SHINE 9 Wrestling IPPV

Welcome to Enfinity1Productions SHINE Wrestling: SHINE 9 IPPV coverage as qualifying tournament matches are underway to crown the first SHINE Women’s champion!

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9:03pm est Our SHINE 9 IPPV finally begins as hostess Daffney hears chants from folks saying they love her.

Match 1: Allysin Kay w/ April Hunter DEFEATED Courtney Rush

Match Rating: 2/5

Not a good debut for Courtney Rush who’s worked for promotions such as BCW, Maximum Pro Wrestling, NCW Femmes Fatales and SHIMMER. In in the final few seconds of the match Courtney applied the sharpshooter to make Allysin tap out but the ref didn’t see it as he was distracted by April Hunter who climbed the apron. Courtney tried to slap her but missed as Allysin connected with the Saito suplex for the pin-fall to score the victory.

SHINE 9 continues now with our first SHINE championship tournament to crown its first champion!


Match 2: SHINE Championship Tournament Qualifier
Sweet Saraya Knight DEFEATED Su Yung

Match Rating: 3.5 / 5

Fresh off her appearance from SHIMMER 53 where she lost the title to Cheerleader Melissa, Saraya Knight is pissed off!


Match 3: Brittney Savage vs. Rhia O’Reilly vs. Solo Darling

Winner: Rhia O’ Reilly

Match Rating: 2.5 / 5

Solo Darling is making her debut at tonight’s SHINE 9. Formerly of OVW with only a couple years experience under her belt. Rhia O’ Reilly on the other hand, is making her return to SHINE after suffering defeat at SHINE 4.


Match 4: SHINE Championship Tournament Qualifier
Rain w/ April Hunter DEFEATED Angelina Love

Match Rating: 3/5


Match 5: Six Woman All Star Match
Kellie Skater, Jessie McKay & Shazza McKenzie DEFEATED Nikki Roxx, Mia Yim & Santana

Match Rating: 4/5


Match 6: SHINE Championship Tournament Qualifier
Jessicka Havok DEFEATED Madison Eagles

Match Rating: 4/5


Match 7: Mercedes Martinez DEFEATED Evie

Match Rating: 4/5


Match 8: SHINE Championship Tournament Qualifier
Jazz vs. Ivelisse DEFEATED w/ April Hunter

Lenny & Daffney bring out some of the SHINE wrestlers along with Niki Roxx to sing happy birthday as that’s right today is her bday! It’s ruined however by Mercedes Martinez who grabs some of the cake and rubs it in Roxx’s face. Daffney tries to jump in yelling at Martinez. Martinez pushes Daffney out the way and goes to dumping the entire cake on Roxx before leaving.

Video package of Leva Bates & Kimberly is shown.


There was almost a 30 minute delay for the main event match which resulted in the feed going off at 11:59pm est. A wildfire of tweets could be seen on Twitter of fans upset but luckily Lenny & crew got hold of what happened to talk with the good folks at WWN to extend the time.

And with that our SHINE 9 main event is set!
Match 9: Arkham Asylum Steel Cage Match
Leva Bates DEFEATED Kimberly

Match Rating: 4.5 / 5



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