The RCWR ShowHard to believe it but in just 2 weeks The RCWR Show will be celebrating it’s one year anniversary!

In just one year The RCWR Show has broke new ground in covering the sport of professional wrestling in an intelligent, witty, funny and laid back approach all while engaging fans interactively through Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube. Speaking of YouTube, in just one year since The RCWR Show YouTube channel launched we’ve reached over 1000 subscribers with over 1,400,000 views. Those that subscribe and/or comment are from North America, Mexico, Australia, England, Canada, and Russia just to name as new subscribers come in on a daily basis.

Enfinity1Productions has produced over 170 episodes of The RCWR Show & Impact Showdown combined that’s included special guest such as WWWF Legend Bruno Sammartino, TNA Wrestler Joey Ryan, MECW former champion Justin Reno, UCCFights President Chris Sblendorio, and Metal guitarist Xander Demos just to name a few.

With a year almost in the books, what’s next? The RCWR Show host/producer Lee Sanders recently sat down to offer thoughts with co-producer and PR specialist Tammy K for an exclusive one on one interview. Highlights below:

Tammy: It’s weird interviewing you.

Lee: Weird indeed. Just pretend you don’t know me!

Tammy: Easier said then done [Laughs]. So one year is fast approaching. How’s it been so far?

Lee: Great! It’s been a learning experience. Every episode of The RCWR Show and Impact Showdown that’s been put out…learn so much. Learning what works and doesn’t work, what’s got people talking…it’s been great.

Tammy: Did you think you’d last this long?

Lee: Honestly, no. I thought I was going to bow out after the first 20 episodes of The RCWR Show but something inside me just wanted to keep going. Kinda felt like going into internet radio covering wrestling was the coarse to stay and that I was far from reaching the heights I felt the shows could go.

Tammy: So you feel the shows been successful?

Lee: Oh yes! Started off with barely 25 people listening in the early days…then to 50…then 100. Barely had any live listens way back when but now we’re reaching between 3,000-8000 folks like on a monthly basis and our monthly downloads are coming in between 50,000- over 100,000. Still plenty more work to do but I think with a year in the books, where the shows are now is damn good!

Tammy: Let’s be honest though, and I’ve known you for many years now. You aren’t satisfied are you?

Lee: No…never! From the moment I go off the air I’m always playing back episodes, editing, cleaning it up, learning from mistakes, you know? I love the success the show has had on Blogtalkradio but there’s other outlets I’m looking at I feel the show would be an even bigger success.

Tammy: YouTube?

Lee: Yes! True story, since September I’ve had my eyes on an actual live-in-person version of the The RCWR Show to reach more folks. One thing I learned though as I began promoting it in late December was how many folks that like or is covering wrestling was listening. I say that because when January came a few folks, not many but a few decided to take that concept to YouTube.

Tammy: that makes you upset?

Lee: Yes and no. Yes because I know in my heart I was the originator of that concept and to be beaten at my own game taught me two things. One…keep your ideas to yourself and don’t broadcast. Two…don’t talk and do the damn thing. Flip side to all that it’s been great kicking back and watching some of these wrestling shows on YouTube fuck up here and there. I’m kicking back, taking notes, learning what works, doesn’t work so that when it’s time to launch it’ll be fuck-up free you dig?

Tammy: [Laughs] Mmmhmm. Your new co-host, Diamond K, how’s that been going?

Lee: I love it! Some folks preferred it when I was solo but I think Diamond really brings out the best in me. He breaths new laugh into the show and it’s been tons of fun. Very honored to have him as my co-host although I must admit I love it when you fill in from time to time.

Tammy: Well I enjoyed filling in as it was a great experience but you & I know I’m doing other things behind the scenes for the show.

Lee: Yes and honestly you’ve been doing a good job with all that. One day I’d like to see the show extend to a three man panel. Think that would be very interesting.

Tammy: Looking ahead into this year, what’s next?

Lee: For sure The RCWR Show & Impact Showdown Radio on YouTube. We have a voice on there as we have over 1 million views, and 1000 subscribers. Surprisingly not many leave comments but that’s one of the things I want to change and I think doing a live versions of the shows on there will help. Taking the show on the road is a must as I’ve been itching to interact with wrestling fans, cover a wrestling event while on assignment. Don’t care if it’s New York, Florida, Chicago, wherever there’s a cool event I wanna be there.

Part Two of the interview will be posted next week. In it Lee talks about what he’s learned from interviewing wrestlers, dealing with conflict, disgruntled listeners, The RCWR Show favorite moments and slowing down.

Programming Note: Check out Impact Showdown Radio covering the latest fallout from TNA Impact Wrestling with new co-host Diamond K & Lee Sanders. They’ll also be covering the very latest in TNA Wrestling news and beyond. Listen on this website and at our sister website by clicking here

On the go and won’t be able to catch our Impact Wrestling coverage? No problem! We’ve got you covered for all your portable devices! Episodes available in the ITunes, Zune marketplaces and on Stitcher

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