TNA IMPACT RATINGSTNA Impact Ratings are in as it scored it’s highest rating in its new time slot at a 1.17 rating.

Coincidentally, this week’s TNA Impact ratings almost match what they did the same week in 2012 as the January 26th episode scored a 1.17 rating.

TNA Impact ratingsĀ  saw a 1.08 rating for its first hour and a 1.26 rating in the second. Almost similar to last week as hour one did a 1.07 while hour two did a 1.25.

First Hour Break Down

Q1: Impact’s opening with Taz explaining joining the Aces & Eights scored a 0.96 rating. This included a commercial First segment from last week was a 1.16 rating.

Q2: An increase to a 1.08 rating as in this segment we got Tara vs. Velvet Sky for the knockouts title, plus pre and post-match segments and one commercial.

Q3: Impact stayed the same at a 1.08 rating for various video packages leading to Joseph Park cutting a promo. Two full commercial breaks also occurred during this segment.

Q4: Impact bumped up to a 1.18 rating for Zema Ion & Kenny King vs. RVD & Christian York in X Division action, one commercial, and Bully Ray and Brooke Hogan coming to the ring to address the wedding angle last week.

Second Hour Break Down

Q5: Impact increased to a 1.36 rating as Bully Ray, Brooke, Sting all addressed the wedding angle and Bully’s reinstatement. This segment also included a video package of Jeff Hardy.

Q6: Impact’s audience decreased to a 1.24 rating for Bobby Roode vs. Hernandez match which included a commercial, video package on Kurt Angle and Mr. Anderson.

Q7: Impact continued to decline as it reached a 1.20 rating for Kurt Angle confronting Mr. Anderson. this included one commercial, an Aces & Eights video, and ring introductions for the main event match.

Q8: Slight increase to a 1.22 rating for the Hardy vs. Daniels match that included one commercial, A&E attacking Hardy to close the show.


Overall TNA Impact Ratings Analysis: Safe to say that with the shock value that came in last week of Taz being revealed as a member of Aces & Eights is what had many fans coming back. Many probably wanted to see what Taz was going to say and the fact that he said a lot during the coarse of the show leaves us to believe that he’s going to continue remaining a permanent fixture at the commentating booth. With next week’s episode already tapped as spoilers are now available on various sites, how will next week’s Open Fight Night edition fare in the ratings?

Here’s a quick rundown of how TNA Impact ratings have fared so far this month:

1/3/13: 1.14 rating and 1.618 million viewers ( Sting returns )

1/10/13: 1.02 rating with 1.3 million viewers (prelude to TNA Genesis PPV)

1/17/13: 1.15 rating with 1.6 million viewers ( Taz is revealed to be a member of Aces & Eights during Brooke & Bully Ray’s wedding)

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