from behind. Havok is trying to power her way out and does briefly. Roxx comes right back with the waist lock on Havok as she goes for a series of quick pin attempts. Havok uses her momentum to send Roxx outside the ropes. It wasn’t enough as Havok tries to charge at Roxx but she counters by launching herself at her followed by a high risk attack from the top turnbuckle. A pretty even match right now as Havok goes to the mid section of Roxx with shoulder tackles to take the air out of her. Niki seems to want to go toe to toe with Havok but she finds herself to be in no match as the fight soon finds itself outside the ring. Havok is relentless on her attacks as she picks her up and rams her into a poll connected to the building. Nikki Roxx finds herself firing at Havok’s chest repeatedly as Havok gets back on the offense and pushes Roxx in the ring. She grabs a steel chair and tries to hit her with it but the ref grabs it and tosses it out the ring. Roxx tries to go for a rollup but Havok powers out! Roxx finds herself in a submission hold as Havok  bites the back of her head. She then turns it into a clothesline to score only a near fall. Both ladies find themselves attack each other with a power move as they now both try to come to before the count of 10. Both women manage to come around as Nikki goes for a rolling clothesline, followed by a polish hammer strike and a fall away slam. It’s not enough as she gets only a near fall. Great contest here that goes back and fourth as  Havok connects with a flapjack before swinging wildly with lefts & rights. It’s soon followed by a series of legdrops followed by a cover as once she only gets a near fall. Frustrated, Havok goes for another steel chair as Roxx grabs one as well. They both strike at the same time as the chairs connect so hard it goes flying out their hands. They both tackle each other at the same time as they go rolling & rumbling outside the ring. The fight goes into the crowd and into the backstage area. The ref has no choice but to call the match as it ends in a double count out.

Winners: No One. Double Count Out

SHINE 5 wrestling continues now with our main event match of the evening!


SHINE 5 Match 8: Rain & Mercedes Martinez vs. Jazz & Amazing Kong



Jazz and Rain kick things off these two engage in a series of holds that turns into submission holds. Jazz finds herself applying a Boston Crab as Rain desperately crawls to the ropes and the move is broken up. Rain tries to offer Jazz a handshake but she’s not buying it. After a year inactive we see Amazing Kong get tagged in as Rain tags in Martinez. Martinez wants no part of her but eventually gets in the ring. Kong is dominating as she delivers a scoop slam followed by a body splash to look impressive so far. Kong tags in Jazz as Martinez tags back in Rain. Jazz connects with a double underhook followed by an awesome air leg drop. Martinez distracts the ref while Jazz looks for a pin. Match would’ve been in the books had the ref counted as Rain manages to kick out. Jazz tries to go for a move off the ropes as Martinez attacks her from behind. Ref doesn’t see this as now the number games comes into play as Rain & Martinez double team on Jazz. The numbers game continues a majority of the match until we finally see a frustrated Kong come in to help as she gets both women in a double bomb to give Jazz the breather she needs. This was the opening Jazz needed as she tags in Kong who cleans house on Martinez & Rain. Jazz fights Rain outside the ring while Amazing Kong applies the Plant Buster to pick up the victory!

Winners: Amazing Kong & Jazz

End of Shine 5 wrestling results


Overall Review of SHINE 5 wrestling: For a first ppv I’ve ordered from SHINE wrestling, hands down SHINE 5 wrestling was a really great event tonight. What was refreshing about watching this was not really knowing anything about these women I was watching with the exception of Awesome Kong, Nikki Roxx, SoJo Bolt. It was nice to just kick back and really be able to take in this match as a wrestling fan as I interacted with other wrestling fans. What was really cool was interacting with folks who also feel as passionate as I do about seeing great women’s wrestling get true exposure. SHINE 5 was impressive from the opening contest to the very end. High point for me was watching Nikki Roxx wrestle Havok as those two really had an all out war. Was just a little disappointed the match ended in a double count-out but if it’ll have me order the next ppv to see them go at it again then it’s all good.

Awesome Kong or as she was dubbed tonight…Amazing Kong looked to not have missed a step since being away from wrestling for over a year in her debut for SHINE wrestling. For me it was personal joy seeing her back in the ring after taking personal time off. Although it would’ve been nice to see her back in the WWE, honestly I don’t think they know how to really utilize her. It’s good to see her back in a wrestling promotion where she doesn’t have to be concerned with so many restrictions. To see her and Jazz work as a team was great but I’m looking forward to seeing Jazz and Kong get it on somewhere down the road for perhaps the SHINE women’s title. That would be a dream match in itself as two of the baddest sisters get it on! Overall a very solid ppv that has me addicted as I’ll be checking out the next event. SHINE 5  gets a 8/10.

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