Returning from a successful tour in London, England TNA Impact Wrestling returns home to Orlando Studios in Florida! The TNA Heavyweight champion Robert Roode comes out to address the audience while basking in the glory of the fact that’s he’s still champion. He takes it in so much that he asked announcer Christy Heme to announce him again. From there he bashes the crowd for assuming that he was going to lose his championship this past Sunday at the Against All Odds PPV. He expresses how for months he’s felt that Sting has tried to constantly screw him out of his championship but that in the end it was Sting alone who helped him retain his championship and there isn’t anything he can do about it! From there the icon Sting comes out to address the champion. Sting admits that at the PPV he allowed Roode to get the best of him to the point it affected the outcome of the match. Sting admits that he screwed Jeff Hardy but that he would make things right tonight. He states that tonight it will be Jeff Hardy vs. Robert Roode in a No DQ, No time limit match for the World Heavyweight championship! The champion is furious as Sting walks out of the ring but as he makes his way up the ramp he pauses and informs Robert Roode that his match will be next after the commercial break! End of segment.

Match 1: Jeff Hardy vs. Robert Roode for the TNA Heavyweight Championship Match

Jeff Hardy doesn’t even wait for the bell to ring as he begins attacking the heavyweight champion! Roode is caught completely off guard. Roode eventually is able to regain composure and tries to set the match at his pace until hardy sends Roode out the ring. From there Jeff Hardy introduces a steel chair to the back of Robert Roode and then bangs the champs head against the steel bar rails surrounding the fans. Jeff Hardy takes advantage of the NO DQ as he grabs Roode by the head and smashes it against the steel steps. Hardy tries to go for another one when Roode counters. Roode tries to bash Jeff Hardy’s head against the steel steps but counters and backdrops the champion on the floor. It is really an offensive assault as Hardy fights him up the ramp, really utilizing the environments around him as he slams Roode against the apron twice! It seems that every time Roode begins to build some type of offense he can’t make a chain of attacks as Hardy counters. Commercial break is taken but once its over We see Jeff Hardy attempting Whisper In The Wind when Roode pushes referee Brian Hebner into the corner sending Jeff Hardy off the ropes. Roode now has an opening as he then grabs the challenger and throws him out of the ring. The opportunist champion now casually beats up on Jeff Hardy in this contest. Roode tries to put Jeff Hardy in a back body drop at the top of the ramp but Jeff was able to counter! Hardy then does a legdrop to the back of Robert Roode’s head and continues to look good as he sends Roode off the ramp to the concrete floor! Hardy follows it up with a body splash to the staggering champion. Jeff Hardy takes Roode back to the ring and is getting ready to go up to the top ropes when Kurt Angle gets involved and sends Hardy flying into the steel steps and then pushes Hardy back in the ring! Robert Roode capitalizes with a spear and picks up the win! Why did Kurt Angle attack Jeff Hardy? Hopefully we will know very soon. Winner and still champion: Robert Roode by interference and pin-fall. End of segment.

Back from commercial break. Robert Roode complains that week after week, month after month he’s been able to retain his championship. He complains about Sting stacking the deck but that he has beat the odds each time and how he beats Jeff Hardy again & again. Sting comes in and tells him that he’s not done with Robert Roode yet. He tells him that what he did tonight wasn’t win because he cheated the system again and that he will have a #1 contenders match tonight and that winner will face the champion . From there another backstage segment is shown as Eric Young is explaining how he forgot about Valentines Day and didn’t get OBD anything and hasn’t heard from her since and is trying to come up with a song to write to her. One last backstage segment is shown with Sting talking to Bully Ray and James Storm about facing each other tonight to determine a #1 contender to face Robert Roode. Bully Ray claims that he should be TNA champion right now but James Storm informs him that it wasn’t the case last Sunday and that he will knock his lights out tonight! End of segment.

When we return from commercial break we are shown a video package recapping the unfortunate accident that happened to Jesse Sorensen at the Against ALL Odds PPV match he had against Zima Ion. Once again we here at Enfinity1 wish Jesse Sorensen a speedy recovery and offer our thoughts and prayers.

Match 2: TNA X-Division champion Austin Aries & Zima Ion vs. Alex Shelley & Shannon Moore

It’s the new number one contender Zima Ion teaming with the X-Division champion Austin Aeries. Just how will these two work together? We’ll they work pretty well so far in this matchup as it’s fast paced. Key point in this matchup was when Alex Shelley attempted Slicebread#2 but missed as Austin Aries pushes him to the turnbuckle making Shelley get tangled. Aries then follows it up with a jumpkick to the back of Shelley. Zima Ion tags himself in and sneaks in to pickup the win on Alex Shelley as he does a rollup pin!This was a very good high flying matchup that was very entertaining. Winner of the match: Austin Aries & Zima Ion

Backstage segment as Gail Kim talks about how she’s given people opportunities against her championship and have failed beating her. Madison Rayne plays kiss up to Gail Kim as they reveal how a battle royal with the knocknouts will be taking place to determine a contender to face Gail Kim for the Knockouts championship. Gail expresses how she appreciates her friendship with Madison Rayne and it’s just a big love fest. End of segment

Match 3. Knockouts Battle Royal
It’s Mickie James, Tara, Brooke Tessmacher, ODB, Velvet Sky, Winter, Rosita, Angelina Love, Serita in a knockouts battle royal to become the #1 contendor for Gail kim’s knockout title as loudly stated by Madison Rayne who then goes to watch the match beside Gail Kim at ringside. Rules to this matchup is to put your opponent over the top ropes and making their feet land on the mat surface to have them be eliminated. This continues until there is only one person left and that one person will be the winner. Here’s the order of those eliminated in this matchup:

Mickie James
Angelina Love
Velvet Sky

Winner of the match: Madison Rayne

Yes you read that right for Rayne being the winner. She waited until Velvet Sky eliminated Serita to come from behind and throw Ms. Velvet out of the ring. This had Gail Kim shocked and wondering what was going on. Hopefully this story will unravel more next week.

Backstage segment with James Storm talking about how tough Bully Ray is but how he is tougher and will do what he needs to do to get the win in their matchup later tonight. Another backstage segment shown as Eric Bischoff and Gunner are glowing over their Against All Odds victory and appear to be making their way out the ring next. End of segment.


Next segment we see the new TNA tag team champions Magnus & Samoa Joe talking about how they beat Matt Morgan & Crimson and how they are looking forward to a rematch with them next week on Impact. From there a video package is shown recapping Gunner’s win over Garrett at Against All Odds this past Sunday. On their way to the ring now is Ric Flair, Gunner, Eric Bischoff, and Chelsea Handler . Eric Bischoff is celebrating with all in the ring as he has passed out cigars and champagne. He informs his son to get a job as a dog catcher or a electrician and to not ever step in his ring again thinking he can be a wrestler. Backstage segment now with Bully Ray talking about how he feels that he should be the TNA champion right now because he beat Jeff Hardy. He promises that he will beat James Storm tonight with a Bully Bomb and then go on to take on his good friend Robert Roode for the TNA Heavyweight championship. He then demands for the cameraman to film his awesome calves. End of segment.

Christy Heme is interviewing someone with MMA Uncensored Live, a new show debuting on Spike TV next Thursday. Basic TV plug, nothing special here. Eric Young finds ODB and tells her he’s sorry about the bad week she’s had and begins playing his guitar and sings a really nice song. ODB likes the song and smacks him on his rear end and proceeds to drag him tot he back so she can give him his present.

Match 4: Bully Ray vs. James Storm #1 Contenders Match

Bully ray’s strategy during this matchup is focusing in on James Storm’s legs so that he eliminates Storm’s the “Last Call” superkick. Bully Ray takes the kneepad off of James Storm’s left leg and stomps on that leg. He also applies a number of moves on the leg such as a basic Boston crab which is very effective. James Storm has no way of countering for now as Bully Ray continues to go to work on the leg as Impact Wrestling takes a commercial break. When the match resumes we see that James Storm is still on the mat as Bully Ray continues to attack James Storm. He picks up James Storm and begins to taunt him when Storm punches him! Bully Ray is thrown off. James Storm followed the attack with a double knee facebreaker and then a “Last Call” superkick to pickup the win! Winner of the match: James Storm


                                                             POST MATCH

James Storm celebrates as he goes outside the ring and shares a beer with New York Giants superbowl champion Brandon Jacobs. Bully Ray comes and attacks Cowboy Storm from behind and gets in the face of Brandon Jacobs. Jacobs doesn’t want any part of him but Bully Ray continues to get in his face and eventually steals his beer, drinks it and spits it in Brandon Jacobs face! This upsets Jacobs as he pushes Bully Ray flat on his back and is about to attack him when TNA management came to get in between the two. James Storm and Brandon Jacobs then get in the ring and watch Bully Ray get taken to the back as heated words continue to be exchanged amongst the three. One last commercial break is taken. Once resumed Cowboy Storm is with the superbowl champion Brandon Jacobs backstage who recap to the cameramen what happened. Brandon Jacobs promises next week that payback is going to be big on Bully Ray and promises to see him next week.


From there we go to the icon Sting who is in the ring and calls Robert Roode out. Robert Roode is about to find out when and where he will have to face James Storm for the TNA World Heavyweight championship. Roode looks very cautious as he enters the ring. Sting states that the matches of all matches will be this year come April at the Lockdown PPV inside a steel cage. This upsets Robert Roode who snaps and kicks Sting in the groin and then follows it up with a kick to Sting’s abdominal region. Hr gabs Sting’s sunglasses and puts them on and watches the champion get up before taking his championship belt to the face of the champion! He then punches Sting in the face before putting the sunglasses back on him followed by more punching to the face! The crowd is really upset with Robert Roode who walks away from the Stinger telling him he really should mind his own business. End of show.

Overall this week I thought TNA did a decent job this week far as the matches for tonight. I didn’t find myself bored but at the same time I wished that there was more wrestling. I didn’t care too much for the backstage segments although I must admit the segment with Eric Young and ODB was very good. The other segments should’ve been canned and the total time could’ve been used to squeeze in one or two more matches. The Eric Bischoff segment was just pointless especially since no one came out to interupt the party. I’m sure mnay of us assumed someone was going to come out and were scatching our heads wondering what happend. Also, i am not really sure why Brandon Jacobs is involved with TNA or why TNA decided to get him involved. I can understand trying to capitalize on the New York giants superbowl win and wanting the exposure for their show. It just seems to me like TNA has been down this route before and it just didn’t fair well for them back then. It seems like they are taking steps back with this move when they should be moving forward. This airtime going to Brandon Jacobs showed be spent on the talented wrestlers of TNA. I for one would’ve loved to seen AJ Styles, Daniels, Devon, The Pope. there was no need for management to go down this route but I’m willing to what I’ve watched in the past to the side to really embrace the direction they are going in with this angle. Only hope that it concludes kickly so we can get back to wrestling action. This week I’d have to give Impact Wrestling a 7 out of 10. Well folks that’s it for this week TNA Impact Wrestling review but be sure to join us tomorrow night on Twitter at 9pm est. We will be shouting live tweets during WWE Smackdown as it airs. Ta-Ta for now!