SHINE Wrestling 7 resultsWelcome to Enfinity1Productions SHINE Wrestling 7 IPPV results for February 22, 2013 as tonight’s main event is Rain vs. Amazing Kong!

Tonight’s SHINE Wrestling event started 15 minutes late due to a turnbuckle issue. Daffney greets us to SHINE 7 as she hypes up the bar that’s offering “stiff” drinks!

Match 1: Brittney Savage DEFEATED Hedi Lovelace

Match Rating: 1.5/5

Match 2: Tina San Antonio vs. La Rosa Negra (from Ring Warriors)  vs. Luscious Latasha

Winner: TSA

Match Rating: 3/5

During our next SHINE Wrestling match, we see Jessie come out and does a nice sexual split into the ring that made Daffney say what the f*ck! She takes her shoe off! She tells the crowd how she use to do something like that in her day. Hilarious stuff!

Match 3: Santana DEFEATED Jessie Belle

Decent match here that begins with a lock up followed by exchanging holds. Santana ends up getting the upper hand as she hits Jessie with an elbow followed by a Fujiwama armbar that turns into a bridging hammerlock.  Santana continues her focus on the arm as she goes up top for a flying armdrag. Jessie manages to catch her as Santana counters with a hurricanrana/dropkick. Jessie quickly goes outside the ring as Santana gives chase but this is exactly what Jessie wanted as she throws her head against the apron before rolling her back into the ring,. She goes for the cover to only get a two-count. Jessie connects with shoulder tackles to Santana from a corner as she manages to dodge one of them to go back on the attack of Jessie’s arm. Jessie counters back by driving Santana back-first into the canvas. Jessie goes for another cover after delivering a low dropkick and snapemares aka hairmares but only gets a near-fall. Jessie tries applying an abdominal stretch, followed by an Irish whip to the turnbuckle.  Jessie begins to showboat feeling victory is near but Santa covered quickly to avoid her dropkick as she rolls up Jessie for a two-count.  Santana is back on the offense as she goes aattackign with clotheslines followed by a snap suplex to get a two count near fall. Santana goes back to the arm once more as Jessie counters but Santana goes for a sunset flip as Jessie counters that! Santana comes back with an enzuigiri then the Shining Star Press for the big “W”.

Match Rating: 3/5

Lenny Lenoard and Daffney enter the ring as they talk about the SHIMMER title being defended at SHINE a few months ago. Wresltecon is running April 5th-7th as SHIMMER will have their IPPV debut! At the event, Amazing Kong will face Mia Yim, Yoko Hamita vs. Athena. It’s all going down in New Jersey just three miles from WrestleMania 29.

Two women not here tonight as noted by Lenny is Rebi Sky and Jessika Havok as their rivalry has been going back and fourth. Lenny recaps their match from last month as Saturday night March 23rd, 7:30pm est as Reby Sky is putting her career on the line. If Reby loses then she’s gone from SHINE Wrestling but if she wins then Havok has to stand in the middle of the ring and shake her hand and give her respect.

The third announcement is the addition of newest SHINE Wrestler… Angelina Love! Former Beautiful People member and TNA Knockout champion reveals that she’ll be making her wrestling debut at the March 23rd IPPV for SHINE Wrestling!

Valkyrie comes out to surround the ring as Rain grabs a microphone to tell Angelina that SHINE Wrestling is about the women of today and tomorrow and calls her  a has been as her 5 minuets is up!

Realizing she’s outnumbered, Love leaves the ring but smiling as it’s time for our next match!


Match 4: Ivelisse DEFEATED Lufisto (SHINE WRESTLING debut)

LuFisto starts off strong on the offense with hip tosses and a bodyslam for a two count. She works Ivelisse’s leg, with a reverse single leg Boston Crab, but Ivelisse manages to break out. Ivelisse connects with a kick followed by a flying crossbody and some stomps to Lufisto’s chest with a kick to the back of the head. LuFisto gets back on the offense with a low dropkick for a two-count. Lufisto then hit’s Ivelisse’s head with a stiff kick. It’s followed by a dragon sleeper and a bionic elbow. LuFisto continues qith strikes then a lariat for another near fall.  Ivelisse gets caught between the ropes as LuFisto takes stretches her out before stomping on her face. She tries to go for another pin but Ivelisse kicks out.  Both come to their feet as Ivelisse hits a flapjack then applies a single-leg crab. LuFisto manages to reach for the ropes in time. Ivelisse focuses in on LuFisto’s leg with a submission hold as LuFisto gets to the rope to break the hold. Ivelisse doesn’t release the hold right away as she does more injury to Lufisto’s leg. She tries to go for a cover but it’s only a near fall. Ivelisse goes for another submission hold but once again LuFisto reaches the ropes. Ivelisse attempts a hurricanrana, but LuFisto counters with a devastating powerbomb! Both women are down as the referee begins to count. Both get up befpre the 10 count to exchange blows. LuFisto tries going to the tope rope but Ivelisse fights her as both trade blows. LuFisto headbutts Ivelisse and follows with a double stomp! She goes for the pin and only gets another near fall. LuFisto attempts the Burning Hammer, but Ivelisse escapes to counter with a superkick. She goes for the cover but it too is anear fall! Ivelisse attempts a guillotine, but LuFisto counters with a suplex! LuFisto goes for the Burning Hammer once more, but Ivelisse escapes like before as Lufisto grabs her by the legs to put her a sharpshooter! Ivelisse manages to grab the ropes to break the hold. From nowhere Made in Sin enter the ring to distract LuFisto. This allowedIvelisse to hit her finishing move for the win. Damn good match of the night for SHINE Wrestling!

Match Rating: 4/5


Match 5: Made In Sin’s Taylor Made, Alysin Kay, April Hunter DEFEATED Su Yung, Tracy Taylor, Mia Yim


Match 6: Nikki Roxx DEFEATED Mercedes Martinez

Match Rating: 4.5/5


Match 7: Last Woman Standing

Kimberly vs. Leva (dressed as Scarecrow from Batman Begins but damn sexy)

Winner: Leva

Math Rating: 4/5


Match 8: Rain DEFEATED Amazing Kong

End of SHINE Wrestling results

SHINE Wrestling overall rating: 3.5/5

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