TNA Impact Wrestling Results 7/26/12

Recap from last week is shown of the angles between AJ Styels & Claire Lynch, Austin Aries & Robert Roode, The Aces and Eight’s attack on Hulk Hogan, Sting, Kurt Angle and Sam Shaw.

Tonight’s episode kicks off with “The Icon” Sting who reveals that TNA President Dixie Carter asked him to step in on behalf of TNA GM Hulk Hogan until he’s recovered. Sting also reveals that since he’s in charge he dares The Aces and Eight’s to face him despite being only one man! Well Sting wouldn’t be alone long as TNA World Heavyweight Champion Austin Aries joined Sting in the ring. Aries would point out how much admiration he had of Sting for facing Aces and Eight’s by himself but that he has a problem with the group himself! That they are trying to make a statement by jumping everyone in TNA and promises that he’s going to be the one to jump them tonight! This would be followed up by the Olympic Gold medalist Kurt Angle who feels Aces And Eight’s tried to do physical harm to him and sabotage his chances of becoming a future TNA Champion. Despite the differences for these men being in the ring one thing is for certain, they all want a piece of Aces and Eight’s!

Former TNA World Heavyweight Champion Robert Roode would come out to stun all in the ring and the Impact arena as he feels he knows who’s behind Aces and Eights. Roode points out that this group is being controlled by one man and one man alone. This man who has been in the world title picture for a year and been upset at Roode for a long time. This man is jealous of Austin Aries and is also the same man who was suppose to face Kurt Angle last week. This man that Roode spoke of would turn out to be “The Cowboy” James Storm! James Storm would come out and attack Roode from behind as the two began fighting outside the ring before taking it into the ring where Sting, Angle,Aries looked on for several minutes before breaking it up.

Meanwhile several TNA wrestlers share their thoughts briefly on Chavo Guerrero joining TNA Wrestling. Comments from Tara, Kidd Kash and Kurt Angle

End of Segment


Backstage segment now as cameramen catch up to Robert Roode who feels no one wants to listen to him and wants to believe him. As result Roode decides that he’s leaving the building.

Match 1: Madison Rayne & Gail Kim DEF. Tara & Mickie James

Madison Rayne wouldn’t have been able to pick up the victory if it wasn’t for her “boyfriend” referee Earl Hebner who oversaw this match. Key point in this match was at the very end as Madison got Mickie James in a rollup pin as Earl counted. Clear as day we see that Mickie James kicked out but Earl still counted three and awarded the victory to Madison Rayne. Controversy here indeed as coming up next week these same four women will meet again as they will face each other in a fatal 4 way where the winner gets to take on TNA Knockouts Champion Miss Tessmacher for her title at the Hardcore Justice pay-per-view.

Sting and Austin are talking backstage. Sting wants Austin to do him a favor and use his experience as a former TNA X-Division Champion to cut the current X-Division wrestlers in his office as there needs to be a challenger to face Zima Ion for the title tonight! Aries is reluctant to accept the assignment but does so to help Sting out.

TNA Gutcheck contestant Sam Shaw promo is shown as coming up next he’ll get the opportunity to win impress the judges by having a match, next!
End of Segment

Online on YouTube & Impact Wrestling Website is Backstage Pass: We see  So Cal Val asking TNA fans their reactions from the odd pairing of Madison Rayne and Earl Hebner, poor audio quality. We also see Sam Shaw get in the ring with Jeremy Borash.

Hernandez, Gunner, Bully Ray share thoughts on Chavo Guerrero joining TNA Wrestling.

Jeremy Borash introduces Sam Shaw his opponent for tonight as it’s Douglas Williams!

Match 2: Douglas Williams DEF. Sam Shaw

Major distraction for Sam Shaw here as during the match we see a group of fans holding 87% signs as Al Snow quickly goes to grab the signs as he runs into Joey Ryan! The two are arguing as Joey sucker punches Al Snow before hauling off! Al Snow jumps over the guard rail and gives chase to Ryan. This was enough of a distraction of Shaw as Williams was able to capitalize on it to pick up the victory.

Backstage segment now as we see Austin Aries trying to decide who will face Zima Ion as Kenny King, Rashad Cameron, Sunjay Dutt all express their claims for why they should face Ion. First person eliminated is Rashad Cameron as Aries points out how he’s not feeling the movement and tells Rashad to take his movement out the office! Funny stuff right here as Austin adds that Cameron needs to get his hair fixed and suggest he talks to Zima Ion’s hair stylist!

Chavo Guerrero TNA debut is next!

End of Segment

Online on YouTube & Impact Wrestling Website is Backstage Pass: SO CAL VAL with Douglas Williams as she ges his thoughts on Sam Shaw. Val is also joined by Christy Heme as they are excited to see Chavo is coming up next.


Mike Tenay and Taz point out that Bellator Fighter Ben Sanders is in attendance tonight.

Chavo Guerrero, Jr officially makes his debut to a decent ovation (Uncle Hector Guerrero, TNA play-by-play man watches on).

Chavo tells the Impact crowd howvery humbled he is to be allowed to be in their ring. That one thing the Guerrero family has always done is to be a champion, in every country, continent, every company that they’ve been in except right here in TNA Wrestling. Chavo talks about how he looked into the eyes of all the wrestlers in the back, he sees hunger as they want to steal the show each night. Hungry to be the best every night. It’s why he’s in TNA as he wants to beat the best. They say timing is everything, well the Guerrero’s are known for their timing. Chavo tells them all to remember this day and mark it on their calendars and remember it as it’s time, it’s Guerrero time! Time for Chavo Guerrero to become champion!

Kid Kash and Gunner come out and question if the Guerrero family is worthy of being bowed down to and question where’s his family. Chavo points out that the wrestling fans are his family. Kid Kash bashes Chavo Classic Sr, legendary wrestler, and asked Chavo of his whereabouts. If he’s not around because his knees are bad, he’s too old or is because he’s too drunk?  Chavo attacks Kash and Gunner as they gang up on him. SuperMex Hernandez comes to Hector’s aid him as they clean house!

Backstage segment now as Kurt Angle and James Storm are talking. Angle is seeking reassurance that Storm isn’t connected in any way to The Aces and Eights. Storm reassures him that he isn’t connected as Angle gets confirmation from Storm that if that gang does show up, Storm will have their back. Storm tells Angle he will have their back as Angle walks off feeling better. We see Storm have a disgruntled look on his face as he seems to have concern of something.

End of Segment

Online on YouTube & Impact Wrestling Website is Backstage Pass: J.B with Al Snow as he’s tired of Joey Ryan always trying to get attention as Taz and Bruce Prichard try to calm him down.


Al Snow, Taz and Bruce Prichard, try to talk about Sam Shaw but Al Snow is stil livid from what Joey Ryan did to him as Snow points out that Ryan has his attention now! Snow & Taz to get Snow to talk about Shaw’s match but Snow points out how he didn’t get to see anything. Prichard on the other hand, saw some pros and cons in Shaw and still needs to make up his mind. Taz liked what he saw despite Shaw getting distracted by Ryan.


AJ/Daniels/Kazarian/Lynch recap

Match 3: BFG series AJ Styles vs. James Storm ends in No Contest

Despite an angry Claire Lynch looking on this match was pretty good until those damn Aces and Eights interfered and attacked the ref and AJ Styles. Not one hand is put on James Storm as they quickly leave the ring.(Claire Lynch looking on)=The Aces and Eights interfere as they attack AJ Styles but not James Storm.

End of Segment

Online on YouTube & Impact Wrestling Website is Backstage Pass: So Cal Val with Bellator Fighter Ben Sanders.

Video recap of those damn Aces and Eights attacking AJ Styles shown again.

Backstage segment now we see Jason Hervey catching up with James Storm. Hervey wants to know why didn’t Aces and Eights attack him and if this possibly confirms what Roode was saying earlier about Storm possibly being involved with the gang. A pissed off Storm would grab Hervey and tell him that he doesn’t need help from another man whopping somebody’s a$$!


Decision time now as Sam Shaw gets in the ring with Al Snow, Taz, JB and Bruce Prichard.

Al Snow, who states how he’d love to stick it to Joey Ryan and vote yes unforunatently didn’t see Sam’s match and has to say “No”.
Bruce Prichard would vote “Yes” as it’s tied 1-1 with 30 seconds on thec clock for Shaw to impress Taz who holds his fate in his final vote! Taz, Remembers when Shaw recalls how Taz tried to go for the big leauges back in 1999. Called him a Bush league shooter, and wants the opportunity to work in TNA, work with the best talent, and begs Taz to say yes! Taz does vote yes as Shaw gets  TNA contract!

Dakota Darsow, Kenny King, Sunjay Dutt are left now as Austin Aries tries to narrow it down to one. Darsow gets eliminated as Aries feels Darsow is more fueled with anger towards ion and isn’t thinking straight. Aries also wishes Darsow’s dad luck with the towing company as he hears it’s been doing well.

End of Segment


Match 4: X-Division title Zima Ion DEF. Kenny King

Aries eliminates Sonjay Dutt as he feels he’s still not recovered fully from the shoulder injury he suffered at Destination X. Kenny King is awarded the opportunity but as we would later see, that opportuniy would come ruined by Robert Roode! Roode returned as the ref is checking with Zima Ion as King is outside the ring. Roode attacks King and sends him back into th ring as ion goes for the pin and picks up the title retain. Austin Aries would soon come from behind and attack him as the two get it on!

Backstage Bully Ray gets ready for his match against Kurt Angle. Far as Aces and Eight’s are concerned, Bully Ray doesn’t care as he’s l more focused on Kurt Angle. Though he respects Kurt Angle he wants to pick up 7 points from him!

End of Segment


Online on YouTube & Impact Wrestling Website is Backstage Pass: J.B with Chavo talking about his debut. Nice tease for the Post Show they do later.

Due to the interfernece of Robert Roode, next week on Impact Wrestling we’ll see Zima Ion team up with Roode to take on the team of Austin Aries and Kenny King!


Match 5: BFG series Kurt Angle DEF. Bully Ray

Kurt Angle picked up 7 points via pin-fall in this bout but once more the Aces and Eights made an appearance as they attacked Angle. Austin Aries, Sting would come to the aid of Angle as all hell  is breaking out. The music of “Cowboy” James Storm plays as he comes down to the ring as Aces and Eight’s leave the ring as Sting, Aries and Angle look on wondering if Storm may be connected with the gang of thugs. It’s revealed just before Impact Wrestling goes off the air by Mike Tenay that James Storm will take on Kurt Angle next week!

1)    Samoa Joe        47 points  
2)    James Storm        43 points  
3)    Mr. Anderson        30 points   
4)    Jeff Hardy        28 points 
5)    Kurt Angle        27 points  
6)    Rob Van Dam        21 points    
7)    Daniels        19 points  
8)    Magnus        14 points  
 9)   AJ Styles        14 points  
10)   The Pope        7 points 
 11)   Bully Ray        7 points  
12)    Robbie E        5 points