TNA IMPACT RATINGSTNA Impact ratings are in for this Thursday’s live episode as the post Bound For Glory episode scored a 0.99 rating with 1248 million viewers.

This is up by just slightly over 15% when compared to last week’s episode which scored a 0.86 rating with 1.118 million viewers as it faced competition from the Steelers vs. Titans NFL game and the Vice Presidential debate seen on all major news channels. These newest TNA Impact ratings are also up from the 10/4/12 episode that also drew a 0.86 rating with 1.058 million viewers.

Overall Analysis: This week’s TNA Impact ratings can be contributed most likely to TNA fans who didn’t order the Bound For Glory pay-per-view and wanted to see the fallout. As heard on this past Thursday’s Impact Showdown Radio with Lee Sanders, many fans were frustrated with Impact Live. The key point to their frustrations was seeing Impact begin and end with a TNA vs. Aces & Eights brawl and coming away liking 2 out of 5 matches. Still this is good news for TNA Wrestling this week but the real key is to see how next week’s episode does as they are now only three weeks away from their Turning Point pay-per-view.

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