Hello everyone and thanks once again for checking out this week’s TNA Impact Wrestling Recap & Review. Let’s get this started! A Sting & Robert Roode rivalry video package is shown chronicling the events that led up to them taking each other on this Sunday at Victory Road as the two of them arrive backstage separately.

The Cowboy James Storm makes his way to the Impact arena to a loud pop from the crowd in attendance. He opens up by talking about how he’s been waiting to get his hands on Roode since last November. How he’s patiently been waiting for a title shot but that Roode has been dodging him, being selfish. He promises to give him a beating and be a champion of opportunity and is about to deliver his “Sorry about your damn luck” catchphrase but then switches it up and lets the TNA champion know that he’s going to need all the luck he can get this Sunday. He’s then interrupted by Bully Ray who promises he’s going to take him out at the PPV this Sunday. The Cowboy being the man’s type of man that he is comes out of the ring and meets Bully Ray face to face and tells him why they don’t get it on tonight! Bully Ray plays mind games as he asked him repeatedly if he truly wanted a match. Cowboy Storm didn’t back down and said he did in fact want a match at which Bully Ray told him good news and bad news. The good news was that Cowboy would have a match but that the bad news was that it would not be against him but Gunner! Gunner then comes out and gets in the face of James Storm and the two of them start brawling right then and there! Backstage officials, referees, D’Lo Brown & Al Snow came and broke up the fight. You can just feel the intensity in the air as these two really want to go at one another but they will have to wait until later tonight!

In a backstage segment the Knockouts champion Gail Kim & Madison Rayne are arguing. They continue their arguing as they come across Sting and seek some type of clarification or law. The Icon informs them that he is having a bad night & that all he can think about is Robert Roode. He decides to put Madison Rayne in a match against Velvet Sky while Gail Kim takes on Mickie James. This didn’t seem to help as the two knockouts continue to argue as their walking away from Sting.

End of Segment

When back from commercial break Robert Roode is backstage cutting a promo about beating Sting at Victory Road.


Match 1: Madison Rayne vs. Velvet Sky

Great knockouts action here for the first dose of the night as these two has a go in the ring. Key points in this match are when Madison slams Velvet’s head to the mat then waves to the crowd. She then throws Velvet Sky outside the ring and delivers a neck-breaker in between the ropes! She tried to capitalize on this move with pin but it came up as a near pin-fall. Later Velvet counters Madison’s headlock with a chin-buster followed by a clothesline. She then tries for a roll up pin, all while grabbing on to Madison’s tights but Madison manages to counter the roll up with her own roll up pin while grabbing Velvet’s tights to secure the win!

Winner of the match: Madison Rayne by pin fall

Backstage video package is shown from earlier in the day as Morgan & Crimson are talking about what happened last week as they were involved in tag team action. Morgan mentions his dissatisfaction of Crimson tagging himself in prematurely and securing the victory. Crimson points out how they won and that nothing else really matters. He mentions very arrogantly how he’s an expert at winning matches and points out how he’s undefeated in singles competition and that it’s all good. Morgan informs him that it’ll be good when they win their tag titles back.

End of segment.


Match 2: Crimson w/ Matt Morgan vs. Samoa Joe w/ Magnus

It is the current undefeated machine Crimson taking on a man who was once undefeated years ago in Samoa Joe in this bout. Key points in this match is when Samoa snap mares Crimson followed by strong kicks to the chest. On the outside Matt Morgan distracts Joe and Crimson is able to capitalize with a neck-breaker! Later on Samoa Joe almost scored a pin-fall with a body slam but Crimson kicks out! Crimson then hits a spine-buster and tries to charge at Joe who takes advantage of Crimson’s momentum and hits him with a modified version of a rock bottom. As all this is going on Magnus & Morgan are getting it on outside the ring. Back inside the ring Morgan drives Joe’s neck across the rope that helps Crimson score the victory as he hit Joe with a spear for the win!

Winner of the match: Crimson (And still undefeated as the streak continues) by pin-fall

In the backstage area we see Austin Aries who has a very nice bottle of champagne and is making his way to his to the ring apparently.

End of segment


We are back now and see Austin Aries in the ring. He informs the fans that as of today there has been a total 53 X-Division title reigns held by 23 different champions and that he is the longest reigning X-Division champion as the previous title reign was 182 days. He shows a video highlights package of himself that was done very nicely. He begins to toast himself while bashing all the people he’s faced since defending his championship. Thanking them all for making him look good when Zima Ion interrupts. Zima Ion informs the champ that for his sake he’d better save himself the embarrassment now and willingly hand over the title otherwise come this Sunday he will end up being Jesse Sorensen! Says he better give him the title now because this Sunday the same thing that happened to Sorensen can happen to him. Aries tries to lighten up Ion’s mood and gives him a glass so he can too join in on the toast. Ion makes a toast and throws the champagne in Aries face! Aries then grabs him and pours the bottle on before throwing him out of the ring. Ion is screaming about his hair as he walks up the ramp.

End of segment


Once more we see Joseph Park aka Abyss walking around backstage when he bumps into Gunner. He asked him if he’s seen Abyss and Gunner appears very evasive as he said he has a match and doesn’t have time for questions. Joseph looks a bit perplexed about this brief encounter as a hint is shown that maybe he needs to investigate Gunner further.

In another backstage segment ODB and Young are in the locker room making plans for their wedding. Eric comes up with an idea as he’s looking at the wedding ring and decides they should get married in the Impact Zone!

Also in yet another backstage segment Kurt Angle talks about how he has a 5 minute match with Garrett Bischoff. He also gives his thoughts on Jeff Hardy and how he’s going to beat him this Sunday.


End of Segment


And yet again in another video package Sting talks about taking on Roode at Victory Road all while promising he’s going to be going through every personality he’s every had throughout his career and how the night will be special. He says it’s going to be every personality he’s ever had.


Match 3: Mickie James vs. Gail Kim

These two have such a documented feud and if you were able to watch them in the WWE then you know that whenever these two lock it up that it will be classic! Key points in this bout are when Gail tries to focus on Mickie’s legs with series of attacks before applying a few submission moves. Mickie doesn’t tap out and would eventually rebound on the offense and hits Gail with a Lou Thesz Press. Gail grabs her title and rams it into the head of James as the referee was distracted to pick up the win.

Winner of the match: Gail Kim by dirty tactics & pin-fall


Of course folks another backstage video package is shown from earlier in the day. Mr. Anderson is backstage talking about the circumstances briefly for coming to AJ Styles aid last week when he’s interrupted by Daniels & Kazarian. They are curious as to why he’s coming to the aid of AJ and mention how they have no quarrel with him. They promise him that his involvement will end badly just like his movies. Mr. Anderson tells them that he guess they will find out later tonight as Anderson will be taking on Daniels in one on one action. (Commercial)

End of Segment


Match 4: Mr. Anderson vs. Christopher Daniels

Mr. Anderson officially makes his in ring return and receives a huge pop from the crowd. In ring action wise it was fairly entertaining and I was really starting to get into it until shenanigans occurred. This was due to outside interference from Katarina as he tried to make his way into the ring when AJ Styles came and successfully pulled Katarina off the apron! Ken Anderson would follow this up with the Mic Check for the win!

End of Segment


Jeff Hardy is shown backstage and talks about how much things have got personal between himself and Kurt Angle and hopes that Kurt is ready for their match this Sunday.


Match 5: Five Minute Challenge: Kurt Angle vs. Garret Bischoff

Kurt Angle pretty much carried Garrett in this match but it just didn’t prove to be enough as it was hardly entertaining. While there was 30 seconds left in this match Kurt Angle tried to charge at Garrett but the young wrestler kicked him in the face and then sent the Olympic gold medalist out of the ring. Feeling the pressure and aware that time was running out, Kurt would get back in the ring as Garrett hit him with a dropkick! Kurt would then get back on the rebound and deliver the Angle Slam and tried to go for the pin but time expired. Garrett was able to survive the 5 minutes. Draw: Garret survives (5:00)

Winner of the match: No one as it was a draw

Post-match Kurt Angle attacked Brian Hebner and then begins a relentless attack on Garrett. Jeff Hardy would come out to save Garret as Kurt would retreat.


Match 6: Gunner vs. James Storm

This match was a bit average and it had nothing to do James Storm as he knows how to put on a decent match. I felt that he carried Gunner in this one as this match proved to not be that memorable in my mind. James Storm would go on to win this match after hitting a back body drop, followed by the Closing Time and then the Last Call kick for the victory.

Winner by pin: James Storm by pin-fall


Once more we get a Robert Roode promo package in which he said he’s earned everything & how Sting is just jealous. Both men are making their way to the ring for the official contract signing, next!


Contract Signing

Both men are in the ring as Jeremy Borash is baring witness to the contract signing. Sting signs the contract first without hesitation. Roode signs as well and once he does he gets up and grabs a microphone and says that ever since winning the title back in November, Sting has been a pain in his side. Roode tells Sting that he’s nothing more than jealous of his success. Roode asked Sting if he remembered how 22 years ago when he beat The Nature Boy Ric Flair and how it was on that night he said he wanted to be just like Sting but even better. He goes on to say that Sting has lost his touch, that he’s that pep in his step despite the fans chanting to Sting “You still got it”. He then tells Sting that the real reason The Icon wears face paint is to hide the fact that he’s nothing more than a washed up has been! Sting flips the table over & then puts make-up on his face before exploding on Roode! He smears some of his face paint on Roode before clotheslining him Roode outside the ring to end this episode of Impact Wrestling!

I thought that tonight’s edition of TNA Impact Wrestling had way too many backstage segments and that it should’ve been chopped down dramatically. It would’ve made more sense for them to plug the PPV in these spots and get all the participants who will be involved at the PPV’s thoughts leading up to the event. Match wise I highly enjoyed the knockouts dose but other than that there really wasn’t anything that stood out in my mind memorable. I actually found myself waiting for this episode to go off the air so I could watch MMA Uncensored or do some laundry. Another thing with all these backstage segments and the total airtime used is enough to bring in some other wrestlers that we haven’t seen in a while. Like what’s been going on with Devon, and The Pope, Scott Steiner? Very weird development here as for once at least this week no Ric Flair or Garret Bischoff is seen trying to get airtime. Overall I feel that TNA Impact Wrestling this week is 6 out of 10 and it wouldn’t surprise me if they get low numbers for this episode. Should they get high numbers it is probably going to be due to the two knockouts matches and the strong segment with Robert Roode with Sting. Well that’s it for this week folks but come back tomorrow night for our review of WWE Smackdown. You can always find us on Twitter at Enfinity1Prod and like our Facebook page at Enfinity1Productions. We’ll catch you later and thanks for reading this week’s TNA Impact Wrestling Recap & Review!

UPDATE 3/16/2012 AT 10:39PM

Last night’s edition of Impact Wrestling scored a 1.03 overall cable  rating w/ 1.4 million viewers. The rating and viewership was identical to last  week’s 3/9/2012 episode.