TNA Sting 2012The Phoenix New Times did a interview with future TNA Hall of Famer “The Icon:” Sting as he was promoting Sunday’s Bound For Glory pay-per-view. Check out some of the highlights:

Sting on how the Aces & Eights storyline has gone so far: “Well, I tell you what. That is always a concern and I’ve been on both sides of the fence when there’s been a big buildup happening and there was not a payoff and there’s nothing worse, believe me. But, man, when the payoff is there and delivery is made, its awesome. Only time will tell. My hands have not really been around this one like in the past because it’s not about me. I just want to try to make it as good as I possibly can”.

Sting on differences between TNA and WWE as WWE has struggled with storylines & developing new characters: “I have not really watched their product for some time now, occasionally I’ll flip though and I’ll see little bits and pieces here and there, but I really don’t know what’s going on up there. And for 27 years I’ve been doing this now, and I have never — hardly ever — watched our product. Watched anything that I’ve ever done. So I’m more of a hands-on guy while I’m there in the thick of it and it’s happening. But watching it happen on TV after it’s already been done? You know, I just never have done that”.

“I’m glad that the storylines are what they are now…eh, I don’t agree with everything happening, but, again, whatever is put before me, I will always just try to enhance or tweak or make changes that I think will make it better for everybody. And I’m not just talking about for myself, I’m talking about for everybody.”


Sting & Hulk HoganSting on if it’s hard seeing Hulk Hogan & Ric Flair deal with personal problems: “Yeah, of course it is. Hulk, for example, he’s a different guy now. What is surfacing now is…really it’s from his past. It was the old Hogan. It’s a consequence that he’s dealing with from his past and there’s nothing he can do about it. But the truth of the matter is, he’s a different guy now. His life is changed, he’s got a new wife, and he’s happy. But he’s not gonna try to sweep it under the rug and pretend that its not there and deny that it happened. He’s going to admit, “Yup, I blew it. Its what I did. And, unfortunately, it’s a bad choice that I made, but it is what it is.” That was then and this is now. Trying to cover it all up is going to make it worse for him and he knows that”.

“As far as Ric goes. I feel bad for Ric. I’m not about everything that’s going on in his life right now, but I talk to him occasionally. I talked to him a month ago, I think, and I always want the best for him. I love Ric. I’d kill for that guy”.

Sting on WWE owning footage of his career: “Yeah, that’s tough for me. It really is. I’ve been public about this over the years, although I don’t feel that way anymore. At that particular time [when WWE bought WCW] it was like the enemy came in and took all the women and children, raped and pillaged and whatever else happened. It was a hostile takeover. It was surreal. I could not believe it, you know? And when [WCW] ended it was a weird deal. There have been times over the years where I wanted to have some footage to use for other personal things in life and I don’t have it. Although I did call once and they were great. They gave me whatever I needed and it was nice.


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