The Rolling Stones-One More Shot ppv logo 2012Welcome to the Enfinity1Productions The Rolling Stones One More Shot pay-per-view Review for December 15, 2012

It’s the 50th anniversary of The Rolling Stones as they performed at the Prudential Center in New Jersey. This event is being distributed by WWE (World Wrestling Entertainment) and is one of their first major ppv events with a major recording artist.

12/15/12-New Jersey-A gorgeous arena at the Prudential arena as it’s a set of luscious lips open as we see a video package of Iggy Pop, Martin Scorscee, Elton John, Janes Addition, Johnny Depp, The Who’s Pete Townsend, and random fans talking about their love for the Rolling Stones.

A series of drummers dressed in black and wearing gorilla mask all make their way around the stage playing a safari, African type of beat that almost sounds like the intro to The Rolling Stones Sympathy For the Devil. We see that Chris Rock is in attendance along with Elvis Costello, Sara Jessica Parker from Sex in the City. The band members come out to begin performing “Get Off of My Cloud”. Right under the upper lip we see beautiful images of Mick Jagger, Keith Richards, Charlie Watts, Ronnie Wood and even Brian Jones through the years. After performing It’s “Only Rock & Roll” Mick Jagger thanks those watching on TV and in England, Japan, Australia, before breaking out into “Paint It Black” as officially we’re introduced to The Rolling Stones: One More Shot concert! One of the first highlights of the night is when the Stones bust out “Gimmie Shelter” as they are joined by Lady GaGa who is wearing a long white weave with a black & white vertical line outfit. Bit of buzzkill as she looks like an idiot with a temper tantrum but vocal wise it was impressive as she channeled Black Eye Peas Fergie. Didn’t really feel the chemistry here between Mick & GaGa as it felt more like she only cared about getting in her spots.

Touching moment comes after the song as Mick Jagger offers his condolences to the victims shot & killed in Connecticut Friday before going into a slow jam blues/rock version of “Wild Horses”. Things go up a notch as Jagger introduces Gary Clark, Jr. & John Mayer for a rocking pure blues version of “Going Down”. This concert becomes interactive after the song as it’s now time to reveal one of the songs the fans voted for on Twitter for The Rolling Stones to play as the winner is…”Dead Flowers”! Mick Foley busts out an acoustic guitar to begin playing as images of Elvis Presley, James Brown, Johnny Cash, Chuck Berry, and other singers are shown. Funny moment comes after the song is over as Jagger recalls how they use to watch themselves on very black & white television sets and now they can do it on a smartphone. Jagger admits he loves seeing himself on smartphone more before bringing out Black Keys guitarist Dan Auerbach & drummer Patrick Carney to sing Bo Diddley’s classic “Who Do You Love”.

Jagger continues on his interaction with the crowd admitting he feels like David Letterman bringing out all these guests as all he’s missing is the sofas and desk before breaking out into their two new singles from the GRRR!!! compilation album titled “Doom & Gloom” followed by “One More Shot”. One of the greatest moments come when The Rolling Stones go into a 11 minute jam on “I Miss You” letting the fans sing the woo chorus followed by the spotlight being given to additional bass player Daryl Jones and Saxophone player Bobby Keys flying solo. After the song Mick answers the question that folks have been asking over the years which is why do they keep coming back. Jagger reveals that they do it because of them [the fans] as they are the ones who come to their shows, buy their records as this is the last stop of the night. Jagger soon introduces everyone as it goes as followed: Bernald Falon, Lisa Fisher, on sax Tim Resse, Tenan Saxophone Bobby Keys, bass Daryl Jones, keyboardist Jack Lavelle, followed by Rolling Stone bandmates. Keith Richards is the last one to be introduced as he receives the greatest pop of the night! Jagger is M.I.A as Richard takes over singing on songs “Before They Make Me Run” and “Happy”. After Keith we’ get a treat as Mick Taylor who’s no stranger to The Rolling Stones family as he played on their classic albums “Let It Bleed, Sticky Fingers, and Exile On Main Street, joins them on guitar for “Midnight Rambler”. Jagger introduces his next guest who didn’t have to travel far to join them tonight as he simply walked on over. It’s known other than the “Boss” Bruce Springsteen who signs on “Tumbling Dice”.

Set List

Get Off Of My Cloud

The Last Time

It’s Only Rock & Roll (But I Like It)

*Paint It Black

*Gimmie Shelter (with Lady GaGa)

Wild Horses

*Going Down (with John Mayer & Gary Clark, Jr.)

Dead Flowers

Who Do You Love by Bo Diddley (with Black Keys)

Doom & Gloom (new song from GRRR! greatest hits album)

One More Shot (new song from GRRR! greatest hits album)

**I Miss You

Honk Tonk Women

Before They Make Me Run


*Midnight Rambler (with Mick Taylor)

Start Me Up

Tumbling Dice (with Bruce Springsteen)

Brown Sugar

Sympathy For The Devil

Encore Set

You Can’t Always Get What You Want

Jumpin’ Jack Flash

*I Can’t Get No Satisfaction (closer)

Hands down this Rolling Stones concert really felt groundbreaking in a sense of it was the first time at least in my memory that a major recording artist such as The Rolling Stones performed a concert on pay-per-view in the middle of their tours. This was also revolutionary in sense of the fans getting to vote in a interactive poll choosing what song the band would play as they’ve never performed “Dead Flowers” live before. Just the way that The Rolling Stones have been very successful with embracing today’s social media for their concerts in itself proves in my mind that despite creeping retirement age, the Stones are still on top of their game. Watching these guys had me go back to when I was 13 listening to “Love Is Strong” as in my mind that’s the Rolling Stones I grew up on and it’s hard believing that age has caught up to them. On that same token now I know how folks from 50 years ago probably felt seeing them tonight. I’m not sure if this is the last time we’ll see The Rolling Stones on stage but if it is then they went out in a blaze of glory. It really felt as though they’ve opened the door for other major acts to follow as I truly believe the future of concerts need to be on pay-per-view from all major artist as their on tour.

WWE should also be given credit for partnering up with the band and distributing this concert as they broke new territory by teaming with one of the greatest rock bands in history aside from Beattles. Although they haven’t been as successful in the movie genre with their studio, this new endeavor proves to me with no doubt that they’ve madeĀ  a smart business choice. More major recording artist are sure to follow behind the Rolling Stones after seeing the way this concert was handled tonight. WWE CEO Vince McMahon & family should be very proud of themselves as they continue striving to evolve the company beyond wrestling. Within 15-25 years if handled properly, WWE could actually part ways with wrestling all together if they wanted to but probably wouldn’t to due to the massive backlash from hardcore WWE wrestling fans. Still, a great outing for all including those in attendance and those who ordered on ppv as I would imagine the pay-per-view buyrates are very high.

The Rolling Stones: One More Shot concert gets 10/10

the Rolling-Stones-2012 Rolling Stones One More Shot Reviewed By Lee Sanders

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